February 8th, 2004

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I hate when you find out that although you think you've been getting on "well" with someone, you really haven't. That is all.
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Prying my eyes open

Am I the only person who takes 45 min. to an hour to get awake enough in the morning to exercise? Every other day, I workout first thing... first thing after I listen to NPR, feed guinea pigs, and generally try to shake off the sleep. The problem is, I can't take my shower until after I work out, but as long as I can remember, without a shower, I can't wake up. But showering before and after exercise seems silly. And so I try to get about 75% awake before I head downstairs. By the time I come out of exercise, I'm quite awake.
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OK, what happens now?

I'm reading today's paper and I see this:

Fans savor last days with horror queen
Anne Rice to leave New Orleans for suburbs

...sometime next month, Rice will leave the lush, luxe setting of so many of her books --- an oak-lined neighborhood of antebellum mansions dotted with crepe myrtle and scented with jasmine --- for a gated community in suburban Jefferson Parish.

I want to see her write a book about THAT experience... sounds pretty horror-inspiring too.
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Well, I've got time!

I've been to England 3 times, and this is where I've been.

County map
I've visited the counties in yellow.
Which counties have you visited?

made by marnanel
map reproduced from Ordnance Survey map data
by permission of the Ordnance Survey.
© Crown copyright 2001.


The three geographic lumps do NOT correspond to the 3 trips, as I visited multiple places with various people on each trip.

I've been to Hastings too but I can't tell if it's in E. Sussex or Kent. I think E. Sussex though, I sort of recall a lot of Sussex tourist ads being all 1066-ish.

Thanks to Rob, Storm & Jim, and Jess for w/o them I'd have not visited all such nice places!
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Once again, Downtown is where it's at

So I recently sent the ACLU money to become an official member and Friday I got a thank you letter and button -- from Georgia ACLU headquarters, ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY BUILDING! I pass them every time I go see Caleb AND used to pass by every single day when I walked to work. I had to laugh, while at the same time feeling bad they had to pay postage. They're actually located in the same building that hosts several civil rights-related non-profits, including Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty and, I believe, the Georgia Legal Defense Fund or something like that. I had a neighbor who was a minister who worked there constantly doing work to oppose capital punishment. They have a couple of old 2-3 story brick commercial buildings, must be some kind of liberal bastion hideout :0)
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Good day

As I'd wanted to, had a pretty good day. Although the aspect of being at home cleaning and organizing most of the day got tiresome, I got stuff done and had some good news.

In the morning I made myself excercise, then did all the morning stuff. My first "task" was reorganizing all my media into the new rack -- got a spot for my records, DVDs, tapes and VHS now, all tidy. I also dusted the whole stereo area, which I never ever do, and the built-in bookcase as well. There was a TON of dust.

In the afternoon I managed to get my office all taken care of, now it's looking sharp and is very well-organized. The bookcase looks awesome. Also good, while I was working on the office, my bed & breakfast client called me up raving how she loves the web site prototype :)

Around 7 I met up with Caleb and Enrique for dinner at the diner next door. It was fun, got to see some plans and talk about decorating. Afterward they came by to visit me. Both of them criticized my office layout (bad feng shui) but I didn't mind. Esp. since some of their suggestions seemed SO wrong to me, like moving my desk so my back would be to the window. Um, WHY OH WHY would I want to face away from the window? Enrique thought it was "wrong" I work with my back to the door, but I live and work alone, who the hell cares if my back is to the door?

Anyway, it's exactly how I want it -- it's all set for my quirks, so it works how I work. It's called... ergonomics! I know I'm quirky about office stuff anyway. At Georgia Tech I was the only regular employee who didn't have a regular desk with drawers, but instead a small table normally only used by co-ops. It was a lot narrow than the desks and had no drawers, also shorter, but it worked perfectly. A few times I had the option of switching to a new desk but I said no way, I'm happy. I don't like a big desk at all, even this antique one I bought because it's almost a square -- very deep but not too wide. Anyway, this office is nice now :)

Other stuff I managed to do today included make yogurt (recipe is easy, if anyone wants it), so now I can have the "perpetual yogurt," which I find a cool concept. I did that in college for around six months, it was an odd hobby.

Oh, and good news from yesterday, my favorite Italian market, for years, is going out of business for a few months (while they look for a new location) but meantime they want me to put them online with e-commerce. This is the perfect opportunity for me to do e-commerce because I am dedicated to making it work b/c these people are SO dear to me. And something food related... maybe I can get free olive pate for life!

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