January 19th, 2004


New Metro Girl

After a few days of slogging through, I've managed to clean up Metro Girl and get it all nice and up-to-date, attractive & serviceable to clients. I've kept the same old design and kept things simple, with only a few pages outlining services, pricing, FAQ, etc. People have, after all, said to me many times that they've hired me because my own site was simple and tasteful and not full of fancy stuff or obviously false claims. I also fixed the home page so it's got more of a space for me to feature personal stuff, like Breeding Discontent, personal sites, etc. One of my future projects is to do some kind of picture gallery and another one with movies of me dancing. And now people will be able to find it without my clients having to see it FIRST thing on the page :)

I think I had some kind of normal Sunday, what other people consider normal anyway. Didn't work or clean a lot, which is how Sundays often ended up for me before this lifestyle switch. Saturday I'd goof off, sure, but Sunday I'd always be playing catch-up on projects, cleaning up a week's worth of foul mess, and generally getting stressed out. But not today. Slept 'til around 9, did my E on the stairmaster again (over 300 calories, and I *sweat*), showered, had breakfast, read the paper, then relaxed with TV, light MG work... Eventually ended up going down to East Atlanta with Caleb and Daniel. Spent a lot of time in Traders as Caleb considered buying a chair. Back home, didn't do much beyond more MG redesign work... then went over Daniel's to enjoy the nice dinner he made.

Oh! Should also mention, went to fab part at jesswired's new place, met loads of interesting people and had wonderful, interesting conversations. (madame_mercredi, I kept thinking if you were fly on the wall, waht you'd think, for some reason I think you would have been fascinated.) Jess has some great friends & acquaintances. And I wore my nice black bob wig!

Which reminds me, right now I'm wearing my long, black "Cher" wig. I was actually going around pretending to be some kind of Cobweb-ish hostling, got a green ribbon wound around this chunk of hair in the front, took one of my necklaces and made it into a black crown. Got black and red velvetish robe, it kinda works...
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Kiddies, siblings, etc.

This is a bit random (not rare for me), but for some reason I have been thinking lately about a comment my dad made while I was home visiting in December. It wasn't one of his nasty comments, but something he remarked during a lighter moment.

All Christmas week, while the various nieces and nephews were romping around the house, it was pretty clear Dad was annoyed with them, as demonstrated by the fact he kept grummling a lot, disapparing upstairs to read or watch TV or nap. Well, Mom kept mentioning how the kids were getting to him and then how actually he never liked small kids around, not even when they had them themselves. (During their first 10 years of marriage, they had 4 kids, 3 of them within a 4-year span; I was born way later.)

Anyway, at some point Dad was actually downstairs and Mom made this same remark about Dad not really liking all the kids underfoot, and Dad, rather than getting defensive, was like, "Well, actually, you know it was always your mother wanted a big family... You know she would've had another 5!"

My mom agreed and said the only reason was no more room in the house. OK, and the fact she was already 39 when I was born, but hey, she'd have been game*. Had no trouble with me being born at all, and actually, as far as I can tell from anything she's ever said to my sisters, had no trouble at all with childbearing whatsoever, it was this very easy thing for her. Interestingly, she herself was an only child and her parents had a hard time having a child.

Anyway, keep thinking about the "five more" thing. Quite a few times during my visit, watching all the little kids interacting, it struck me how I had never had family interactions with other little kids. When I was a kid, I was the *only* kid. My brother Tom, closest in age, is still seven years older, and my oldest sister is 16 years older and got married while I was in first grade. The house was always, always adults and I thus either lived in the adult work or I went out into my crazy OWN world, the child world of one :)

I said to Mom that I wonder what I would have been like if I'd had siblings closer to me in age, like younger ones even, and she said it would have been good for me. I rather think I would have got really jealous of them and fought all the time. I'm glad I had some peace growing up.

* My dad definitely wasn't so game and had a vasectomy a couple years after I was born, five was enough, LOL.
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Well, I don't suppose I have very high hopes for today. I'm wearing two bathrobes because I feel cold, got a headache and it's that time of the month too. I keep saying "Oh, you have all this work..." but then not being able to focus. Case in point, I just watched (and recorded for Caleb) an episode of "Boohbah." Like "Teletubbies," another British import, a lot of people, adults, would hate it, but I find it mesmerizing. But I suppose now I ought to work...
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Bird IQ

Proving they are slightly smarter than I supposed, my birds have been exploring the area immediately adjacent to their cage... the area where I have their seed canister and bag of millet. I was watching TV and noticed both of them kept jumping on top of the canister and pecking at it, then crawling down to where the bag was and eyeing it, just *knowing* their favorite food was there. I took this as a hint and put another sprig of millet in the cage. God knows they get enough snack food but hey, winter makes them bored and listless, so may a well give them comfort food.

