January 16th, 2004

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Bits and bits

A couple weeks ago I got a note saying our building's broadband provider was going away b/c our building's management decided not to renew the contract, instead going with another company. I immediately emailed management and asked them what company we were getting and what the transition would be like. I was told the new company would take over Jan. 16. and the "the most downtime any individual would experience is 30 minutes." Well, sure enough, at 12:01 last night, Jan. 16, my service went out. It's not back either. Good thing management gave me their phone number, I'm SO calling it (once I hang up from my dial-up access, that is).

Meantime, got a fun thing going on with the guy in touch with me about this non-profit web site I'm probably going to be developing. The guy's up in Littleton, Mass., and I mentioned in my proposal how I'd gone to UMass Amherst. He emailed me saying he'd got drunk there a lot while visiting from UMasss Lowell. I told him my sister had gone to UMass Lowell back when it was U Lowell. Well, then he writes me and says "Do you have a brother named Tom?" And I say yes, I did, he went to UMass, thinking maybe he knew Tom too. But no, it turns out that this guy is married to my brother's best friend from high school. Bizarre!

This morning I did my E (exercise, that is) and instead of using the bike and treadmill, I used the stairmaster. I never use it b/c after the other two thing, I'm too spent to use it. But today I tried it and wow, I will do that from now on. With that machine, I feel like I'm really *doing* something. The calories rack up really really quickly, my heart rate was 170 almost the whole time (so said the meter), and I was hot and sweating big time. I did it for about 25 minutes, or 220 calories. Next time I do it, I'll do it for a full 30 minutes or maybe more, it's got to be a good workout, I can feel it. Plus it doesn't make my butt sore like that bike :)

Today I get my new Art Deco display case delivered. That thing was EXPENSIVE and so is having it delivered ($65, highest delivery fee yet) but damn, it's a fine, fine thing!
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Lego Me!

Following yakalskovich's lead, had some fun making a Lego version of myself.

(Note: In RL, my glasses are *not* green and I wouldn't wear green plain pants under my skirt.)
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Giving credit

I complain about Caleb a lot, but honestly, for a long time now, I've had a lot less to complain about. Nowadays the things that bug me about him are predictable things and not normally something that wreck my day, nor do they constrain me or my life because they occur more on the perimeter.

Anyway, at risk of sounding like I'm brownnosing, Caleb did a good deed tonight -- he fixed my trash disposal! I used it a bunch of times today, and it was fine, but then cleaning up during dinner preparation, I found it was "dead." When I flipped the switch, nothing happened. I squinted at it and half-heartedly looked under the couch and thought "Hmmm, it's either ask Caleb or just don't use it." I could call a repairman but I'd put it off forever, and besides Caleb was bound to figure it out. So while he was over for dinner, I "happened" to mention it and wouldn't you know, after 15 minutes of troubleshoot, he fixed it: found the "reset" button on the bottom of the trash disposal. What a man!

Another good Caleb thing is he's reading Breeding Discontent. He can't remember who the Gelaming are but he's persisting anyway :) Hopefully once he gets through the first chapter (which to me seems the least readable of any of them, esp. to a non-fan) he'll get interested... and then I'll get to hear his reactions. I'm sure he'll say some strannnnge stuff and probably end up liking one of the villains.
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