January 17th, 2004

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Freshman Year

For some reason (no recent picture posts?) I decided to go scan in some college pictures. To limit my scanning workload, stuck to freshman year for now, will go year by year as I have time. These are all "people pics" from my freshman year at UMass Amherst.

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More College Pics

Got a chance to scan in pics from my sophomore year. A lot of these are "dress up" pics because me and my friends loved to dress up, play with our looks, dye our hair. We still do!

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Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was boring. BORING! Not only that, but my broadband was (and is) down, so it kind of put me off working. In the afternoon my china cabinet was delivered, that was about the only excitement. I cleaned up the whole house and by the time it came, I had a spot ready. It looks great! For dinner I made a big pot of this Moroccan stew I've made many times. Caleb came over and we watched TV. Later at night, I worked on redoing the Metro Girl web site. Overall, very low-key day.

Today was somewhat more of the same. Worked on the MG web site re-do, watched some TV, then shook things up a little by taking the train out to Avondale so I could go to this antique market I like.

Once again, am extremely frustrated with how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find a bookcase! The last time I went out looking for a bookcase I ended up with a small armoire with shelves in it, which is lovely but FULL and a second one wouldn't fit in my office. Just need rows of shelves for books and a flat top I can put my in/out boxes on. And it can't be tacky, folk-art, or in an inappropriate time period. I'm thinking I'll end up buying a modern bookcase, though I've gone through tons of catalogs and can't find any modern ones I want either. Another style I liked were these New England apple crates you can order. If I got four of them and stained or painted them, they *might* be acceptabe. Just like when I was shopping for a non-electrical alarm clock, I cry "Where are they all HIDING?!"

Something good about antique shopping was that I found several china cabinets I liked, but they weren't massively cheaper than what I bought last weekend so I didn't feel terrible guilt. And the one I really liked the most wouldn't have fit in its spot as well as mine. So I tell myself I did right.

After the shopping I trudged off to DeKalb Farmers Market and picked up just a few things. Must've picked all bargains b/c at checkout it was only like $13 for 6-7 items -- I was rather amazed.

Tonight I'm going out. Will report on that later, I guess if it's worth reporting.

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On the superhighway

Yay, my broadband just came back. I was doing the Wraeththu chat using my modem and then hung up. My Trillian chat client was supposed to disconnect automatically since the connection was gone and I thought it did, but then as I was leaving the room I heard that silly "giggle" it makes and walked back to the computer to find it was connected. Sure enough, got my service back w/o having to call computer AGAIN!