January 21st, 2004

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I haven't set my alarm clock for a month.

THAT makes me happy.

And, no, I DON'T sleep until noon; usually I'm up by 8 or 8:30, naturally, no alarm clock. I used to have one of those WIND UP blood-curdlingly loud clocks wake me up. In fact I still have it, I just don't wind it...
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Working at the Work Thing

I think that "intention" thing has just bitten me in the ass. This past weekend I got all stressed again about "Will I succeed?" / "Do I have enough work?" / "Is this going to work?" and now BOOM! I am totally BURIED in projects. Got not just new projects, but all my CURRENT clients seem to have all kinds of work coming at me, even ones I haven't heard from in a long time. As I remarked to Lynn today while visiting CAP to do some work, "I'm glad I don't advertise or I'd be SCREWED to do all this..."

I need to force myself to make time to do a spreadsheet showing all the jobs I have on my plate, I feel like there are about 9... Let's see, TSWA, Mat Tech, CAP, SMS, Soon I'll also start on the B&B and hopefully get the contract with the non-profit. Friday I'm meeting with my friend Cooper about doing a site for her rental cabins. Solo Design will be updating soon too. Just finished some work for ZAMI and they'll be back again next week with another round of stuff. Oh, and I'll be getting a domain name for Gary Z. So I guess I was right. about 9.

Oh! And I've got to produce the Winter edition of Inception. Ah, well, better than having a job for somebody else!
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