February 1st, 2004

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Somebody do me a favor and tell me WHEN the Super Bowl is. I have just looked 5 places online to see a time, can't find it. I want to know so I can be watching LotR: RotK during whatever time frame. Possibly go shopping too. Thanks!

Visualization of Visualizations

Those of you who've read my essays about my visions, I think I have stumbled across the closest POSSIBLE illustration of what it is I'm seeing in my head.

You have to have the Windows Media Player to see it though. It's one of the "visualization" options (how appropriate!), called Battery: Randomization. I found this option a couple of weeks ago and was mesmerized by it because it really IS just exactly what I often see in my head while I'm doing my visualizations.

I think of posting this b/c I just did an audio preview for every track in the LotR: RotK soundtrack and was BLOWN AWAY by the visualizations there. They look SO much like my head, it's pretty odd to see them just happening there on a computer screen.

This visualization isn't the only kind of thing I ever see -- I see things which are very concrete and more "photographic" rather than patterns of colors and lights -- but off the geometic or light visions I have, these are what they look like.
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Sunday/Inception update

Haven't been up much today -- mainly playing with guinea pigs, watching a bit of TV, and working on Inception, which is QUITE a task these days, got so much material to work with. At this point I seem to have got the main part of it done, only things remaining are writing some books reviews, making the main section pages for this issue, then doing a whole lot of technical futzing, since the site is moving to it's own domain and I need to do redirects. One thing I will say now, to tantalize, is WHOAH, there is some really choice artwork in this edition. But probably I won't have it up 'til Monday night or something like that. Depends on when I can make myself do a book review. Got to at least one!
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ice cream

It's the First of the Month...

I just did something so satisfying I am ready to burst:


Whoo hoo! It's the first of the month, so I went through and calculated my income for the month, then divided the money into percent for taxes, operations and ME and came out with actually a very respectable payment. It's only a little less than what I was getting after-tax from my regular job, at least for the past year, when I'd only work 4 days a week. And this month was fairly slow money-wise. Next month I'm going to get payments from two major clients, plus I have a couple thousand dollars in invoices sitting out there, which will boomerang back to me. I hate financial stuff, but I feel so EMPOWERED knowing I, and only I, made this cash happen. If I hadn't done any work, I wouldn't be getting paid. And I was my own boss.

God, I sound like I'm on an infomercial....

I'm going to put together some more invoices, now that I'm feeling it...

Anyway, cool!
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