February 11th, 2004

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Pigs and various other things

Well, my day really was pretty much dominated by Chipmunk, the new baby. I just couldn't resist watching her (or him?) grow up right there before my eyes. Guinea pigs are born pretty much "knowing what to do," so not even a day old and Chipmunk is running around after Mama YinYang, getting into testy little stand-offs with Abbie, exploring all the different cardboard boxes, and even eating some solid food, like a little bit of hay and parsley. Caleb remarked that it's not even like she's a baby, she's more like a full-grown mouse or, uh, chipmunk. She is nursing still but I've heard they don't do that for too long, as they take to food very quickly.

The other guinea pigs are doing well too. Their behavior certainly has changed! YinYang pretty much had a lie-down all day in various spots in the cage, letting baby nurse and recovering from the delivery. She spent a lot of time cleaning and grooming l'il Chipmunk. Later on in the day she got a lot more active, finally hungry again, setting a good example for the baby, who sits next to her not quite tall enough to see in the food dish :)

Abbie, who I think of as the baby's aunt, has changed today too. She really had two phases. The first was when she spent a lot of the day hiding/sulking/worrying inside the Milkman dried milk box, apparently quite disquieted by the whole baby thing. It wasn't even like YinYang was being defensive or territorial, more like Abbie was feeling like "Ugh, what is that THING, oh no, it scares me, what are those noises, maybe it wants my spot, so I'm going to make it clear this is MY box..." (Or something even simpler, as she is a very simple creature, he he.) Anyway, the SECOND phase was late afternoon, when suddenly it seemed like Abbie snapped out of it and got all active and curious. She started running around the cage, in and out of boxes, and eating a lot. She also nosed around and played with Chipmunk, which is so cute b/c they have similar coloring except Abbie is like 20 times bigger. I think overall the baby will be good for Abbie b/c she will get remedial education to make up for quite apparently growing up alone in a small cage. She will learn how to be a guinea pig by watching Chipmunk!


Aside from the pigs, day was mainly OK.

I got frustrated during the middle of the day when I didn't seem to be getting anything done, but then at 3 I met with my bed & breakfast client. Her site should be done in a couple days -- and live! -- and she was so excited. She also cut me a check for another 25% of the total bill, so my cashflow worries were eased a bit. (Last night I got worked up about my income this month, although in today's light I can see I was being crazy, as I should take in a bunch more than last month.)

Back home I cleaned the piggies' cage while they played in the corral. Then around 5:45 Caleb met me at Rosa's downstairs and we enjoyed pizza and calzones while watching the pigs.

From 6:30 to 8:30 I attended the big neighborhood meeting, to which we'd invited our mayor, Shirley Franklin, who, as always ROCKED. I don't think there is anybody I know (esp. not in my neighborhood) who doesn't LOVE this woman. She did a cool talk and answered a lot of resident questions. Afterward the Councilman sponsoring the whole Underground bar/club/restaurant thing did a big Q&A as well. Meeting attendance was HUGE and the whole thing was very satisfying.

Caleb and Daniel came by after again to see Chipmunk. After that I decided to finish up the B&B site, so now I hardly need worry about that...

Good day, I guess!
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Oh, and one idea I had

Gen. Wesley K. Clark definitely needs to become some kind of model. No, seriously, that man is seriously handsome! Like... damn!

Did I mention I think young looking guys with white or salt & pepper hair are HOT?

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Bands Times Forgot

Anyone out there beside me a fan of EBN?

I was just thinking, right about now would be a peak time for them to make a comeback, their themes (political, political, political!) are desperately in need of repeated screaming and looping. I first found out about them when they played UMass sometime around 1995, after which I got their album Telecommunication Breakdown, which is outstandingly good. A year or two ago I finally got their video Commercial Entertainment Product Video, which is absolutely mindblowing and does a good job showing off the amazing multimedia talents of the team. I believe they were all graduates of Rhode Island School of Design and so basically art & music geeks who formed an experimental band, eventually somehow ended up going on tour with U2, I think for Achtung Baby or some big ass tour.

Another group I miss is Tit Wrench. But nobody but Caleb (and jesswired, who has a CD I copied for him) knows them. They're from San Diego; listened to a lot of their records and also had a personal correspondence with them for a while.
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You know, today I must say: I AM TOO TIRED TO MAKE MONEY!


