January 22nd, 2004

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Tangible results

If you want to see how I spent 4 hours of my day, look here and click where it says "Results are now available online.".

Yes, I spent four hours on laying out page with the survey results. (It was 10 hours actually setting up the survey itself, which runs via a Perl program; sent out that invoice today.)

I automated the picture resizing, but getting all those statistics from the Excel spreadsheet to the web page was strictly copy and paste (times 400 or something). Luckily previous jobs (most esp. work at the state gov't) prepared me well for such tedium.

And here I'm getting paid a bunch more and can listen to Cruxshadows out loud, wear a bathrobe, eat Indian food and curse while I work.
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Fixin' for the critters

I just ordered a guinea pig corral for the future pet. I definitely want to let the critters have room to run around (they like doing laps, I hear), but I'd prefer if they didn't go scooting behind my TV or under the couch or somewhere, especially since I hear they're fond of wires and cables, as in nibble nibble. Thus the corral. I actually bought two, since I am pretty sure they just stick together like Legos or something and so you could put two together and it'll make a great big one. I plan on setting this up a couple times a day in the living room, with sheet under it. Also can take it down to the gym with me, as I think we could excercise at the same time. And I know I could have maybe made a corral, but I kept thinking about how and every way I thought of sounded like a pain and not something I could fold up. For $11 each, the corral does it.

Meanwhile I ordered more bedding and am about to order the air filters I need. And maybe call the contracting company that might could* come and fix a few of my windows so I could open then and thus get some more air. I figure I might be OK now, but having rodents in the house might make the house a bit unbearable.

As far as when the first guinea pig arrives, I think it should be end of next week, maybe the weekend after this one coming up.

* It slipped out. Damn!
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Oh, dear, I seem to be having a melt down.

I got SO frustrated with something at CAP today, this stupid latest version of WebTrends can eat my shit! On top of that, having to deal with that and other client small jobs has kept me from doing my major project, for Mat Man.

Then I got into a fight with PetSmart's online buying system (it played sneaky tricks on me with free shipping) and then I had trouble finding the right replacement air filters. Then Caleb called me and I got in a fight with him about the Petsmart thing, which was partially my fault because I was just so MAD about it and got really defensive.

Finally did find my filters, and bought them, which was good, and then Interland called and I bought a domain for a client... but THEN I had to spoil it all by deciding to take the grate off my AC/CH unit to look into the vent... and wouldn't you know now I can't get the stupid thing back on.

I tried and tried, and tried SO HARD not to get upset or cry (like girl, "Boo hoo, I can't do handyman work!"), but eventually I did. I ran around the house bawling, holding a hammer (which I'd used to try to bust the thing back on) and thinking about smashing windows or maybe my head. I was so upset, and it didn't even have anything to do with the filter, I just know it doesn't. It's some hormonal thing, I'm flipping out and hysterical. I know this because I used to get like this A LOT. I used to get this like IN PUBLIC, have huge melt downs in the middle of malls or Wal-Mart or the dorm hallway.

What I'd really like right now is a LOT of ice cream or chocolate or a good tickle. (I hate being tickled, but I know it'd distract me.) I think the best thing for me would be to just WALK AWAY from trying to do anything, and instead just read or watch TV or something.
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Self-Treatment Yields

Well, my self-treatment regimen seems to be working: Had some alcohol(Frangelico and espresso liqueur), watched Madonna videos, danced, sang, and then (because I felt like it, which is usual when I'm upset) I did a painting. I *really* like the painting! (BTW, this picture shows it lying on my granite counter top, it isn't "framed.")

Now Caleb is coming over and hopefully can both fix my vent and tickle me (shaddup, you've got a dirty mind). At any rate, I am calming down. I just need to avoid anything to do with all this CRAP I've been up to my neck in. I can work on that TOMORROW.
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(no subject)

Just got an email. Another web site wanted. Man, what do people think I am? A web designer? This one is for a Florida-based warehousing company. I actually would like to do some industrial design I guess...
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Mood swing

Well, I think tonight worked out well. I decided I needed to go on a mini-vacation, without leaving home. I "went away" from all this stuff I've been doing, mainly work, needless to say, and did other stuff. Caleb did come and fix my vent, that was nice. Then I ate some comfort food, drank, painted, read some fan fic, and then finally got all the lights down, lit some candles, and sat down in the near-dark with my PalmPilot and worked on my current Wraeththu story. Been neglecting it for a few weeks, got back in the groove for editing and then added on a new part I really like. Hopefully tomorrow I can get another bit done. The anticipation is driving away my melancholy! Yay!
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