February 16th, 2004

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I hadn't thought of this!

I had thought I'd encountered most types of computer/web illiteracy, but today a client presented me with a new one:

The woman who owns the b&b has asked me, several times, again today, how she's going to get online b&b directories to list her site. I've explained about how some listings are free, some are pay, and she gets that, but then she worries, "How will they get the site?" and "Are you going to send them the files on disc?" and "How will their copy of the site stay up to date?"

The concept that these sites are *linking* to her site, not actually linking to a copy of the files I have made, is something I had to explain. I said, "Well, actually the idea of a web site is you have the web site, there is just one of them, and everybody links to it. It's not like when you make a brochure and send it out to people to display. It's like you have ONE brochure that everybody looks at, no matter where they are."

Anyway, not that it really matters whether she gets it or not, since all the listings places will care about is getting the URL, but still, left me kind of wondering exactly how this woman thinks the web works.
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OK, I don't get paid but...

Marja wants me to do the web site for the Wraeththu tribe in New Order. This will have meeting information, game rules, plot, directions, etc.

Happy happy joy joy! Get to do a really nice EXOTIC web site and hopefully include some of the yummy Wraeththu pictures. Yum!

*rubs hands together greedily*

One nice thing about this is that even if it turns out I don't get to go to the event, I'll have at least helped somehow!
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Not to be a Ferengi but...

I love when I call my web hosting company to set up a new client and find out the hosting plan I'm getting for my client is available at a special HALF PRICE offer! Especially when I built the price of the hosting into my fee and it's already paid by the client. Being a reseller... smart idea! Profit!
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Let's see: Reagan did it, Daddy did it, Dubya did it

Some headlines make me shudder:

Bush says Democrats would threaten fiscal health

Ummmmmmm............. what? Like, more than HE has? That'd be QUITE impressive but I find it highly improbable.

I've been nosing through some of Dubya's recent campaign-type appearance and the reasons he gives for reasons to vote for him all sound to me like reasons NOT to.
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Gotta do it

Ooooh, scary, just got an appointment with an accountant. It's the guy who taught the QuickBooks class. I'd been looking for somebody and when he said his company was just up on Spring Street, I got interested. Plus he seems to know what the heck he's talking about! I'm going in Thursday, folder of "tax crap" in hand and we'll see if we can sort things out for 2003 and plan my quarterly estimated thingies.

The ONE quibble I have with this guy is that when I picked up the phone, all I got was a "Hi, this is John." Um? John is not exactly a name that rings a bell, you know? Like, John, who works for...? Finally he said "John, you said to call you, I'm a CPA." Ohhhhhhhhhh! I think "Hi, this is John of NTRC CPAs and Consultants" would have been a better way to yank Wendy out of her stupor.

Though if he hadn't called me, God knows how long that "Call CPA guy" note on my daily agenda would have there ;)
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This too shall pass

[Georgia ] Senate OKs Gay Marriage Ban
The Associated Press

ATLANTA (AP) -- The state Senate on Monday approved a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage in Georgia.

The vote, which required a two-thirds majority of the chamber, narrowly passed 40-14 and puts Georgia among a slew of states seeking to clamp down on gay unions.

The resolution, sponsored by Sen. Mike Crotts, R-Conyers, calls for changing the state constitution to define marriage as only a union between a man and a woman.

Same-sex marriage is already illegal in Georgia. But supporters of the resolution say adding the same language to the constitution will better protect the state from lawsuits or judges' rulings in other states.



I don't care what the Constitution says, or what all of them across the country say, eventually, they'll be called bunk.
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Quality Time

Caleb just came over for a bit, in need of TLC.

Poor dear has been overworked for a while and now he's convinced he has GERD. He can't eat anything but bland food so of course he called me, asking if I could provide. (Inside joke: He has a habit of calling food I cook, particularly recipes from my mother or Campbell's soup cans, bland.) So I made a sort of ghetto mushroom risotto using a recipe from the Campbells's recipe trove. It was a bit too bland for me but Caleb said it was perfect and took the rest home in a tupperware container :)

In addition to supplying him with food, gave him a 10 minute massage of butt, legs, back and shoulders, while he lay prostrate on the floor, just about immobilized my my efforts. I tried to put some Reiki into what I was doing with his neck. He said afterwards he felt better than he had, so that was cool with me, I like doing massages on people.

Oh! And while I was cooking and during his visit, one of my favorite movies was on, Name of the Rose. Admittedly I prefer the book, which I read after I first saw the movie, but damn, that movie is pretty unique. I mean, VERY graphic and gritty depiction of the Middle Ages -- don't get that too often! And it's got Sean Connery being the Medieval Sherlock Holmes and a youuuuuuuung Christian Slater being defrocked (with near-frontal-male-nudity) by a horny peasant girl who more grunts than talks. Caleb had never seen it and was impressed by the fact it was a movie we both liked. (Although I must say, I don't think our tastes are that far apart, as we've seen plenty of movies together!)

He he, tonight was almost like having a boyfriend! *lol*
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