February 17th, 2004

ice cream


So I'm at Caleb's, by myself surfing the web while finishing off a cup of coffee he forced on me. He actually can't drink it because coffee is one of the many things currently bothering his stomach. He's at the doctor now in fact. He wanted me over for lunch since he was going to be home had some spicy pepper pasta he also wanted to force on me. Not that I needed much forcing; he cooked it himself and therefore it was most excellent, even reheated. Mmmm. Meanwhile this coffee is good because a) it's from Blue Cloud, so dark Vietnames with an obscene amount of caffeinne and b) I put half a German milk chocolate Santa Claus candy into it (um, because he also forced that on me!). Chocolate and coffee are better than PB & J!

Soon as I'm done with this coffee it's back to my office to do work all afternoon. Sigh. Do I HAFTA?

P.S. Worked on the Wraeththu New Order site last night, came up with the beginnings of a site I like. One neat thing is I'm going to make it in German and English, since I think there are a lot of German participants but interest in the event is international and largely among English-language folks.
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Poopy Prescription Drug Woes

Poor Caleb! He went to his doctor and the doctor agreed he probably has GERD as well as sinusitis. (Basically crap coming out of his stomach and head meeting up to make his throat very nasty.) They gave him a prescription for Nexium (sp?) and Allegra-D. So he goes to CVS Pharmacy and when the told him the bill for one month's prescription, it was $250! WTF? His insurance doesn't cover those meds and apparently mine wouldn't either because for whatever reason BCBS Georgia has decided they don't cover all these different drugs. (I hope that doesn't include my Singulair, which was $80 last time but which insurance company said would be covered next time.) Anyway, so he turned that down and is going to call back his doctor and ask if there are other alternatives that might be generic or less expensive or whatever. I personally think, and said to Caleb, that probably some type of homopathic practitioner would do him more good than a regular doctor in his case. I wish I knew some! I guess I really should pony up and deliver Caleb some major Reiki this week, maybe it will help him out in some small way.
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Click. Dial-tone. Goodbye. On your merry way.

Got a new way to end those annoying phone calls from AT&T and every other phone company: I don't make long-distance calls! It's actually true since almost the only long-distance calls I make are to my parents, and I always make them on my mobile phone, where it's free on weekends. Almost any other long distance calls I make are toll-free. Recently I called Marja in Germany but on T-Mobile the bill won't be too bad really. So I just say to the callers "Well, I don't spend over $20 a month on long distance, in fact I pay NOTHING!"

This is similar to my response when auto insurance companies called: "Um, I don't have a car. CLICK."
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Using Knowledge from Mom

Caleb just called and asked me if I would make another "1950s dinner." Apparently they really agree with his stomach. Very amusing, as he has so often commented on how it's funny that aside from all the exotic foreign dishes I often cook, I also have this whole repetoire of 1950s style entres and deserts I know how to make based on my mom making them. (Example include congealed salads, casseroles, and if we ate more meat, stuff like broiled porkchop with ham.) Anyway, now I have to go out and buy some more Campbell's Cream of Mushroom -- the key to any casserole :) Tonight it will be tuna casserole. Fortunately there is a CVS just a couple blocks away, another reason I love my neighborhood.
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