March 3rd, 2004

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Bye, Bye, Baby

Well, Baby Chipmunk is gone :(

Much as I knew from the start he'd be going (esp. once I knew he was a boy, and couldn't live with two girls), I still feel sad about giving him up. I know April will be giving him a really good home, and eventually placing him with permanent family, but part of me wants, of course, to be able to do that.

Anyway, as a little marking of the occasion, here are some piggy pics...

Chipmunk with mommy YinYang this morning.
Honestly, YinYang mainly just ignores him or gets annoyed.

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P.S. I was right -- Chipmunk IS huge. April said he's the same size as a 5-week old she has at home. And he's fat. Well, I'm not suprised, that little animal could eat a whole cabbage head in a day if I challenged him to it!
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Our Flag

Well, in addition to having primary yesterday, Georgia had a referendum on our state flag, which for those outside Georgia and/or the South, is a battle going on and on and taking up a lot of time here. I tried to explain the whole situation yesterday to a couple of people and failed. However, tritium has just posted a good explanation with PICTURES that is worth checking out. All this, over a flag!
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Lately I've not been feeling so well. I *know* this has got to be the result of stopping my exercise and eating somewhat poorly and spending too much time alone, but I feel so tired and achey, don't want to exercise. It's a loop that won't break until I *force* myself.

Lately I feel I've been letting a few things slide, getting behind on some stuff. I don't feel very motivated. I'm not exactly depressed I guess, more like listless. Caffeinne doesn't help, I don't perk up.

I know exercise will help, it will, it will. I have experience in saying even one day of doing my workout will snap me out of this for 2-3 days.

Should DO it, shouldn't I?

P.S. Caleb has been feeling sucky too. His reflux thing is pretty bad, and the medicine he got put on isn't working. He's really stressed out too and not sleeping well. Damn :( I wish I could Reiki him but I don't feel like I'm a good conduit right about now.
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Ugh. What is wrong with me lately? I have been feeling nauseous and queasey for a couple of days. It's driven me to DRINK -- water! (For those of you who don't know me well enough, I normally consume almost no liquid, got an aversion.) No matter what I do, my stomach doesn't seem to settle right.

I've tried eating all sorts of things. Overall, I swear I feel like I'm missing some vital life ingredient. Like there's something in my diet I've forgotten. Maybe I need to go eat a lot of raw vegies? That does sound appealing. Been eating mainly a lot of pasta, noodles, rice, tofu, potatoes lately, not much vegetables... Hmmm, I think I'll try out the vegie theory!

Meanwhile, it's really a gross feeling. I keep thinking I'm so hungry, but eating makes me feel ill. I say to myself, "I feel so sick!" but then I remember how I felt around Christmastime, when I *was* sick, and realize I'm not. That time, I had to eat nothing but Gatorade, chicken soup and crackers for like 5 days. (It's good to have some perspective!)

Must have vegies.

And exercise.
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