February 2nd, 2004

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Piggy Paranoia

So I'm getting like a nervous dad waiting for YinYang to have her baby. April, the rescue lady, told me she feels certain the baby will be born by this weekend. I find myself checking on any strange noises I hear and watching YY carefully any time I have the critters in the corral or am watching them in their cage. YY sure is eating a lot! She also spends a lot of time inside that Indian food box, all snug. Let's hope she knows to get out of the tube when it's time -- ha! Abbie meanwhile continues to be incredibly goofy looking, although less jump. I can pick up Abbie one-handed and she doesn't struggle at all. YY has much more of a fit about being picked up (it's scary for them really, esp. when they're young) but she's OK once she's being held or is on the ground again. Can't blame her for being sensitive really, although I always use two hands and kind of "scoop" her up rather than grab since she's got that large "nugget" in her belly :)

P.S. I need to do a guinea pig icon soon...
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Mondays are less daunting now

I think there should be a Monday Moan, like the Friday Five.

OK, maybe not.

I burned my finger yesterday on my flat-top electric range -- first time I've done that in 2 1/2 years living here, although it was my first worry when I got it. There's no open "burn" and it doesn't really "hurt," but the whole pad of my middle finger is turning yellow and it's all numb. Anybody have experience with fingertip burns? Should I expect my whole fingertip to peel off or what? The skin is kind of crinkling a little bit and I think the nerve ends must have been cauterized or something.

Meanwhile I (over)slept 'til 9, I guess because it's raining and therefore the sun never hit my window. I was also having weird dreams based on Pathetic Geek Stories and my family, like my nephew Ian getting tormented at school and Auntie Wendy trying to help but only getting him into more trouble.

Anyway, back to WORK!
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Ctrl-Alt-Del This, Macromedia!

I hate when an application keeps freezing up every time you do a certain thing, and even when you Ctrl-Alt-Del your way out of it 30 times, then restart the app, it just freezes again. Don't know WHAT is up with Dreamweaver lately, driving me up the WALL! Maybe Macromedia has snuck some weird app into the program to triger me to upgrade to MX 2003... which I was going to do anyway but grrrr... annoying when all you want to do is upload a file with check in / out.
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Weird & Obscure Fan Fiction

So OK, there are lots of fandoms out there and I've participated heavily in two of them. But what about those obscure ones where you wrote all kinds of stories even though there wasn't a fandom for it? Like say, all that Captain Kangaroo AU fic you have stashed or maybe that F-Troop slash you wrote...

I've had several fan fiction interests in the past that were kind of "on their own," mostly because they took place pre-Internet but also because they were just obscure -- they don't exist today with the Internet!

My form of fan fiction wasn't always really stories either, but more like elaborate talking-to-myself make believe sessions, going from around 6th grade through college. I wound up doing scripts for some of them or I'd do lengthy plot descriptions, which were sort of like stories but not. I'd also do my stories in the form of screenplays for TV or movies.

But I digress. My two main odd fandoms (VC was another one, which is non-odd) were James Clavel's Shogun and Chaim Potok's The Chosen and The Promise, mixed in with some of My Name is Asher Lev. (Speaking of mixed in, the crossover potential of those two fandoms is... nil.)

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What other "odd" fan fiction have people written?
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Today I did work for the Downtown Transportation Management Association (TMA), adding a "Commute Calculator" to their web site. This is an amazing tool I got permission to use from another site. It runs off JavaScript and basically tells you how much commuting to/from work *really* costs you, in dollar values. I thought owning a car was like $7000/year but no, to my surprise, even when I put in what I thought were good numbers (relatively short commute, good gas milleage, low insurance, etc.), it was like over $8000!

Check it out:

My transporation costs (not counting airfare) are around $600 for MARTA monthly passes. Some transit commute calculators include cost of sneakers but I usually wear normal shoes when I walk. My bike I bought two years ago and hardly needs/gets any maintenance or supplies.

In related news, I was visiting CAP when I saw a new "freebie" developed by the TMA -- a black and red insulated lunch bag that says on it:

And you can eat anything you want!

Even though I can vouch that slogan is not exactly true, I immediately said I had to have it, and of course I got it. In the spring, I should do some picnic lunches with it :) Or it could be my purse sometimes! To be super dorky, I could wear it with one of my PEDS T-shirts or my button that says "RESPECT PEDESTRIANS."
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Happy client

My client Tom just emailed me saying he sold a $1,400 piece of art to somebody in NY state who saw it listed on his web site. Yay! He doesn't do e-commerce or anthing, since normally his pieces can't even be shipped, but man, he's sold quite a few pieces either direct via the web site or by getting people commission him -- and he never got commissions before the web site. I think that's so cool.
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