February 23rd, 2004

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Wait and See

Well, April the guinea pig lady told me to call the vet and then she would actually give me a ride over there. I called the vet and they have appt. spots available, but now I can't seem to get April on the phone so I can know what time to set the appt. So I guess I will get to work while I wait, and then call April again at 10:30 to see if I can reach her. April says it sounds like Abbie might have an absess from some kind of skin infection, in which can they will just stick a needle in to drain it and then give her some medicine. I wouldn't be surprised if Abbie had something like that, since she sick when she was rescued (damaged feet) and was presumedly getting very bad care. Her feet still look pretty awful and probably the vet will want to do something about them too, if she can.

After a whole bunch of phone calls, got an appt. for 4 today and April will be picking me up and bringing me. I feel bad because she has a cold and she lives in McDonough, but she's the one that offered, saying she was going to go anyway. I despise asking people for rides and never would have asked her, instead going on my own, but if somebody is offering to save me a major MARTA trip (with a frightened guinea pig in a carrier), then OK.
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(no subject)

In some kind of oversight, I don't seem to have any chocolate in the house.

This is not good.

Not having chocolate is like not having aspirin or bismuth liquid or Alka Seltzer Cold. Or maybe not having any proper mood drugs.

I feel so... Despondent. For no damn reason at all.
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Maggots & other rambles

Saw this news item on using maggots to treat infection instead of using antibiotics.

You know, if a doctor offered me this, I would say yes just to say I did it. I'd use leeches too.

Actually leeches don't bother me at all, and I've been severely attacked by swarms of them TWICE and wasn't traumatized either time, although my companions were certainly freaked out. The first time I was a little kid and the leeches were in a mountain stream I was playing in, the second time I was a teenager swimming in some rapids in Ontario. I had thought the funny feelings all over my body were the fish nibbling me (which they were) but actually it was also leeches. I spent enough time swimming that by the time I got out, leeches were in my bra (had forgot swimsuit) and everywhere else, like 50 of them or something. But I just thought the whole thing was cool, not gross.

What's also interesting about this maggot story is I swear that right before I found it, was was concocting some sort of LJ quiz about whether Dubya would be better replaced by a slug, a maggot or a turd.
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Piggy Update

Had a good trip to the vet. It was so nice of April to drive me. I also got a discount appt. because she went in with one of her pigs at the same time.

Anyway, the doctor right away said it was a big abscess, probably from an infection, although usually abscesses are kind of mysterious. After palpatating her a bit to make sure there weren't any more surprises, she went into another room and used a needle to see what was going on and it was all this nasty thick pus. Unfortunately this isn't the kind of thing that will clear up on its own and since it's right on her throat, it could be dangerous. So they have to actually lance it, a little bit of surgery!

Abbie has to be put under and because guinea pigs can otherwise vomit from the anethesia, they had to keep her overnight for fasting. She will get operated on tomorrow morning and then I will come get her in the afternoon. I am pretty sure they'll be shaving the fur off her chin in order to operate. Afterward I also have to give her antibiotics. (No idea how you make a guinea pig take drugs.) Poor silly furball.

Oh, well. The vet bill was about what I expected but it's OK, there weren't any unnecessarily charges. I just hope she's OK.

One nice thing about that vet is that the waiting area is basically a pet store, but only for exotics, so it was all stuff for birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, etc. I got a big bale of hay, saving myself from having to go to Petsmart. Yay!

I also know for sure where the vet is located and know I can walk there right from the mall, which I know has direct bus service. Tomorrow afternoon Abbie gets to ride MARTA ;)
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Bush and Climate Change

Caleb sent this link to me in an email with subject "Bush Is Going to Destroy the World."

Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us

If nothing else can be done, at least this makes Bush look really, really bad... I mean, that league of scientists just issued a report last week talking about how Bush and his administration have been destroying science and now, jeez, going along with destroying the world, like "La dee dah, it's not happening..."
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The Work Week

dadi posted this and just had to fill it out...

1. What is your job description?
Web consultant -- plan, design, build, code, manage, update, market, copywrite, configure, etc., etc., web sites.

2. Do you work on your own or are you employed?
Self-employed as sole proprietor of Metro Girl.

3. Does your job/occupation take place at your home or somewhere else (office, client, on the road..)?
At home in my office. For meetings with clients (this is usually only new ones) I have them meet me at coffeeshops, cafes, restaurants, etc. This works out well since they almost always pay for me and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.

4. Describe a typical working day
Get up around 8:30 and spend an hour on personal "waking up" stuff, like feeding pets, reading the paper, watering plants, shower, etc. Add 1 hour to this if I exercise.

After that I do my email and personal surfing, then go ahead and follow an "agenda" I print out every night, a list of specific and general to-do's. I spend the day alternating between working through that list and doing regular stuff I need or want to do, like watching TV (for some reason, a lot of Animal Planet), chatting with IM, running errands, cooking, doing LJ (no kidding!), etc. The main things I do workwise are: 1) build web sites, 2) do maintenence for existing clients, 3) make/receive phone calls, 4) write/receive emails, 5) tech support for customers, 6) office administration. My days sometimes also include appointments with clients and for one client, I often do work on-site, usually on Mondays.

I tend to try and keep my work between 10 and 6. After that I switch mainly to personal stuff and consider evenings "free" unless I have personal things to do that are "work" (example: producing Inception or writing) or if I have some deadline I need to meet. Also sometimes I work at night just because I don't know what else to do and I'm a workaholic... But I definitely have been doing more fun stuff at night than I have in ages, like just watch a movie or read or go do stuff with Caleb.

Around 11 my day tends to degrade into web-surfing, LJ-posting, reading fan fic, IM, who knows, and then suddenly it's 2 a.m. and I have to go to bed.

5. Do you work weekends too? If yes, same routine?
I definitely have been avoiding it, but sometimes I have to. So far the pattern seems to be that Saturday I don't work but Sunday I usually buckle down on stuff.
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