January 29th, 2004

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If you don't teach it, it doens't exist?

As if Georgia public school eduations weren't already bad enough (how many times have I heard a Georgia native say "excuse me, I went to school here, we didn't learn that...") now new statewide middle and high school science standards CUT OUT EVOLUTION! What the f*ck!!!!! In a related story, the state has proposed changing the history standards so there won't be tests for any history prior to 1500. Not required anyway, for regular students. (I suppose you CAN learn these things if you want...) And American history, except for like 3 weeks, is supposed to be like post 1880.

Yes, as the article says, that means: "Search in vain for discussion of the Civil War; that topic is off limits. In a course entitled "American History," students will not study our most devastating war. There is no mention of Fort Sumter, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee or anything else associated with those years."

Um... isn't this Georgia?

Anyway... I can see why my former coworker Keith and his wife have homeschooled, honestly.
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One short story in the bag

I wrote something last night. That's right, me! LOL, seems like a long time. Well, actually I did work on this story a bit last week, but last night I somehow worked up the verve to finish it off. All in all, about 6 pages double-spaced -- what I wrote last night, not overall story, BTW, which is like 20 pages. Yay. I feel such a relief. I even feel like I can now look at the couple of manuscripts I'm supposed to review, since I now don't have the lingering excuse of "Oh, well, I really should do *my* story before I bother with anybody else's..." Ha. Now I just need to find out from some people what they think of this story, so I can work on editing it.
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