March 10th, 2004

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Fandom meme (ganked from versailles_rose

First Online Fandom: Vampire Chronicles (though I'd had brief contact with Star Trek)

Current Online Fandom(s): Wraeththu, Nightrunner (no fanfic, alas)

First Fandom Crush: Spock

First Fanfic Paring you wrote: Marius and Lestat (though it was unrequited)

Last Fanfic paring your wrote: Probably the one at the ending of Breeding Discontent (which I won't specify in case anybody hasn't read it yet).

Gah. I NEED to get my next W. fanfic done!
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So the CDC is stepping up and saying that obesity among Americans is coming up to the point it's surpassing smoking as an issue. It's going to take away gains in longevity and cause health care problems (and costs) to soar. So it's time (as in fact they have been saying for a long, long time) to take the problem seriously.

I agree with the CDC, public officials generally, that this is a serious national emergency (go out anywhere, but esp. a mall, and you will see what I mean) but when I think about doing something to reverse trends, something strikes me: How do you get people to stop EATING so much, and exercising more, when in fact so much of American culture -- and the way the economy is structured -- is based on CONSUMING LOTS OF STUFF? This isn't just goods, it's FOOD. It's consider patriotic to patronize restaurants, buy lots of groceries. If people stop doing that so much, then the economy suffers, cannot move forward. So how does the government feel about this? Plus, exercise doesn't CONSUME anything but calories, since a lot of exercise is FREE, like walking. People are growing out of the habit of DOING stuff, instead they want to take a pill or get a stomach operation to cure their problem, but keep eating...

Too, I am speaking from experience, believe me.

This issue is similar to the whole Americans-are-overly-dependent-on-cars-and-foreign-oil affair. There is a huge push towards walking, biking, trolleys, trains, buses, streetcars, alternate forms of transit, but in general, the powers are large are much more interested in people spending money on gas and individual vehicles than in building mass resources to be SHARED.

(Sorry, Liberal Yankee Wendy is having a flare up, forgive me... Maybe I've been getting infected by the Citizens for Progressive Transit group I've joined recently -- people who make ME seem like a moderate when it comes to transit.)

And now I should be working on Mat Man stuff, ALMOST done with this round!
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Wow, a nice gov web site! *

Well, I posted about obesity earlier, and then just now on the CNN web site, there was this very catchy ad for this web site called Small Steps by the U.S. HHS. I like the site -- good idea, nice and simple, done in a friendly and non-intimidating / "You are BAAAAD" type of way.

I also learned something, or at least I got a cool info nugget:
Did you know... Housework, at a moderate level of exertion, can burn up to 300 calories an hour?

If that's true, then spending an hour picking up my clothes, doing the dishes, vacuum, and scrubbing the floor will burn as many calories as using the stairmaster! Of course it's probably not so good as far as being cardiovascular, and it takes longer, but it would get my house clean all the time. Hmmmm! Caleb was just telling me how filthy my floors are the other day. (Which I knew, since I'm quite aware that having wood floors in your kitchen / dining area is aesthetically pleasing but not very darn practical as far as being able to really clean the floor.) Maybe I should spend an hour actually scrubbing them the way I should. That would be something!

* I shouldn't really use that Subject line, since I did after all work for government making nice web sites, but, well, it's still a rarity!
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(no subject)

The nasty black cloud of anxiety & depression that was hovering over me so threateningly the last week seems to have lifted off -- knock on wood, of course!

Today was really nice, more like the days I was having in Feburary, where I got a lot of stuff done and felt enthusiastic & optimistic, rather than all draggy and pessimistic. It's a mood thing, since probably last week was no worse than any other week, but oh, MOOD makes such a difference!

Morning was sweet, unfolding rather like I often *idealized* life being self-employed. After a shower, got dressed and went over to the bank, where I made some deposits and talked to a rep. about my IRA. On the way back, going through Woodruff Park, I spotted a woman I know who has two absurdly cute dogs and we had a nice chat for around 10 minutes. Next I went to this coffee shop that opened up recently -- had a coupon I got last night, wanted to check it out. The place was very nice and by chance, my friend Cooper happened to be there. I'm working on a web site for her rental cabins now, so we had a bit of a biz chat, followed by a lot of personal chat, talk of Downtown, all sorts of things. I love Cooper -- like a second, "local" mom to me. Feeling warm and fuzzy, got my paper from downstairs and came up for breakfast.

Next up I got cracking on my email, then worked on finishing the New Order web site, and then finished up work on the latest product pages for Mat Man. I felt really good about finishing those pages, since that whole project is a heavy stone hanging around my neck. Until Mat Man reviews the pages and gives me edits, I'll have some freedom to complete other projects -- yay!

For lunch I just had a SlimFast, trying to do that for this week, with a couple of very healthy snacks in afternoon, just so I can get some immediate calorie reduction. Enjoyed some BBC America home shows, "Home Invaders" I think. Played with my piggies too. Back at the computer, emailed Mat Man and then proceeded to handle a whole lot of other businesses, taking care of a lot of client communication and putting out some queries for new work. I felt very accomlished about it all!

I decided after a while (and more BBC) to go out and get some pet supplies. Had a nice efficient trip out to PetSmart, where I got my litter and two kinds of hay for the critters. Waiting for the bus on Ponce, got to witness a very dramatic "performance" by a local Crazy, which was thankfully more funny than anything (my favorite part was when she finished off by introducing herself as the "Vegetarian Organic Queen," whatever that is).

The whole rest of the day was good too. Watched some more BBC ("Room Rivals" did a really really nice living room!) and then I decided to make up a whole nice dinner for me and Caleb. Made a new recipe, califlower and brocoil in a tomato creme sauce. Also did roasted carrots and potatoes. My favorite bit (naughty me) was the Oetker "Phantasie Creme" chocolate mousse I made. It was from a packet Marja recently sent me, delicious. I listened/watched Radio Days, one of my all-time favorite movies, while I cooked. Then Caleb came over and we had a nice candlelit dinner followed by playing with the piggies.

Finally I sat down again for some more work. Labored on the New Order web site for a couple of hours and finished it. Hope to launch that tomorrow, pending Marja's approval. I'm very pleased with it!

All in all, good day!
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Just posted about my day but forgot something!

I keep posting so enthusiastically about my piggies, my birdies are getting the shaft really. It's true they are still Down With People, holding the attitude "Better Dead Than Having Some Human Touch Me," but actually they've been doing quite well lately.

I've noticed my birds have seemed a bunch more active and vocal since I got my piggies, but now that Spring's come and the birds outside are back, they are coming out of their Winter Funk and really acting, well, like animal in Springtime do -- crazy!

All day long, both birds were chirping like CRAZY! They also were flying around all day long like helicopters. It wasn't just that they were flying so much, but that they were flying around places they don't normally go. THREE TIMES one of them (Pell?) flew into my office, which is way, way out of the norm and startled me. They were also flying into my bedroom, almost in the kitchen (nearly unheard of) and zooming low and high, like they were checking out the whole house.

In addition to all this, my birds were also CRAWLING AROUND! Quite a few times, I caught one or both of them sitting in unusual places, like on my kitchen table, the wine rack, or in a plant. The weirdest thing was when I saw Cal (the more timid of the two) hop down to the floor near the cage and start walking around pecking. She pecked all around and then walked right into the bedroom, where she went ahead and pecked among my clothes. It was most unusual behavior!

They are still frigid but heck, amusing at least!
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