February 13th, 2004


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I'm sitting here feeling frustrated and ticked off b/c my editing effort for tonight is thwarted. I'm just not in the mood. I tried to be, but I'm not. I even managed to improve what I was unhappy with, but it's just not working. Besides, I had to catch up on a lot of client web site edits. Jeez. Tomorrow I will have to focus on work all day but I swear, I will tackle this over the weekend. I just need to pretend I have a NEW story and forget about the orignal. Somehow.
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A personal take in today's paper

Today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution had a really good guest collumn today by a "lesbian soccer mom" who's on the editorial board. It's a very personal look at gay parenthood as well as issues surrounding same-sex marriage. This is the kind of message I think is so important to get out: THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE who are affected.

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New Order

This is something that's been developing "under wraps" for a while, but I thought I would mention here that this August, Storm and some others (including myself, hopefully!) will be taking part in New Order 2004, a giant LARP event in Hanover, Germany. My friends Marja Kettner and Elly Kloppe (the ones who had the fantastic wedding on Drachenfels) are the organizers of a Wraeththu LARP team, which is basically 25 really beautiful guys who are going to LARP-it-up as hara in some kind of grand 5,000-person LARP storyline. Storm and I are supposedly going to be assisting with plot development, while Marja and Elly are taking care of all the costumes, makeup, wigs, outdoor pavilions, weapons, plus working to get a whole lot of press, including German goth & dark mags and mags like Stern. Exciting, huh?

Oh, and along with this is coming a "Wraeththu picture book" of these amazing, staged photographs produced by Marja and her friend Jochen, and using actors who'll be in the LARP. I've got a preview of the photos, which Marja will be showing to Storm next week, and what I can say about them is that they are jaw-droppingly incredible. I mean, it's one thing to create fantasy characters by drawing or computers, but to transform "ordinary" German boys into Wraeththu, and have it look totally real and feel right... Well, it's a prett staggering achievement. I think Storm is going to have to sit down when she sees. And every Wraeththu fan is going to want this picture book, believe me! I would post one or two here but Marja hasn't even shown Storm and wants to surpirse her, so I am sitting on them. But later when I want to publicize New Order, yeah, I'll post them probably :)
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To My Health!

I did my exercise and what can I say but WHAT A RUSH! Various things had kept me from my workout since like Monday, but today I did it and REALLY pounded it. For the first time, upped the time I'm the device-of-choice (stairmaster) from 35 to 50 minutes. I felt like I was getting bored with the 35 minutes and needed more challenge. Not only did I make it through the 50 minutes, but according to the meter, I burned 450 calories, which is quite a lot, I think! My cardio health is really improving.

I sweat like crazy. When I came up out of the basement to get my paper at the concierge desk, the guy Kyle working was like "Did you just coma outta the sauna or were you working out? You look HOT!" My face was completely beet red. In fact, over an hour later, my cheeks are still burning as an after-effect.

Oh, and one more VERY cool thing: Today I *officially* had the scale tell me I'm at 190, so I have lost 10 pounds since quitting my job. Which goes against fears I'd get fat being at home and not walking. In fact I think I'm much healthier! Now I've got 20 more pounds to go, yee ha! Just think of my 170 as the typical girl's 120 goal or something, b/c when you're this tall and built, it's the equivalent.
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Business flirtation

It just occured to me that maybe I suck at flirting for personal reasons, but I'm really good at it as far as business goes. I am ALWAYS on the make. Some woman I'm working with for one client just sent me a link to a site as an example of ticket ordering, and my thought wasn't about the tickets, I was thinking "I need to email this woman and mention I can redo this web site, it's so awful!" The client is the Atlanta Press Club, which apparently is based in the building right next door to me. I really will email her too. But that's how I do business -- it's all me meeting people, chaming them, and bang, new customer. I VERY good at that!
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Biz Notes

Well, good things keep on coming!

I've been working with my favorite Italian market and looks like I will be taking over their web site and setting them up with online shopping. I probably will be offering them a super discount rate that includes food as trade, but that's OK by me. If I can get them to agree on like $10 worth of stuff (and such wonderful stuff!) a week, it'd be a good deal, I think! I went over and chatted with them to today and already I got some chocolate flan free out of the deal :) It was very good.

Meanwhile I found out those two checks I deposited using the wrong ATM card actually wound up in the right account, so a small inconvenience is avoided.

And I got an email from another possible client, emergency case where they need somebody NOW. I hope it's not too involved, because next week is really busy, but I guess I should call her back this afternoon.

All in all, I think things are going very well. I actually feel like I'm working, not just hanging out, so that's good. At the same time, it's better than working at somebody else's company in a million ways. Plus, if my projections pan out (and it's about 80% it will), I think I may end up being able to cut myself a paycheck for the month that exceeds what I was making at my job. Like... yay! Knock on wood and all that, but I think it's working out!
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He could've been my dad

So tonight our neighborhood had another one of its Friday night happy hours, this time over at a nice upscale pool hall towards the north end of the neighborhood. There was some food and although we didn't play any pool, Caleb and I mingled with various neighbors and had a nice time.

The evening there ended on an odd note, however, when over at the bar, sitting with Caleb and talking to this guy Jerome, I was introduced to this man Kevin. He was a nice enough older guy who, surprisingly, lives in the William-Oliver (which I had thought was entirely 20-somethings, mostly fags). I started talking to him at first because it turns out he had worked for the state gov't a long time and I worked for Public Health for three years. Then we were talking about Downtown a bit and then about fashion, specifically home fashion and 1950s stuff. Then my glases, which he loved... went into rhapsodies about them... and that's whent things started getting weird.

He started telling me how he remembered as a teen seeing these girls in the early 60s with glasses like mine, but being too shy to approach them, then how he went to military school followed by a Catholic college, where he met his ex-wife, who he stayed married to for 32 years. So he's telling me lots of personal stuff about himself and meanwhile going on and on about my attractive glasses and good taste... and then somehow we loop back to recent editorial columns on Downtown and the guy realizes *I* wrote one -- and he has it folded up in his pocket!

He hadn't recognized me from the picture, so he starts looking at the pic, then at me, then at the pic. I tell him it's an old pic (I'm wearing the bob wig and my other glasses) and then he's like "How old?" and I say three years old and then he says "Well, curious, how old ARE you?" And when I say 29 he shudders in his seat and is like "Whoah, that's pretty young!" Which, to me, obviously shows he was thinking I was older and had been on the make or something. He already said he had no dating experience but I hope he doesn't plan on pursuing 20-something girls, even if we can sometimes look older and more sophisticated than our ages!

Anyway, right about the time I started to feel uncomfortable a bit, or just didn't want things to go on much longer, everybody conveniently decided it was time to go, so I ducked out of it with a "Bye, see you later!"

P.S. I won one of the door prizes for the night: A box of chocolate treats, like chocolate pretzels, non-pareils, chocolate cherries, etc. JUST what I need right? Huh. I will say I've been eating like 2-3 pieces of chocolate a day and have still lost 10 pounds, so I think it's fine. I DO exercise control!
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