February 20th, 2004

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Two Months

I just realized that today was the two month anniversary of my last day at my job. So two months without a "job" and I'm still surviving just fine, thank you!

Things have been working out pretty well, that's for sure, and even the scariest part, the financial part, is turning out well enough that I'm finally starting to relax instead of constantly panicking ("I'm going to go bankrupt, I'll have to get a job...") No, instead I'm thinking my cash flow is good, I'm busy, I'm getting stuff done, life is good. As a sign life is good, I ordered myself some CDs from Middle Pillar b/c I feel it's OK to spend money again on "non-essentials." Yay for non-essentials. And my special energy seems to be recovering too!

Oh, and I'm not missing my job, did I mention that. Not at all. I barely ever find myself thinking of those people or the work I did. I feel like I must have dreamed those 3 1/2 years, it's just fading so fast!
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Mojo Alert

I think that my mojo has returned! Whoo hoo! I was feeling like some kind of dead battery for a few weeks but I think it was just stress and worry putting a damper on things. I even thought maybe it was something to do with my pills and getting some sort of weird tolerance to my hormonal drugs. But I think it was just being so worried about money, which I'm not any more. I feel good! Caleb needs a Reiki treatment and I suddenly feel like YES I can do that. My ability to have visions has also come back to me in the last few days. What a relief! I was getting pretty bummed out. BUT 'tis back, I think!
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ice cream

Mmmmm - cheap!

Sometimes I think I'll never be able to leave Atlanta simply because I'm so spoiled by the prices on groceries! Especially fruits and vegies. I've been in love with Atlanta's farmers markets, especially the international ones, ever since I moved here and my delight continues.

Witness today's haul:
3 plums + 4 plum tomatoes + 3 large tomatoes + 1 bunch parsley + 1 bunch cilantro + 1 large bunch white grapes + 1 bunch curly mustard greens + 3 Gala applies + 2 Granny Smith apples + 1 head cabbage + 1 lb. baby carrots + 1 head cauliflower + 2 large potatoes + 1 bag cut zucchini + 1 sweet potato

Today's price total: $17 ... 13.5 euros ... 9 L

Yes, that's right! Isn't that INSANE? That's from my favorite green grocer over at the municipal market. I go there loyally every week these days because about half of that purchase is for the guinea pigs. But even when I go to a regular supermarket like Publix or Kroger, I don't really ever think of fruits and vegies as costing much at all. Meat, dairy, and processed foods cost a lot, but stuff like vegies or rice or lentils and what have you are cheap.

I swear, maybe that's why I eat all this Indian and African and Chinese foods, pretty much no meat cooking at all and usually also without dairy... it's just CHEAP! Meat costs a damn fortune, even for chicken, considering the shelf life. I'd much rather always have potatoes than always have some piece of meat to defrost.

Anyway, feeling rather good about all those vegies. Also got VERY yummy Italian cheese, this one new kind that's garlic flavored is amazing. Oh, and yummy bread and olives and Amaretti cooies... Ymmmmmmmmmmy!
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Got to see a car crash today, close up -- REALLY close up. Fortunately, I was not IN the crash, but instead 15-20 feet from it, as I was approaching on the sidewalk. I'm glad I was walking at a casual pace or I would have been right NEXT to one the car hit and I'm sure I would have fainted at the sound of the impact.

As it was, I was walking around Butler St. towards Edgewood Ave. when all of a sudden I noticed this car on Butler, waiting at the corner to pull into traffic, suddenly jerk and spin around to get out of the way of this minivan. I think the driver realized she was sticking too far out and was trying in some crazy way to back up, but she end up practically doing a U-turn and the van hit the back of her car -- WHAM! The impact popped her trunk and all kinds of stuff went flying out of it. (That would've hit me and really made me jump, as I'm super easily startled by the littlest things!)