In other news, I stuck a lit bit of that timothy hay, left over from me sampling the smell, into their food dish. Today I noticed it, along with all the pasta mixed into their feed, strwen all over the floor. The birds are a lot like toddlers -- like to throw their food on the floor, forget just *ignoring* it! The next thing I'm expecting is for Pell to jump into the ivy plant I just moved over from across the room, because it's where I put the china cabinet. Last time I had that plant near the cage I kept finding Pell sitting in it digging out leaves, twigs and rocks and throwing them on the floor. I'm not sure if it's a nesting thing or her looking for food or what, but it amuses more more than it annoys me, because the birds aren't hardly curious enough.
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Action --> Reaction

So last night I launched the edited, up-to-date, finally-to-my-satisfaction Metro Girl web site. And today I get an email, out of the blue, from an old neighbor of mine saying he wants to reserve a domain name, get hosting, have me do a small web site for him. He's a "writer, playwright, actor, and director," which I didn't even know... I thought he was an accountant, honestly! (Maybe he is that too, who knows!) So I'm going to do a quick estimate, probably keep the price down b/c it's a small site and I expect his budget is small as well. Plus he wants to do a "creative" site and those are always good for the portfolio, especially given that I want to attract more artist/writer/creative types. Anyway, I feel good I made those site edits, he must have seen *that* version of my site!
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Mind-blowing Story

I'm have a mind-blowing moment. I mean, technically, the blown part is past tense but I'm still kind of reeling.

I just finished reading The Birthday of the World and Other Stories, by Ursula K. Leguin, and the final story in it, which is just about novella-length, absolutely socked it to me. I got the book at Christmastime and was stunned and intrigued by the first six stories in the book, but this final one, "Paradises Lost," really snuck up on me. At first, the premise seemed merely novel, and then for a while it seemed kind of boring, but then, gradually, I got really intrigued, and by the time the plot arrived at the first stirrings of "conflict," I was completely hooked.

As I kept on reading, I started talking to myself, going "This woman is so fucking BRILLIANT!" because that's all I can really say when I read a story where I feel like the author has truly accounted for the REALITY of people, the REALITY of life, even though it's science FICTION. The situation in the book is one that hundreds of authors could explore without really touching the surface; Leguin digs in deep, to the point the story becomes philosophy, or a rich portrait of speculative psychology, or a meditation on our own present world. And then there is the ending, which goes somewhere I didn't expect while at the same time, leaving me totally satisfied.

I should mention the plot, I suppose. Basically, the story starts out with a "5-Generation" little girl living on a big ship heading toward The Destination. She among the fifth generation of people living on a huge space vessel constructed as a probe to go land on a human-habitable planet. The voyage is supposed to take 200 years. The sixth generation will be the ones to land and explore and send messages back. The fifth generation will probably be too old. Everybody has been awake on this voyage, nobody has been in hypersleep. A society has been created, controlled and regulated accorded to its own rules and people, in living there in that self-contained space, see the ship as the world and everything else as abstract. They don't know life as we know life on earth. They don't know mountains or rain or hunger or most other things that are "natural." They live in a limited vacuum, which to them is "the world" and, except for what they see in movies / VR movies, or read in homeworld texts, this is what they know. Anyway, long story short, the story follows the ship on its voyage to the Destination and follows various characters as they approach the climax and wrestle with the inevitability that soon all that exists only as historical records will soon be tangible, or at least some believe so. Sigh. It's so hard to explain but so, so great.

Two more thing about this story:

1) It should have been a book> I guess however I should be really grateful Leguin managed to get down these ideas in *any* form, because she writes herself in the introduction that she tried before a couple times and failed. As it is, the story is made of vignettes, done in the third person, glimpses of various moments' in the central characters' lives, plus sections giving background on history, on the "world," on the progress of life.

2) This would make a really, really cool movie, or maybe a mini-series. It could be expanded upon and made more coherent. I can't think of anything in this story that wouldn't translate to a movie. It would be fantastic!
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