February 26th, 2004

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Late night cider talk

From a chat with Kris, while discussing differences in English and American bar options:

wcdarling: About the only really English alcohol I like is cider.

Kris: Cider? Like apple cicer?

wcdarling: In England all cider is hard cider.

wcdarling: I buy hard cider here too, comes in 6 packs. Love it.

Kris: I haven't seen hard cider out here. I'll have to search for it.

wcdarling: It kind of reminds me of beer but... NOT GROSS! (Sorry, I personally don't care for beer at all.)

Kris: The only thing I've seen approaching cider has been when I've kept a bottle of apple cider in the refrigerator too long and it starts to ferment on its own.

wcdarling: That's different, that tastes kind of bad usually.

Kris: I know what you mean. I won't tell you what I think of beer, but I only use it for cooking.

Kris: Yeah, like vinegar.
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The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Actually, about 2 snowflakes fell, but...

So here in Downtown Atlanta, we seem to have had about 1/4 inch of snow overnight. Right now the only bit of it left is in the rooftops, which I can convenient see since I'm on the fifth floor. On the sidewalks and streets there is a little bit of slush which might possibly be a bit crunchy.

According to the local newspaper's web site, so far there have been 446 closings, including just about all schools, daycares, museums, and probably most gov't workers have been told not to come in. I'm sure if I still worked at Georgia Tech that even though the school isn't listed as being closed, I would have been told I could stay home (although I would have walked in anyway). Also, Caleb tells me there have been dozens of highway wrecks.

<Mini Rant>
As always, I really just DON'T get it. The roads cannot POSSIBLY be THAT dangerous! I do understand people are not that experienced driving in anything but 100% perfect road conditions but come ON! Maybe if Georgians didn't always insist on driving about 20 mph over the speedlimit at ALL times then they wouldn't get in so many accidents and thus they wouldn't insist on these mass closings. Doesn't anybody TELL them they need to SLOW THE HELL DOWN when it's snowing?! I was never any kind of expert driver but I've driven in snow as well as sleeting thunderstorms and I did perfectly fine.
</End Mini Rant>

I bet anything Mat Man is going to call me and cancel our meeting tonight. He lives up in Acworth and even though he's from Long Island, he'll probably be swayed against any travel. Unless it actually snows more, which the (rather hysterical) newspaper account say it might, I will be disappointed.

Sorry for the all too typical Yankee whining outburst, I just can't help myself somtimes.

*Some* places near Atlanta, like in the North Ga. mountains, did in fact get "real snow," as in 2-4 inches. That I can understand people freaking on. I guess I can't get used to this whole "metro wide" news coverage, which is like 12 counties, so even if noplace in Fulton or DeKalb counties is getting "weather," you get the impression "Atlanta" is experiencing it.
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Why or why?

Why does anything accounting-related have to be such a pain in the ass? I am setting up QuickBooks for my business and it's giving me such a headache. I have some movies I borrowed from the library and am really tempted to just curl up and watch them. I got through the MAIN hassle of set-up, but now I have all this stuff of setting up bank accounts, doing all those past transactions, and entering all my customers and what they all owe me. Some people REVEL in detail stuff like this, especially numbers and making it all balance and flow... Not I! Ugggg!
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Struggle struggle toil and trouble

Well, glad I finally had an afternoon to struggle through QuickBooks. It really isn't any fun at all.

However, I did manage to use the register to all my income/expenses for this year and also did the "Accounts Receivable" thingy, entering in the amounts for outstanding invoices (which I have in a folder), and telling me something I pretty much knew, which is that my business is owed around $3000 for this year -- lovely! I've never had anybody hold out on me yet and I know I'll get paid by everybody, but I still love seeing a report that says: "Here are your IOU's!"

My next pleasure activity is going to be consolidating all my income and expense categories. I entered them in when I was setting things up but after doing my register I see the set-up is very inefficient. I basically need to set up a just a few major categories and make a lot of sub-categories.

This is SO not a job for my brain but I MUST do it!
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Blast from the past

I discussion on the Outworlders list led to me digging into my 80s nostalgia banks for none other that KIDD VIDEO, one of my absolute favorite cartoons (well, partial live actors but mainly cartoons).

My friend Ed posted bemoaning how of all the cool DVDs he's found on TV Shows on DVD (whoo hoo, awesome idea!) there was no Kidd Video. Well, there may not be, but you can view the whole first episode on this web site: http://www.kvflipside.org. Whoah, DUDE! Highlight of this episode: Master Blaster has kidnapped Lionel Richie!!!!! Like, for real, and he and the whole cast of the "All Night Long" video are trapped inside a big pink bubble! Also, and there's a breakdancing cartoon clip set to "Electric Avenue" -- which provides some kind of plot guidance ;) LOL.

I remember I loved it because it was so zany and also such an obvious ploy of a cartoon trying to be like MTV... like the band is walking around and they find this huge TV screen that starts playing some Duran Duran video. Oh, and it's also kind of a PSYCHEDELIC 80s thing. Reminds me vaguely of Yellow Submarine. So many 80s touches... like the band's "helper" Glitter is always wearing an aerobic outfit and when the guys want to be "tough" they put on sweatbands.

Gotta love it! OK, not GOTTA, but I did. Ed tells me he has about 10 episodes on tape -- maybe I can coerce him into loaning me some. I should build a whole 80s party around that! Ideas sprouting...
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Good Day, Hoping For Another

Well, today has certainly been a GOOD DAY!

  • Was able to take care of the last of Man Man's stuff (edits) by lunchtime.
  • Successfully installed and configured QuickBooks accounting software and although there are plenty of details I need to address, I feel confident it's going to be immediately useful to me.
  • Copy of Kushiel's Dart (next selection for my book group) arrived, absolutely pristine hardcover I got for only $8 on Half.com.
  • Abbie is doing really well!
  • Enjoyed listening to the 4 CDs that came in from Middle Pillar yesterday -- esp. this one from Qntal. (I'm already thinking how convenient it is that MP offers several more albums by this group...)
  • Deposited money into my bank accounts -- a good thing!
  • Gave myself a facial.
  • Had a very productive and fun 2-hour meeting with Mat Man over at the diner. I am actually... excited about the next round of work, he is so well organized. Also, he offered (I did not ask) to pay 1/3 of his remaining balance as a way of giving me cash flow. What a NICE man!
  • Found and watched the first episode of Kidd Video online. Dude!

I also got an email from my CPA saying my tax returns are done. I only hope he TOO has good news for me tomorrow. Normally I get either a refund or only have to pay a tiny bit. With the big increase I had in my business earnings last year I'm a little worried, but we shall see. I guess if I somehow owe a LOT, I can just pay it out of my business account... I guess! I'll have to ask him I guess.
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