February 19th, 2004


I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour...

Is it me, or is everybody having a really BAD week?


I personally am having a quite cheery day but youch, I think I seriously am going to write some Morrissey-like poetry dedicated to my RL and LJ friends.

P.S. I can't believe nobody else uses a "black" icon like this. It's so appropriate and useful on so many occasions! Kind of like a "little black dress."
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No doubt it's simply my contrarian nature, but the more I am forced to hear about Atkin's diet / low carb diets, the more I am decicating myself to carbs. Every time I read an article about how sales of certain things are down because they don't fit that diet, the list shows what *I* eat!

I mean, a diet without pasta, potatoes, bread, rice... What kind of life is that? Even my dad, who has always been very rah-rah about meat and until he was sick always followed the "English diet" of meat, potatoes & vegies (with pudding dessert), eats pasta and rice and stuff!

I only eat meats around the holidays or when I'm out at a restaurant and feel a serious need for comfort food, like meatloaf, or if I'm at a party and there's really good sausage or something, or if I'm at an actual real deli, roast beef sub with lots of pickles. My diet is mostly vegetables, fruits, grains and a bit of dairy, plus some proteins like various kinds of tofu and beans. And I think that's all good stuff. I don't see myself dropping a lot of weight fast eating that, but I have lost 10 pounds this year so obviously it's not too horrible!

I will say that everybody I know who has done the low carbs thing has lost a ton of weight, but I couldn't possibly stick to that diet. Plus I *can't* believe it's healthy at all. In fact I was talking to my mom about it and said back in the 80s my dad had tried an Atkin's type diet with a lot of meat and he had to quit because it aggravated his kidney problems. She said his doctor later told him it was very dangerous and put him on restrictions for eating red meat.

P.S. Oh, and add chocolate to my diet. I have a daily chocolate allowance and to my knowledge it hasn't cause any weight gain and is probably equivalent to mood drugs, so I figure it's OK :)
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OK, now THAT was random

[Phone rings]

Wendy: Hello.

Caller: Hi, this is John Doe.

Wendy: OK.

Caller: I'm calling because early last year, you sold me some software. Some genetic
prediction software? It's called--

Wendy: No, wait, no I didn't.

Caller: Excuse me?

Wendy: You didn't buy any software from me. I'm a web designer in Atlanta, I don't sell software, certainly not genetics software.

Caller: Oh!? Gosh, I must be totally confused then. I went and looked this up so and so told me... Hmmpph! I am really confused. Well, guess I'll just chase a few more rabbit trails. Sorry!

Wendy: OK, bye!


Genetics software?
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3 Good Things

I believe in the power of positive thinking, or at least I do at the moment, so let me dwell on some good stuff:

Went to the CPA today. He's the guy who taught the QuickBooks course last week. He seemed like a good guy, not too slick but knowing what he's talking about. I gave him my packet of all my forms and receipts and income/expense statements and after talking about it, he said doing my taxes would be easy, he'd have it done by tomorrow. Adding to my satisfaction, the fee he's asking is very reasonable, a lot less than what I'd expected. People gave me this idea it would be like $400-500 but it's not. So... score!

Another good this is my B&B client. She is very happy with her site and so far I have managed to get her site listed in two online B&B dirctories for free. I also helped her register for the two biggest B&B directories (one of them is www.bbonline.com) and she loves me for that. I can't wait 'til she starts to get all kinds of reservations! And another good thing... yesterday she told me she'd send me the remaining balance on my bill. Cash flow is looking very good this month!

My guinea pigs are meanwile doing very well. I have this niggling idea they are getting annoyed with me somehow, but they are still more loving than my birds. Little Chipmunk is not so little anymore -- she's grown a huge amount in just over a week and is getting kind of fat. She's growing up and trying new behaviors, the most amusing of which is challenging Abbie for food and shelter -- she stands there growling at this huge creature trying to look intimidating but she's just a litle chipmunk :) Yesterday I clipped Abbie's toenails, or some of them, and that was a bit of struggle but she really needs it. YinYang is still eating a lot but she is nursing the baby still somewhat so guess she has to.
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Some lyrics

It really sucks that I can't actually WRITE songs, though I think I could definitely do some lyrics for them. Wah. Anyway, been scribbling down bits this afternoon, here are some lines I enjoyed...

Another day, another phone call
Another message saying --
Hang it all!

Another day, another sunrise
Another voice that's filled with
Pleasant lies!

He he...

Got a headache
Like a shovel in my forehead
And with all that's going on
Think that's enough said.

And a particularly silly lyric:

Pop that evil eye out of your head
And understand sometimes I wish you dead.

OK, I guess I am letting out my inner 13-year-old or something.
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Random meme

[Write a random phrase from each of the following]

::nearest book to you:

Hand|feger m -s, - brush. H~gelenk nt wrist. H~gemenge nt -s, - scuffle. H~gepack n hand luggage. h~geschrieben a hand-written. h~greiflich a tangible; h~greiflich werden become violent. H~griff m handle.

- Oxford German Minidictionary

::nearest cd insert:


- Heathen, David Bowie

::nearest piece of paper that you wrote on:

Call it XLS not XLR!

- Note to remind client his Excel files all have funky extensions

::nearest piece that was written TO YOU:

Enclosed is the first group of products. The files contain product photographs, swatch photographs, copy and pricing.

The color layouts were done previously, and should be used for photo positioning only. So you can tell what pictures to use in what locations, etc.

Call me to discuss once received.

Phil Ferrara

- Instructions from Mat Man

::identify a random writing from something on your desk:

Almond Biscotties
Honey and sweet almold surround our Scotties in a sumptuous soap

- From the label of an unopened bar of Primal Element soap -- which is red with black and white Scotties in it :)
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