Actually I attended a 5-hour Intro to QuickBooks / accounting class today so damn, I definitely have reason to be tired. It's true accounting make somewhat more sense to me than just plain math (it's a "real" thing) but still, it totally sucks. The class was even GOOD, it was just like "Ugh, my head hurts, my head hurts!"

Now I've got to make some business phone calls and I just don't WANNA :>(
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A ha!

You know, somehow I didn't put the pieces together, but somebody on the Outworlders mailing list has just posted the following and it made me say A HA!

"Massachusetts' Supreme Court verifies that only Gay Marriages will suffice to fit the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Democratic National Convention is set to take place in Boston this year.

The leading Democratic nominee is Sen. Kerry. He's from Massachusetts as well."

I don't think that's a conspiracy, but I know I had noticed all these things were happening or going to happen in my home state, just not all THREE!
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Valentine's Day is coming up and darn, if I wasn't trying to be fiscally conservative, I'd certainly have bought myself a nice bouquet, either from Flower Bud or up at the I. Farmer's Market in Chamblee. As it is, I may have to settle for some of those nice 3/$10 jobs at Publix. Or maybe 3 of them.

What are some of people's favorite flowers?

I really like flowers that have a strong smell -- closely tied in to the fact that there are a lot of flowers I can't smell. (I stuff my nose in, sniff, nothing registers, although others will swear the scent is deadly strong.)

I think my favorite flowers are hiancinths -- they are so pretty and they REALLY REALLY SMELL! I like lilacs too and... there's some other bushy purple flower I enjoy too. I also love peonies and just about any kind of rose (cheap spray roses even), although with me, it doesn't have to be roses, I enjoy irises and snapdragons even though they don't smell (um, or do they and I just don't know they do?) madame_mercredi and readers of BD will not be surprised to know I enjoy lisianthus too, even though they are not a smelly flower. Oh, and I love lily of the valleys too :)

That's it, I'm going to make sure I get myself to Publix. I'll buy all the "non-Valentine's Day" flowers nobody wants, like in yellow and orange and stuff.
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Biz Update

Well, things are Metro Girl are good right now, I guess. I got somewhat panicky about it the other day, since I had only deposited one rather small check all month, but now things are looking up. Right now I've got going on:

  • Just deposited money for search engine submissions work for client.
  • Deposit another 25% of total payment on bed & breakfast web site.
  • Will be launching bed & breakfast site probably by the weekend.
  • Meeting with local artist tomorrow to start dev of new web site; will get some money up front.
  • Meeting soon with friend Cooper about web site for her mountain cabin rentals; will get some money up front.
  • As agreed tonight, will complete 5-6 product pages for Mat Man by next Friday.
  • Expecting large check from CAP.
  • Hoping Caleb's company will pay 5 invoices, totally in large check.
  • Hoping Peachtree Lofts' management co. will cut check soon, I know they have invoice.
  • By end of month, bed & breakfast client will pay remaining 50% of bill.
  • CAP has work for me all month long, as usual.
  • Depending on various factors, may start work on Italian market web site.
  • Caleb's company supposedly is going to have me start a re-design on their entire web site, which would be a major, major job.
  • Other jobs will come up too, I'm SURE.

Meanwhile I am progressing on the accounting front. I am now ready to install QuickBooks (thanks to GSU and the class I had today, for only $99) and get going getting really and truly together. I also have the names of two CPAs that will be able to handle my last year's taxes and my quarterly estimated.

The next business things I have to figure out, beyond all the accounting/invoicing/financial stuff is marketing work I want to do. I started on a nice brochure a couple months ago, now I want to finish it and mail it out to current clients, as well as clients I want to my mine. I've also got a thing for a free classified in a local paper, will put that in too.

Considering I put off going full-time for so long because I thought I was a stupidhead for business, not bad! Further proof liberal arts majors rock... He he.
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A couple decades from now, Colin Powell is going to write some tell-all memoir about how he hated Dubya for making him constantly look like a total putz. I'm sorry, but I don't credit this man with not knowing how f'in stupid all this crap is that he's talking about, defending the war decisions. Somebody has got him by the balls, IMO.

Oh, and again, Wesley Clark is a stud.