March 7th, 2004

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As if the whole thing of CBS refusing MoveOn's ad for the SuperBowl wasn't enough, here's something even worse:

RNC tells TV stations not to run anti-Bush ads

The Republican National Committee is warning television stations across the country not to run ads from the Voter Fund that criticize President Bush, charging that the left-leaning political group is paying for them with money raised in violation of the new campaign-finance law.

...But's lawyer, Joseph Sandler, said in a statement that the ads were funded legally, calling the RNC's letter "a complete misrepresentation of the law."

"The federal campaign laws have permitted precisely this use of money for advertising for the past 25 years," he said.
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Sunday Morning, 7:45 a.m.

So this morning I emerge from sleep and after a few moments, become conscious there's a really loud sound coming from outside. I'm still three-quarters asleep, but it comes to me that it's a sound I should pay attention to -- loud as an explosion or invasion. As I pull up the blind, I realize it's actually the sound of a helicopter.

Now as to why it's so loud, I can't say until I look out and see a HUGE HELICOPTER hovering about a block away, over Woodruff Park.

What's more unnerving than the helicopter, however, is the bright, bright sunrise coming up from being the SunTrust building. Squinting my eyes against it, I'm afraid the light is a sign of some crazy bomb attack or something (um, not that 9/11 has made me wary or anyway!) Anyway, the fact the helicopter is red, white and blue doesn't make me feel any better, but since I can't read the writing on it without my glasses, I run around frantically trying to find them.

I then returned to the window Collapse )

This is something I've seen before, as from time to time large skyscrapers need deliveries, like new central air units, water cisterns, etc., but this was unusual because deliveries went on for over an hour! I think the copter must have delivered around 15 or 20 giant boxes of materials, whatever they were. I wouldn't be surprised to see them add a new story onto the building, it was so much stuff!

The only thing I've seen as cool as that Downtown on a Sunday morning was the 8 a.m. implosion of the old Broad-Luckie building, which I photographed with the "quick photo" mode of my camera, showing it fall. That was LOUD and VERY impressive!
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Hmmm, what to say?!

So my bed and breakfast client has sent me a couple emails in the past couple of weeks saying she hadn't received any new reservations from the web site. Well, this morning I get another one saying: "Wendy, I have not received one single reser. request. Why do you think?" Excuse me, what am I supposed to SAY to this? I have assisted this woman to get listings in 3 national online b&b directories and two local ones and she comes up in the search engines. The site is beautiful. All I have to say to her, really, is "BE PATIENT!" I mean, to me it's like I'm a bait & tackle store and some fisherman is complaining they haven't caught any fish. Aaargh.
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Encouraged by my own curiosity, I went and found the time-lapse picture I did of that building implosion I witnessed a few years ago. I'd assembled my pics into a "reel" for the NTHP a while back and found the image on a Zip disc.

BOOM! Like the helicopter pictures from this morning, these pictures were taken early on a Sunday morning, from my bedroom window (although different bedroom windows, as I'm moved a block over and face a different direction).

Oh, and THIS, below, is the building that replaced that building blown up (as well as a bunch of other small buildings on that block):

Helen Aderhold Learning Center
Georgia State University

I actually quite like the building, especially it's where the new 24-hour diner is located :) Oh, another thing about that pic, the white building in the top left is where I live.
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ice cream

My accomplishments this weekend:

1) Taught Abbie (the dumb pig) it's OK to move around outside the cage and even (gasp!) leave the limits of the rug. Her friend YinYang, and Caleb too, helped with these lessons. Tonight she proved to me she "gets it." The pig is getter smarter by the second.

2) Bought a really nice ribbed black turtleneck sweater -- 100% alpaca! Only $50 too!

3) Finally found a metal hanger for the cool candle lamp Caleb got me for Christmas. Been looking all over, couldn't find one. Right now it's on the kitchen, drying after I painted the stupid "weathred" metal black. (One of my decorating rules is that almost anything tacky you buy, like stuff from Marshal's, looks incredibly better painted black.) I look forward to hanging it up and lighting the lamp. It will enhance the gradually growing exotic pasha look I've got going on in the main bathroom.

4) Vacuumed the oriental carpet. Haven't had a "real" vacuum to do that with since I bought my Dirt Devil Stick in the fall. While the Stick is great for most jobs, especially bird feathers/dust/seeds, it doesn't seem to be good at sucking up the carpet, no matter what attachment I use. I'd been vacuuming it a bit and then mainly just sweeping it. Caleb brought over the big vacuum for me. Now I can see the COLORS again :)

5) Got 2 more CD wallets, so I can re-organized my whole collection. I've got like 40 CDs I need to file; been needing new wallets for a long time.

6) Somehow made my calves really sore. I count this as an "accomplishment" since it means I guess I apparently exercised at some point. I don't remember doing it, whatever it was!
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Last night YinYang found her way into the hay bag.

Or couldn't you guess from the picture?


It was hard to get her out, I think she thought she was in the safest, most wonderful place in the world.
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