Afterward both vehicles just stopped dead. There were lots of witnesses on foot, including this old black man next to me. We stood and watch for about a minute and he kept saying to me "Good think we wasn't rushin' or else we'da been right there in the middle of it!" Meanwhile a City of Atlanta police cruiser happened to come up Butler Street so they were able to assist the people in the accident, get them pulled over, calm the lady driving the car down. I was in a kind of a hurry so I went on over to the market, figuring there were a ton of people standing around there gawping who didn't seem to have anywhere to go, so that'd be fine for witnesses.
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Friday Five: Last Times

When was the last time you...

1. ...went to the doctor?

I visited my allergist early this month. I don't think I've had to go to my regular GP since last spring when I had a follow up on my uterine/hormonal problems, which had cleared up due to being put on BC.

2. ...went to the dentist?

As a matter of fact, this morning. I love my dentist. He is reallllly cute too. Very gay, graying hair that was all spiked up today. As usual, he gave me this unusually huge hug. The hygienest was startled and was like "What did you DO to deserve that?" Dentist has always liked me. He actually came out to me a while back, likes to talk about his boyfriend. Maybe he doesn't have enough fag hag patients or something?

3. ...filled your gas tank?

I've never filled "my" gas tank. I think the last time I filled any gas tank was probably like 6-7 years ago when Caleb had a car and I would fill up for him sometimes. Possibly I might have done it for my mom during some visit home since then, but I don't remember. I really hate the smell, glad I avoid all that.

4. ...got enough sleep?

I slept a lot the first two weeks of January, I guess probably haven't slept enough since. For some reason I'm up to 1 or 2 every night, even though I do not sleep particularly super late -- only until around 8:30. That's probably a little less than I need but I can't bear wasting that much daylight.

5. ...backed up your computer?

My whole computer? No idea... I recently backed up my most important client files. I need to get a real backup system, maybe a backup server or tape drive, who knows.
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Piggie Pics

Yes, I took some more. I figure Chipmunk has only a week and a half more living with me, may as well take all the cute pics while I can, not just of her but her with her mommy and Abbie :)

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Out on the Town

Caleb and I had a nice evening. This is continuing what seems to be a trend of once a week, us going out together for dinner or shopping. I seem to have more time for this than I have in a long time. I think we both missed these leisurely type nights or days out together.

We met up around 5 when Caleb took the 13 bus back from Midtown and I got on a stop near my building and together we rode over to this new pizza joint called Slice, over on Peters Street. Reallllly nice place with actual REAL and GOOD New York pizza. Plus there was some kind of Castleberry Hill neighborhood happy hour, so we got to peoplewatch. The crowd was very diverse -- seems like there are a lot of very sophisticated blacks, including a whole bunch of black lesbians, plus some white lesbians. This made me happy since as far as I can tell most lesbians in Atlanta tend to hide out in very low-key, cozy, single-family-home type areas like Candler Park and Decatur, rather than living in the city, which is considered "fag territory." There were also a lot of fags and some "empty nester" type older women as well as general mix of other types, black and white. Anyway... that was fun!

After dinner we walked a bit, then caught the 3 bus back home. Caleb was over for a while and played with my piggies, then went home. A while later we went out again, walking over to Max Lager's for Erich & Jen's engagement party. The party was pretty lame since Max Lager's is just kind of lame and there was no music, but we talked to a few neighbors we knew. Caleb was tired so we left after less than a half hour, walking back down Peachtree. Over by the Westin we noticed all these really sexily, sharply dressed young black women so we followed them into the lobby and wandered down three floors until we exited. Turns out Morehouse College is having some sort of convention there so that explains all the finely dressed black college students :) When we went out the back we were right by Caleb's place so we went over and relaxed a while, doing some massage and talking. Caleb says that relaxes him a lot, just lying around. To this I say... WELL, DUH!

Oh, and one of the highlights of tonight for me was my outfit. For it, I put together the hot pink tights (Strumpfhosen) I bought in Germany with the hot pink/black/white top I also got in German, along with a black miniskirt, black patent leather Mary Janes with heels, and huge 1980s earrings. I love that outfit, so did Caleb. Just appeals to me on some many levels and wow, my legs look sooooo long!


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