February 18th, 2004

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I like to think of myself as a pretty fearless person, but ugh, TAXES scare the crap out of me. I'm sorting through all my stuff so I can talk with a potential CPA about doing my personal/business taxes, and just TOUCHING the stuff freaks me out.

This reaction seems to have gotten a lot worse just by the fact that for the past three years, Caleb has taken care of all my tax matters and all have had to do is basically collect the paperwork and come up with statements on business income/expense. Just by not knowing, I get anxiety, sort of like how Caleb gets about dark water: "How do you know what's UNDER THERE?"

The silly thing is, I know it'll be fine and I won't get some big suprise b/c I already had a lot of taxes deducted by my employer last year, and I might even get a refund, but the idea of keeping all those records and forms straight (thank God they at least say the tax year on them!) sends me into a total panic.

Anyway, just put together a pile of the 2003 stuff and went through the BIG SCARY BOX where I'd kept all the taxes stuff for 2002, 2001 and 2000 (too scared to file it before) and now I can put them in folders. Maybe I should put on rubber gloves.
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Ooh, internet-savvy!

Ha! My bank officer is pretty savvy. He needed some info from me and while I recall giving him my email, he just wrote me via the form on my web site. I must've given him my business card, I guess. Anyway, he is now apparenlty busy squaring away my IRA or something. Another thing that I don't like messing with, but not as bad as taxes. I actually feel good about IRA, as I am putting my 401(k) savings in from 6 years working as a gov't contractor. A healthy nest egg considering I'm not even 30 yet.
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Leave me alone

I am cranky today. For several different reasons. And my hands are all icky from touching tax papers.

That is all.
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Making me *slightly* less cranky

Found this new station on VH1 Radio:

Beatles at 40

It's nothing but Beatles and Beatles covers. A radio station up in Ithaca, NY, used to do an all-Beatles shows on Sundays that was similar and back then, as now, I always enjoyed the covers. Some of them are really surprisingly good or interesting in their own right. They've had covers from everybody -- Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Phil Collins, Oasis... Phil Collins "Tomorrow Never Knows" was surprisingly good considering I'd never thought it could really exist outside it's original "dark trip" environment. I even found myself enjoying a cover of "Dear Prudence" by (don't tell hippie-hating Caleb!) Gerry Garcia, even though (being quite Dead-like) it was 12 minutes long. And, yes, they already played William Shatner's amazingly embarassing cover of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Oh. My.

Addendum: I've been listening to this station for a couple hours now and wow, I really like it. I've heard sides of a lot of artists I'd never heard before, making me think "Wow, they covered the Beatles?" or "I didn't know they did THAT style!" Like right now, there's a cover of "Across the Universe" by Rufus Wainwright and it's pretty cool! Some of the covers are very cheezy, like Nancy Sinatra doing "Day Tripper," but I like those too. All in all, a good idea for a channel, though it's probably temporary and eventually I will have heard the whole song rotation.
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In a spot of brightness, got a surprising email this afternoon from the program director at the library -- he's finally ready to talk to me about doing some sort of program at the library related to Breeding Discount and/or alt. sexuality or SF/fantasy or something (whatever we decide). I might have my own program or might be in on a panel with a couple others. The guy had promised me like 5 times we'd do this and he'd get back in touch with me, but after 4-5 months I was really doubting it.
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great. just missed my bus to writers group because i read an email i knew i shouldn't have anyway and now in addition to missing bus i am very pissed off and upset.

*picks up phone to call group host and say i'm late*


skype... and good cheer

thanks to gabby, just installed skype on my machine -- can now do voice chat instead of long distance. testing it out with him already, he was perfectly clear all the way from wolverhampton, he said i sounded good back. this won't replace the phone or anything, but definitely handy when you want to talk to people who've got stable connections online and are far away. i'm pretty psyched!

i must say, my mood has marked improved since missing my bus. went to writers group, got some really good help with the story, good conversation, and swung a ride home with pete and his partner. then nevercadabra and i had an entertaining chat while i reread a sime-gen fanfic i'd forgotten i enjoyed so much. i'm feeling pretty chipper and pretty much like i've put the earlier drama behind me. i hope.
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