February 7th, 2004

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Yay, Kate!

I just came across this quote:

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

Katharine Hepburn
(1907-2003, American Actress)

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More quotes...

Also found this quote as well:

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

Bertrand Russell
(1872-1970, British Philosopher, Mathematician, Essayist)

This reminds me very much of my "senior quote" in my high school yearbook:

The best lack all convictions, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

William Butler Yeats
"The Second Coming" (1921)

Yeah, isn't that a great bitter teenager quote? ;)
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Today was a GOOD day

Well, I can't complain about today at all, it was very, very nice, thank you! (And knock on wood, tomorrow will go just as well.) Such a nice feeling today, of getting stuff done, of things being pretty easy, of all the parts working together.

I was up really late last night, mainly because I ended up sitting in a chair by the piggy cage staring at YinYang for a couple of hours, thinking she'd be having he baby soon. (That baby is moving around SO much!) Then once I was in bed, I had kind of a restless night, partially awake in my head, on the alert for strange noises that might signal Baby Time. I woke up around 7 because of this, but after I got up and checked on things, only to find there was no baby and it was still dark out, I went back to bed.

Got up again around 8:30 and saw the piggies again, fed them, watered the plants, showered, read the paper, had breakfast, checked my email, all those morning things. Then around 9:30 got into the morning Wraeththu chat, which as usual was just Mercredi, Lazuli and I. I spent a whole bunch of time talking about guinea pigs, as I recall :)

After that I met up with Caleb and Daniel for coffee at Blue Cloud. Nobody was there except us. Caleb showed Daniel the AGL project plans -- very nice! It must have been 11:30 we went off. I went home again and not sure what I did -- probably fed pigs again, a bit foggy...

But then I know around 1:30 I did go out, catching the bus to East Atlanta, where I finally caved in a bought a bookcase. I'd looked this thing like 2 or 3 weeks ago but at the time, wasn't sure about it. I finally concluded it was the best one I was going to find and really nice, so I got it. Or at least I paid for it...

Because then I had to go back Downtown to enlist malibran's assistance. The bookcase was an "assembly-required" kind that came in a large 40 kg. box. No way could I take it on the bus. So I took a bus and the train back to Downtown, and then Daniel shuttled me down to the shop again. Big big kudos to Daniel for doing this for me and then putting in mega effort to get the thing from his car up to my place. I brought down the furniture cart but it was still a pain in the butt and also it was freezing out, so he put in extra effort there, for free. I gave him some tea afterward and left him to snuggle with Abbie the pig.

After a quick stop at Daniel's so he could stop his weekly Met Opera recording, we scooted over to pick up Caleb and make a trip up to Lenox Marketplace. I went to Target and got a whole lot of useful stuff, including one of those wire cube organized sets you can make into all sorts of racks. Also got the thermos I wanted so I can make/grow my own yogurt and other stuff I'd been looking for. And I got to use the last $15 on the Target gift card my work gave me as a parting gift!

Back Downtown, Caleb came over for a bit, played with Abbie, and then I had dinner and of course jumped into the EVENING Wraeththu chat. It was a full house type of deal, really a lot of folks in there. We had mucho conversation, everything from eating guinea pigs to fan art to castrati to Dragon*Con. It was quite frantic!

Finally around 9 I bowed out, wanting to deal with the cubes and bookcase. I did the first cube quickly, doing 2 cubes for my pet food rack. I then took out ALL the pet supplies I have for pigs and birds and sort into "day-to-day" and "long-term"/"occasional." All the day-to-day stuff (food and the "pigloo") went into the new rack, while all the rest went into my antique sideboard, which I really hadn't been using well. (Also, I emptied out the stuff in it, because it will go in the other 3 cube set... my vinyl records, for example!)

After that I had what I consider a rather miraculous experience. I decided to open up the huge box for my bookcase. I did't think I'd actually put it together b/c I anticipated it being at least an hour job, a big hassle. I thought maybe Caleb would need to help me. Sometimes "easy assembly" really ISN'T! However, this was reallllly cool. I opened the box and found that the thing was only in 3 pieces! The shelves, sides and hinged (frosted glass) doors were already all put together and all I did was unfold them. Then I took the back and slipped it down a groove. The front snaps on with some keyhole lock thing. No screws or nails required! The only thing that was real work (2 minutes worth) was screwing on the handles for the doors. I was sooooooooooo thrilled it was quick and oh, it's a very nice bookcase too! I'm so impressed with it I'm going to email the furntiure maker and call the store tomorrow. Really great to get something that is so easy and nice for a change.

I still have the 3-cube organizer I put together for my media stuff, but I'll do that tomorrow. Likewise with the bookcase, which I'll set up tomorrow, along with cleaning up my whole office (mainly clean & organized but a bit shaggy due to the lack of bookcase/table/storage). Shall be a good day, I think! Maybe YinYang will POP as well and I'll have baby guinea pig to see!

And I just had another bottle of HardCore :)
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