January 26th, 2004


Delicious moment

I've been considering ideals and attitudes towards sex and relationships and by accident (or subconscious!) it just so happens I pulled out a favorite book of mine that contains a passage that weirdly replicates a lot of feelings I've had about such matters. It's also just damn beautiful...

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I do NOT wear Birkenstocks! (I wear classy German sneakers!)

You know, I thought I had shaken off my UMass Amherst roots, but no, I guess NOT!

Judith Butler
You are Judith Butler! Your postmodern queer theory
has shaken up people's ideas of gender,
sexuality, and sex. Your work has blurred lines
between what it means to be a womyn and what it
means to be a man. Queens and transbois all
over the world worship your Birkenstocks!

Which Western feminist icon are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I wonder if she uses the word "wymyn" like this quiz did -- to my intense annoyance!!!!!!
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Work vs. Work

You know, it's really weird, but I think I goof off way working for myself than I used to working at my jobs. Unlike at this job, I actually take care that all billable hours are work hours...

Not that I don't goof off here, like take dance breaks or do LJ or chat online, but neither am I writing a novel or taking long breaks to read Wraeththu slash novellas...

All in all, thumps up!
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Another generic weather day

I think I may live in one of the few parts of the U.S. where it isn't snowing, and hasn't snowed all year. Snow in the Carolinas though. It rained all yesterday here and damn, it's kind of cold today, but then again, it's January (what seems always to be the coldest month in Atlnat) and it's 34 F (feels like 26), not bad actually. Caleb talked to his mom yesterday, it was -25 F in Pownal (Vermont). I mean, that's bad. This weather, you put on some gloves and a hat, you're fine. Still, no snow, no ice storm even. How very bland.
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Client brag

OK, so one of my client's, Tom Haney, who's also a neighbor and friend of mine, was recently featured on the Do It Yourself network showing off his artwork. I swear, this guy is one clever genius! He does these carved wooden mechanical sculpture which to the casual observer just look like weird antique toys, but which he does from scratch -- including designing the mechanisms inside, down to the cams and gears. It's amazing. Anyway, as the subject suggests, this is a brag so: article about Tom and of course, Tom's web site, which I designed. (It's one of my favorite designs, too!)
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Window of opportunity

I'm getting that buzz you get when you take care of some task that you've been meaning to do "forever" but keep putting off. Every since I moved here, I've been wanting to do something about my (7) windows, which are very impressive 5"x8" guillotine style windows which are, unfortunately, painted shut.

The main reason I want them open is for air circulation / air quality. Right now I rely on a couple of air ciculation systems that were built into my unit, plus a HEPA filter, and it's just not enough, especially when there's smoke the kitchen. I would burn a lot more incense if I didn't have to put up with the smell lingering a lonnnnng time. (I still do it, just not too often.) One downside is I might be making my home slightly worse as far as my allergies, but in my opinion, being stuck in a sealed box all day isn't too grand either.

Anyway, couple weeks ago I saw a small ad in a neighborhood newspaper and gave chase, now I've got someone coming over to do an estimate on the labor for cracking open a few of the windows so I can breathe. May as well do it now, after all, as the guinea pigs are not going to be exactly odor-free.

My birds on one of the said windows
(View is warped b/c original 90+ year old glass is warped)

Re my birds, basically the rule will be: Window open, even a crack, birds are locked up. If I need to open a window and birds are not in cage, I will have to wait for them to get in cage. Not that I think it's even that likely they'd fly out, since the opening is at the bottom and those birds HATE anything low, but I definitely wouldn't want to chance it.
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Achoo! and other allergy topics

It's a good thing I am learning to avoid excuses, because the fact that washing my sheets & blankets makes me have sneezing fits and itch all over... well, otherwise it might be something I'd avoid. However, given that I've got instructions saying to fight my dust-mite allergy, I've got to do the washing every week or so, so here I am, at it again. My skin is crawling... I hope it's not those stupid bugs! Yuck!

Allergies are really a mixed bag lately. I thought I was making some progress, with the treatment from my doctor and the special sheets and washing, but lately I have felt like it's worse again. I don't think that expensive nasal spray is doing anything, because my nose certainly is irritated and congested. I think the Singulair just *might* be working on my lungs, they do feel a lot more clear.

Hmmm. Now I'm about to get guinea pigs, whose fur I won't have a problem with, but that hay they like to eat, makes me itch. I think (now that I am more confident of my income) I will sign up to start allergy shots, as my doctor suggested. I will try to minimize hay exposure by getting another HEPA filter and just being neat, but I bet the shot would do wonders. Anybody who's had the shots has told me they felt an affect within just a few weeks. It will cost $20 a shot but not to be so itchy and sneezy (and other Snow White characters) would be pretty cool, I think.

Speaking of bills, the allergic clinic called me today saying I owe $450. Yeah, I thought I was reading that bill right, never sure with doctor or insurance bills which is the one you pay and which is just an "update." I guess my insurance paid for some of that big allergy test I had, but probably only around 50%. Got a bill for the CT thing too. I'll pay as soon as I get my checks from SunTrust.
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OK, thank you Caleb! I just did a quick check and just this month, I've done about 22 hours billable work on his company's web site and online surveys. Plus there was another 13 hours right before Christmas and he just sent me something today that will be a few more hours. I like steady customers who are good about paying their bills :) Doesn't everyone?
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