February 25th, 2004



The debate over gay marriage seems to be bringing out both the best and worst in people. This morning I found an example that might not be "the worst" (after all, there is Fred Phelps) but overall just makes me want to puke -- and then go kick this woman in the ass! I think what really gets me about this particular essay is that she seems to be making a sincere effort to be "polite but firm" and yet I find her overall message incredibly insulting and smug.

Anyway, on to it, an opinion column from today's Atlanta paper:

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P.S. Incidentally, the "Woman to Woman" feature is one where the paper basically has Shaunti Feldhahn and this other woman (a liberal) write opposing columns about various societal issues. Needless to say, I usually find Shaunti's columns to be full of crap. I don't agree with her opponent much either because though I often agree with her, she doesn't give good enough arguments -- just wish she was a better writer!
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Wiebke's World

Going through various old floppy discs I'm variously reviewing and throwing away, came across the script to the final (and sadly never completely produced) final episode of my Wiebke's World TV show from back in high school. This was a huge passion of mine back in those days and it irks me terribly I have no actual video footage of the episodes. Anyway, reading the script, it is still a HOOT! (And yes, Wiebke was my nickname way back in high school.)

The premise of Wiebke's World was basically take SNL's "Wayne's World" and combine it with "Sprokets" so you have this very pretentious, eccentric weirdo German "artiste" hosting a local access TV show. The show was hosted by Wiebke (myself) and Helmut (my friend Ed) and included guest stars, "art videos," dance breaks, news reports (Torsten truffle-hunting), art competitions, fake commercials, and other various and sundry bizarre activities.

The central gist of it was that although Wiebke and friends seem to be "nonconformist freaks," in fact they think they're normal and anybody who has normal tastes is a boring, horrible "nonconformist."

Most of the store employed a special dialect we invented, I guess Wiebke-Speak, which was full of lots of polysyllabic pretentious words, an ample about of double-entendres, and the odd Monty Python reference. The scripts were mainly written by me and my friend Ed.

Anyway, for giggles, here's quick sample from the show, a 1-900-WIEBKE commercial featuring me and this kid Dominic:

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Sorry it's all in upper-case, that's how scripts are written.

Also, anybody wants me post more of this, let me know. Otherwise it's a one-time deal :)
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More Wiebke Madness

I never had any trouble keeping out of trouble in high school. I had just about zero interest for sex, dating, alcohol, drugs, or staying out late. Instead, I was either heavily into schoolwork, my crazy obsessions, or working on stuff at the TV studio.

Earlier I posted an excerpt from an episode of Wiebke's World. Here's an outline for the original plan of that episode. As we wrote out the script bits of this changed, especially the Quest at the end, which ended up being a long involved romp through some woods by the school and my friend Steve acting as the Bridgekeeper. Anyway, I feel it gives a really good idea of just how weird this show was!

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