March 4th, 2004

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Looking up (hoping nothing falls on me)

Woke up today feeling surprisingly good. I went to bed a midnight, which is at least an hour early for me. It's true I did read a couple more chapters of Kushiel's Dart before actually "turning in" (that book is so addictive!) but still, it was early. Anyway, had a horrible time falling asleep. I had a pain in my chest that kept coming and going and I was all caught up in trying to figure out why I've been feeling so crappy. I attempted a short Reiki treatment that was more like prayer than anything, like "Please let me lot feel like crap!" LOL :) I also made a decision to get back to eating more nutritious food and being more active. I even told myself to get up earlier. Once I fell asleep I woke up a couple times during the night shaking with anxiety, but I finally did rest I guess. Woke up at 7:30 ("early" time I had vowed) and while burying my head under the blanket to deny morning (as usual), noticed I felt a whole bunch better than usual. My legs weren't sore and my shoulders didn't feel quite so bad as they usually do. So I then spent a half hour reading the addictive book and am now getting on with me day. So far, so good.
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Comment for lydia2600

I'm really enjoying Heathen but on "Slow Burn" I can't HELP but thinking the chorus is:


or maybe


LOL, yes, I know that's NOT it, but I keep thinking it! And it's really hard to hear what is ACTUALY being sung.

Not I'm complaining, it does crap me up though.

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He he

Just got an email from the local theater company. I know the marketing person well, she's a neighbor. Must compliment her on how she seems to have figured out how to do email a mail merge, since my letter says:

"We know how much the Darling family enjoys a good show."

The Darling family? He he... I wonder if Abbie, YinYang, Pel and Cal would like seeing a show. Maybe if I bribed them with carrots, sprouts and special seed treats!

This makes me smile the same way I did when Caleb and I showed up at our hotel in Frankfurt and the in-room TV had a graphic on it saying "Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Racicot!"

P.S. Yes, I'm in an amused mood.
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This is unexpected

So I'm reading Kushiel's Dart and it's romping along, this wild alternate universe historical epic and then WHOOMP! suddenly on like page 600, it turns into Fantasy. No supernatural elements in the story before except for some fortune-telling and coincidences and Fate and so on, and then this huge plot element turns up and people start acting, IMHO, a bit OOC -- it's like suddenly I'm reading Storm's Crown of Silence. I'd read this one review saying something "supernatural" happens but I hadn't thought it was so extreme. I've read through a few chapters since it's gone in this direction and I can't shake the feeling that this fantasy element doesn't really belong in the book. It doesn't mesh with anything else really. True, the main character is pretty surprised too but it is odd to be reading stuff where everything has a "why" behind it, some real power, and then suddenly something is just "magical." (I'm not saying WHAT because it'd spoil it for people who might read the book. It IS a big surprise!) Weirdness!
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Loathe as I am to link to THIS site, it's the best place to view

Bush's TV ads

"The last few years have tested America..." one ad says -- um, yeah, YA THINK?

9/11 would have been enough but SOMEBODY and his team had to make it all SO MUCH *WORSE*.

As I said to catscradle, Kerry has GOT to be able to beat this crap.

And as she said: Damn.

ADDENDUM: catscradle made some good comments on these ads here
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Kushiel's Dart... and Future Reading

Well, I just finished Kushiel's Dart. Started it on Sunday, thought I was going to just read 30-40 pages a day and finish in time for the book group discussion on the 14th, but as it turns out, I read all 700 pages! Damn! I didn't read it as fast or obsessively as I read The Chosen (800 p. paperback in 24 hours) but still, it was pretty addictive!

I think in addition to the plot drawing me in, there was this whole trick of really short chapters. The book had *95* chapters! I think the average chapter length was probably 8 pages. A lot of them were like 6. So I'd finish a chapter and mean to *stop* reading, go do other things, but then I'd say "Well, the next chapter is only 6 pages..." And this would go on for six chapters! Doh!

Anyway, quite satisfied with the read. There are some things that bugged me (example: how is it that Phedra has that much sex, as a courtesan and otherwise, and it's so graphic, yet there's no mention at all of any kind of birth control?!) but my general thought is, pretty good stuff. Another good pick for the book group and I'm the one that chose it!

Next up

I'm not sure what I'll be reading next. I have so many books piled up now. Collapse )
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