February 9th, 2004

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YY Update

Oh, and for the curious, still no guinea pig baby/babies. Wah. I am tired of waiting. But YY is doing fine, though pretty testy, snapping at Abbie and definitely in a "Don't touch me" mood. Still eating like mad.

She will have the babies soon though -- her sister Moka (who looks just like her almost, see this pic) had a litter Friday night:

Note: These are not YY's, these are Moka's... YY probably has at most 2

I must say, those babies are cute (very well developed for 1 day old!) but like their parents, gooooooooofy. I think the main thing is, they obviously are born with big heads and little bodies. I bet trip on themselves and those huge feet.
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I've been meaning to post something about Howard Dean, but since I haven't, here are two links to news stories that sum up some of my thoughts. My main thought is that the way the media covers the presidential race is a disgrace, and does a disserve both to candidates and, much more so, to voters. I don't just feel like this b/c of Dean, it's just sick it has to be covered like a sports game or the latest media gossip. BARF!

First, this article on how Dean's scream was overplayed -- esp. by CNN, which aired it 633 times in just the 4 days after it happened! Also about how all media picked up it, late night comedians, and it just was a huge snowball...

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And another story, from the Atlanta paper, analyzing various parts of Dean's downfall:

Reveral of Fortune | Mike Williams - Cox Washington Bureau
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Vodka Story

This is in today's New York Times, in the "Dear Diary" section -- my absolute favorite feature of the paper. This story make me crack up so bad because it's such a ME story. (teriel, you'll agree.)

Dear Diary:

I was standing outside my office around 10 a.m. recently, and a deliveryman was taking vodka bottles into a nearby bar. One of the bottles broke at the cap. He approached me holding the broken bottle and said: "Hey, do you want this? I have to pour it out. I didn't poison it, I swear."

I thanked him but said that, unfortunately, it was a little bit early for vodka. But his giving spirit couldn't be suppressed.

"I'll find something to pour it in," he said. "You can drink it later."

Before I could say anything else he ran to a deli, got an old, cleaned-out sour cream bucket, and made me hold it while he poured the vodka into it, ignoring any and all protests.

Of course my boss passed by in a cab at that very moment and hollered out the window, "What on earth are you doing? I turn my back for one second. . . ."

The deliveryman turned and hollered back: "Hey, if this was another neighborhood, people would be lining up with cups right now. What's wrong with you people? This is a $30 bottle!"

So now I have a container full of vodka chilling in the office refrigerator. When I came in with it, everyone thought they were clever, saying things like, "Wow, that's a big thing of sour cream you have, you must be hungry!"

And I just thought, Don't ask.

- Jennifer Needleman
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ASCII movies

Um, I know this guy MUST have some kind of software program doing this for him, but HOLY SHIT, this is amazing!

Ascii Movies

I just watched the ones from The Matrix. Whoah...

P.S. Yes, I know I just posted like 5 times in 2 hours, but was quite for a couple days mainly :)
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Tips for the Absent Minded

I learn something every day.

Yesterday I learned:
If you want to watch a videotape and press the VCR play button but don't see anything on the screen or hear sound, do not assume tape is not rewound or tape is broken or connecting cable is popped. DO make sure the TV and audio amplifier are on. Sometimes it's hard b/c the sun shines on the screen and the red light means the amp is "off" on your system, but do some basic checks before assuming the worse.

Today I learned:
Try not to mistake your cordless phone for a stapler, then go press it up to a stack of papers. It's true they are both black plastic and roughly the same size and weight, but there is some difference in intended uses.
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Jacking up prices

So I just went to pick up my allergy pills (Singulair) and to my horror, the price suddenly has gone from $25 (bottle/month) to $80! I am rather incensed. Since this is the first prescription renewal I've had for this since I switched to my new individual insurance, I assume it's some change in my prescription plan, like not as much coverage, but I am confused because I specifically chose the plan because it was the SAME as the other plan, it just was individual with a higher deductible. Or maybe it's the higher deductible forcing me to buy $1000 worth of drugs before I get a discount? I suppose I *should* keep taking this drug because honestly I do feel it's made a lot of difference (completely stopped the constant lung irritation, soreness) but I have this strong urge to just stop it b/c it's so freaking expensive. Grrrrr.
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Well, I just called up the insurance company (how about that for FAST, I usually procrastinate for days) and they explained that with my new plan, there is a $150/year deductible on prescriptions. So basically once I pick up my next refill of BC or Singular or Novacor (if I go back on that), then I'll go back to the regular $25 co-pay. Which is not so awful.

Speaking of prescriptions, current treatment for my nose seems to be pretty much on track. Since using that salt water spray in my nose all day, no more nosebleeds (except for, oddly, a massive one this morning, ugh). I think her solution was simple but effective and hopefully the longer I keep it up, the more my nose will decide to behave and HEAL itself. If not, next step is borrowing a humidifier from Caleb (the one we bought together years ago for HIS nose issues but which he doesn't use).

Oh, and I'm taking iron pills again.

P.S. Yes, this is a really really BORING LJ post. I'm talking about my allergy drugs and my bloody nose and anemia. We all must indulge, however.
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Got lucky on eBay

So I randomly decide to look on eBay for more of my china pattern, most of which I picked up on eBay anyway (building out collection based on my grandmother's plates) and low and beyond, there is a 13-piece set of the exact (hard to find) pattern, for only $8. And there was only like 22 minutes left. Guess who won the auction? Even with shipping, going to be a steal. Hell, I just got a new antique china cabinet, seems appropriate to use it :)
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How drunk is drinking supposed to get you? I still am struggling to quantify just how f'd up I get on alcohol. It seems like my tolerance is really really low. Some people I tell about it say I probably just "think" I'm drunk but I'm not. But I am. Like I have had a 1/2 12 fl. oz. bottle of hard cider (5.5% alcohol) and I don't think I'd drive a car like this.

I get all woozy. After 2 drinks, I am done for. Doesn't seem to matter if I am drinking more often either. Certain kinds of alcohol are more potent than others too. Red wine is a killer with me, as are chocolate martinis (my favorite drink). This cider is certainly pretty potent! The fastest I probably ever got drunk was last year when my mom mixed me a drink that was something like Amaretto and Southern Comfort -- I practically passed out for like 15 minutes, I was PARALYZED by that stuff!

I am guessing this whole thing is a combination of barely drinking until about 5 years ago, plus genetics. My mother can get drunk on 1/2 glass of champagne and my dad has never been able to drink much due to kidney problems (um, and being a Methodist, he he).

I will say, advantage in this situation is as bars I tend to prefer very pricey drinks, so only wanting *1* is good :)
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