February 3rd, 2004

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Pet Peeve of the Day:

CPAs and accounting firms(and any other businesses) who list themselves online as being in Atlanta, who are actually in Marietta, Thomasville, Norcross, McDonough, etc. It is VERY annoying! I haven't actually called any of them, but the online directories will say "Atlanta-based" or "located in Atlanta" and then the company web site will have a 770 number and this address out someplace I wouldn't go even if I DID drive. Why can't these people just OWN UP that they are NOT in Atlanta!? Meanwhile as I compile a list of likely CPAs, the most likely of all is located 2 miles from me near Caleb's office. I think he runs it out of his apartment. That's fine with me. I will probably contact him today. Fancy companies who locate out in suburbville and then advertise that they're in the city annoy me.

Oh, and aside from that pet peeve, I'm good today!
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So all last week I was really tired and lethargic and couldn't seem to focus very much on work. Well, I was also skipping my exercise. Baaaaaaaaaaaaad Wiebke. Anyway, today I got back on the wagon and I swear, all day long I've felt like I just had a huge espresso with lots of sugar. Wow, I am POPPIN' with energy!
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Taking off that icing

This is tongue and cheek but...

Wouldn't it be cool if the fat from my hips could be turned into breast implants for somebody? Man, they could have C cups probably.

Um, seriously, I have actually been losing weight and I feel good. Unfortunately, I still don't have more than a couple pairs of pants that fit. This goes to show how in denial I was about all the weight I gained. I basically shifted over to wearing skirts and dresses and called it "style change."

The other day I got up and with the help of one of my tummy-sucking special undies, got into this pair of pants I got from Caleb's boss Alycen. Really nice CK jeans. But OH were they tight*! I lasted about 45 minutes in them and admired them a lot, I looked so trim in them, then I just couldn't take it. Hopefully by springtime I will be able to.

* Of course, the fact that all the pants I own I *bought* tight on purpose, because I like my pants to be pretty much skin tight, is one of the reasons they are so hard to fit back in to. Damn being a fashion slave!
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