January 20th, 2004



So I'm trying to decide if I should or shouldn't watch the State of the Union address. One part of me says I definitley should, so I can have heard it in its entirely, but the the other part of me says I am going to barf and ruin my sofa. I think in the end I will watch it and have out a notepade to write down especially annoying, disgusting quotes or things that occur to me. Or maybe I'll listen on the radio. That might be better because I wouldn't have to see His face. Erk.
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Brrrr while it lasts

It's really cold here in Atlanta. Well, as cold as it EVER gets, which normally happens in January. Temp was down to a stunning (for here!) like 30 degrees this afternoon, not counting the wind chill, which was something somewhat considerable. Right now CNN says its 22. It's cold enough that I am cold *inside* because the cold is radiating through my (5"x8", uninsulated) windows faster than my heat pump can heat the air. My office is cold b/c it's a small room with a huge window. My bed is cold because it's in a corner with two huge windows. I wore *two* bathrobes over my clothes today. Of course it was like 60 yesterday so hell, I know this won't last.

I post this to show that while I can certainly make fun of Southerners being cold (55) and bitching about it (as if Winter is some sort of abnormality), there are times when I too, am cold.
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I am rarely actually ANGRY (I think "annoyed" or "highly irritated" usually covers it) but right now I am rip ROARING mad!

Two weeks ago, I dutily went to SunTrust Bank and set up a personal checking account, to compliment my business account and so I could easily pay myself just by transferring. I did this at the beginning of the month so it would be all set up and I could cancel my stupid Bank of America account and put all the money in the new account. Which I did.

So two weeks later, I haven't received anything from the bank -- no checks, no debit card, no password for access to online banking. So I have, in effect, no way to actually spend my money (unless I go to bank ask nicely).

This has been bothering me for a few days but not wanting to be impatient, I hadn't called the bank about it. Well, today I call and GUESS WHAT, for some completely BIZARRE reason, they have my address for that account as being 20 Marietta St, which is NOT where I live, but the place I moved out of almost 3 years ago! And an address, I must add, which I NEVER gave the bank, since I didn't have any accounts with them until last summer.

Anyway, so my checks and all must've gone THERE, but I didn't hear anything from those people who live there (weird, since they have been really great about bringing over any stray mail) so fuck that. Customer service says to go to the bank and they can get it all settled for me. And if I don't get my checks by the end of the month (which would be HANDY, since I do have a mortage, condo fees, credit balance, etc. to pay), they can do it with a cashier's check for me.

I HATE this. I hate when I have to get fucked over for something that's not even my fault and which the bank can't explain. Like WHY did they have my OLD address? When I set up the account, the guy said he was just copying over the info from my existing business account, which I know has all the right info (and Customer service verified this on teh hone), so WHAT THE FUCK?! Like... what, did they just randomly get a credit check and put in my old address? I TOTALLY don't get this and it PISSES ME OFF.
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Rage is simmering now but still annoyed

Well, I guess today is my day to deal with customer service and delivery problems. I took care of the bank problem and then waved my arms enough that Kinko's agreed to give me their fax number so my client could fax me (at $1 a page).

Then I got the fax and noticed I couldn't read all my client's notes so I had to get on the phone and have him fill in the blanks and also tell me more about his precise vision for the page layouts.

Now I'm on the phone with QuickBooks trying to figure out why I haven't received my order of QuickBooks after 18 days. I ordered it Jan. 2 so I'd be up and running with it during my first month of business. At least the guy is being nice... says they've got so many backorders they're letting people download the product, even if they've ordered the CD (which I did, since I want a physical CD). Oh joy!

Since I'm on such a roll, my next move is going to be calling Interland, the hosting company I work with, and ask them what the HELL their billing department is doing, the invoices and charges to my bank don't match.

I swear, Caleb thinks I let things slide but damn, it IS easier that way, else you spend way too much time asking nicely for things to get fixed.

Oh, and I can also call the bill colection agency that has ONCE AGAIN confused me with another person. I'm not worried about it since every time it happens (this is the fourth time) I just call and they say "Whoops, the social is mixed up here..." but I hate phone calls and junk like this, so it sucks.

I don't often say this in daytime but, man, I could do with a drink!
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I'm only 29, so obviously can't go back all THAT far in history, but it strikes me as a big deal that SO many people, of all kinds, constantly come out and label Bush things like: asshole, dickhead, moron, fuckhead, shithead, weasel, lying turd, etc. Also, heard a lot of comments along the lines of "He needs to die," "I want to kill him," "I wish he'd just DIE (um, except for fact Cheney is VP," etc. I mean, that's showing some pretty pissed off feelings!

And now I turn to NPR to HEAR him...