January 23rd, 2004



Further proof guinea pigs are just the freakin' cutest things ever...


Some pictures of this litter of 6 the guinea pig rescue lady rescued from an animal shelter. One of them is Yin Yang, who, like all her sisters, is pregnant, either from one of the brothers or their dad. Cute little incestors! I totally would've loved Pumpkin and Yin Yang together.

As it is, my pig was living alone so she's not pregnant and thus, is available. Hopefully I get her next week.
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Starting a family, he he

Looks like I'm going to be a Guinea Pig Mama. And what luck I have! I wrote to April, the rescue woman, last night, asking when I could have Abbie and in some kind of miracle, it turns out Abbie has a new cagemate: Yin Yang! Yin Yang was put with Abbie after her sister was adopted and apparently gets along really well with Abbie and is teaching the undersocialized, scaredy pig how to do things like play and eat vegies. So April has proposed I take them together as a pair -- right away! She says I can have them both. Yes, that's right, I'd get a pregnant guinea pig. April would take the babies at three weeks and find them homes. The other option is to take Abbie alone and wait for Yin Yang until the babies are born and weaned. However, I don't think it'll be much fuss with babies, the mom takes care of them, so I told April I could take both right away. I figure the more Abbie has companionship, the easier it will be for me to get her all tame and cuddly :) And Yin Yang! Is. So. Cute. Gah!
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Jeez, I'm more left-leaning than I thought...

I did the Presidential Match thing (great idea!) and here are my top "matches," in order:

Kucinich (100%)
Sharpton (90%)
Kerry (89%)
Dean (88%)
Edwards (80%)
Clark (80%)
Liebermann (65%)

I like it! Also, it reinforces my thought that I don't like Liebermann, and never did.

Bush didn't make the list. Hmm. Wonder WHY!

He he... in fact, I just used the comparison tool to compare Dubya and Al Sharpton. Holy shit, I don't think they are anything but OPPOSITE all the way down...
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They're coming!

Well, I just arranged for guinea pig delivery! April is bringing them over, complete with custom-made cage, Wednesday morning :)

Here they are:

Yin Yang


April says YinYang's babies (or *baby*, as vet says he thinks there's only one) will come at the latest, late February. OMG, that will be so cool!
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