March 1st, 2004

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So, can we all say SWEEP?!

I've been taking a vacation / vow of temporary silence from LJ lately but I have to say, very VERY pleased with tonight's Oscar results, all around, but ESPECIALLY for the SWEEP by LotR: RotK. How very thrilling!

Also, I'd like to note how jolly it was, as the result of a technical prob with malibran's satellite service, to have Daniel's party move over to my place. I had 13 unexpected guests in my living room. The piggies got some lovin', I got to see jesswired and give him the Tit Wrench CD (finally!), and I was exposed to a lot of junk food (um, oops, where did it all go?) Happy to say, crowd was actually quite neat, nothing was destroyed or spilled. The group left en masse around 9:30 (what was up with that, no idea), leaving Caleb and Daniel I alone to enjoy. Abbie got even more love when she decided to perch on Daniel's shoulder for a 1/2 hour. Awwww. Caleb left for bed around 11 and then it was just Daniel and I cheering for LotR, wanting to give Peter Jackson et al. hugs and kisses and high fives. Yay, the Academy got it RIGHT! Now I just gotta clean my kitchen & living room TOMORROW.

Think I'll be quiet again for a few days. Really I just decided these 10+ comments a day were draining some of the energy I really should be putting into my fiction writing, not to mention the TIME it's taking out from my working, which I should be doing a bit more ;)
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Making up for lost time

I am tentatively in the mood to made some kind of LJ post. Dozens of time these three or four days, I've had posts pop into my head, only to be met by thoughts of "Why?" It's like I kind of just decided, just for a few days, that I'd rather dwell on things -- personal events, news stories, ideas, -- on my own, rather than recording them in LJ.

It sort of reminds me how when I went into middle school I suddenly reordered my brain and decided I was no longer the loud, unruly girl but would be the girl with all 1's in conduct who raised her hand and kept in the teachers' good graces. It was a decision that came to me unbidden but which I managed to carry out to the point that two years later, nobody except former classmates from elementary school could believe I had ever been the kind of girl who regularly got booted to the hall, isolated at the back corner (hidden behind a bookcase, in one case!), whose parents would get regular notes begging them to discipline.

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