February 10th, 2004

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Look, look, a baby!

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So this morning I woke up around 8:30 and stumbled out of bed per usual. I uncovered the bird cage and took the water and seed container for refills. On my way to the sink I went up to the piggy cage, from which were emanated suspicious purring sounds unlike ones I'd heard before. I found Abbie hiding in a corner and when I pulled off the top the "pigloo," there was YinYang, a little bit of blood and... and little thing!

I immediately ran back to my office to get my glasses (normally I would be OK except in the morning my eyes are too gummy) so I could SEE! And sure enough, there under YinYang was a little baby guinea pig. I think it must have been born only 1/2 hour before I woke up or something, because it was still all wet. (YinYang apparently ate the placenta and almost all other evidence, good girl!)

I sat and watched the action for a half hour. YinYang did all the good mommy things, licking and licking and licking the baby, even pushing it over so she could lick the tummy and between the wee thing's legs. Meanwhile the baby is completely fixated on mom, poking around for teats, climbing on top of her, squishing behind her, etc. They have spent all morning underneath the hay rack, treating that little space like a protective cave. Meanwhile Abbie isn't getting too close, staying in opposite corners or hiding in a box. She did sniff the baby once, I saw, but overall is following some kind of instinctive thing to leave the baby alone.

I think I am going to name the baby Chipmunk :)
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Have I managed to get anything DONE today?

Absolutely NOT!

I swear, between the piglet and seems like everybody and every client emailing and calling me, nothing is happening. Oh, well. I have a couple hours before I have to go see bed & breakfast lady, hopefully I can knock off SOME of my agenda, b/c tomorrow I have an all-day QuickBooks class!
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