March 2nd, 2004

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Sleepy, Voting

Ugh, just for like an HOUR, I'd like to know what it's like not to be so TIRED. I feel beat almost all the time -- well, at least until nightfall, at which time I tend to perk up, 'til at 11 I'm totally manic! It's so weird. I wake up and I swear it takes a couple of hours for my blood to get going or to have any interest in doing anything. Even mid-afternoon, I feel like I could just throw myself down just any old place and drop off. What am I DOING to get so tired? I think it's NOT doing stuff that makes me tired. How else to explain it? I ache all over like I got beat up. Granted, last night I woke up quite a few times because I was having weird dreams related to that book Kushiel's Dart (I was basically reading it / writing it in my sleep) but by God! A massage person could make me squeal, I am so damn achey all over.

This afternoon actually was tiring with a cause though. Around 12:30 I took the bus up to Caleb's office and went out to lunch. Afterward I had to walk waaaaaaay back up to the church where our polling place was. This was at least a mile but felt further because my shoes forced two of my toes together (got a blister), I was wearing an unecessarily warm coat, and I chose a stupid route to walk that was way longer than it should have been. This was so I could answer TWO questions on the ballot -- pick my Democratic candidate (no shame in saying, voted for Sharpton) and choose our state flag (picked current... jeez, will they just STOP IT with the flag-swapping!). Then I had to walk all the way back home, my foot killing me and sweating. I think I must've read about 40 pages of the book as I walked along though ;)

I've been home an hour now and SHOULD have got back to work but noooo, I am too pooped. I read some of the book. I'm thinking Diet Coke, a big giant thing of it with lots of ice, could perk me up, though who knows. Blah. Too bad Blue Cloud doesn't make that killer uber-caffeinnated-and-sugared frozen drink I used to have on the way to work, because that's totally what I feel I need. Either that, or a swim in a mountain stream -- that'd wake me!
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My First Day in Atlanta

Today I walked through some of the first places I ever visited in Atlanta and it brought back memories of my first day here -- first day in Atlanta, Georgia, the South.

This was in September 1996, right after the Olympics. Caleb had spent a few weeks that summer working a temp job at the Olympics in the Olympic Village food court serving the athletes. I'd spent two months in Manhattan working for Entertainment Weekly, and concluding I didn't want to do what I'd thought I wanted to do, no matter how much I loved NY ;)

Caleb and I made the trip together, of course. We were starting up our senior year as exchange students at the University of Georgia out in Athens, but were flying into Atlanta and hanging out for a couple of days before going out there.

I left from Boston and I think he left from Albany; we met up at the Newark airport as we transferred to an Atlanta plan, I *think*...

But anyway, I remember my first thought -- and my first spoken words -- upon leaving the airport, and getting on MARTA, was this: "God, this train is so SMOOTH!" Having spent the summer riding the MTA in Manhattan and then for several years prior, riding mainly on the T in Boston, riding MARTA was like going from an old Chevette to a Lexus or something!

We got off at the protypically Atlanta stop, North Avenue, and took the 2 bus. We spent a lot of time in that Ponce de Leon / North Avenue area. So much has changed. At least half the building where we stayed (youth hostel) is now condos. There's a supermarket/drugstore/condos/other stores complex on the site of the bizarre old Rio Mall. There are condos all over. IHOP is the Disco Diner. The 2 bus is the same -- full of crazies, people in residential treatment, hipsters and yuppies.

I remember a lot of stray thoughts and impressions from those first days. Like I remember being on MARTA going through Midtown station and thinking (*quite* erroneously) that "Midtown" must be like Midtown Manhattan, with skyscrapers and steaming manholes and cabs all over. We also went out to Decatur, which was a LOT seedier at the time. I HATED it -- reminded me of this city Wurtzburg in Germany I'd visited once and hated because it was mainly ugly postwar concrete. Decatur was really really HOT that day and pretty empty. I was mad Caleb had taken me out there, though nowadays it's really nice and I out there as much as I can. Another funny geographic impression was going to Inman Park, which at the time I thought was *so* far out in the suburbs (it's 4 MARTA stops from where I live now).

It's all seeming so long ago now. Damn, I really have to make sure I get out of here by my 10th anniversary or I will start to feel way too old and settled.

P.S. Apparently my LJ vibe has returned at least momentarily.
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Oh god oh god oh god... my side are going to burst laughing!

New Nietzschean Diet Lets You Eat Whatever You Fear Most

"The Carbohydrate is Evil—all the wisest Men in Weight Loss have told us this," the 398-page book notes. "Oh, Fools who would run from Evil! What you say is true! But Only in Evil, and the passing of Evil, does a Dieter find his Strength! Only by eating of the Pasta and the Bread are we free! For the Greatest Evils are necessary for Man to achieve the Weight Loss of a Superman! As are Fasts and Fiber Tablets."

Oh, the glory of The Onion!

Also making me giggle and squirm:

Jesus Demands Creative Control Over Next Movie

The Lord Jesus did have positive things to say about Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation Of Christ.

"Not only is Marty a fantastic director, but the story isn't the same old, same old," Jesus said. "It's like The Gospel of Mark filtered through an episode of The Twilight Zone. I love it. My one problem is with the casting of Willem Dafoe. He's good, but I think John Turturro would have made a better Me."

I really need to see Temptation again. I rented it when I was like 14 and loved it. It was one of those movies I got with my own money (road into town on my bike!) and hid from my parents.

Oh! And God help me one MORE Onion bit (this is a good issue!)

Virulent Strain Of Soy Flu Traced To Single Tofurkey
SAN FRANCISCO—A virulent strain of soy flu has been traced to a single tofurkey at a Bay Area food-processing factory. "An investigation of Green Earth Foods has located the bird-shaped loaf of firm bean curd from which the infection originated," said Dr. Julie L. Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "To prevent further spreading of the disease, all tofurkeys in Northern California are being quarantined and destroyed." Gerberding said it appears that the soy virus was not transmitted to the factory's Spaghetti & Wheatballs Microwaveable Entree division.
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Court Intrigue... I could do with less

Still reading Kushiel's Dart. Even though I'm enjoying it (more and more), have to say, it's got the same thing that Swordpoint had that I didn't like -- too much noble & royal political intrigue!

Actually I shouldn't say "too much" because the intrigue is an important part of both books, it's just that I can't stand reading it. Any time the narrators or other characters start to go off on who's setting up who, who's gaining by this assassination, who slept with who, my eyes totally glaze over and read through that crap as fast as I can.

Kushiel's Dart is particularly bad because there seem to be about a ZILLION of these folks to keep track of and they all have crazy French names. Swordpoint wasn't quite as bad because there were fewer families and fewer main characters. Still, throughout that book, I kept getting very impatient any time action went away from DeVere and Alex and people in Riverside, who to me were way more intriguing than those nobles. (The UMass part of me wonders... am I classist? LOL)

Sometimes reading, I think to myself that I might as well be reading about football, it's about as meaningful to me. I try to follow enough just so that part of the storyline will make sense -- it is important -- but I just can't be bothered to follow 3/4 of those manueverings. It's the same with mysteries -- I lose interest because I don't really CARE about all those details and piecing them together. No heart for it.

Anyone else have similar feelings? Anybody like court intrigue? Anybody enjoy it so much you make your own charts and counter-speculations? (If so, read Kushiel's Dart, he he.)
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