March 12th, 2004

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That's what friends are for

Last week Caleb and I finally got the big package our friends Marja and Elly sent from Germany. (29 Euro it was to ship!) What a NICE box of treats it was! For Caleb the #1 present was a set of 5 beautfiful Campari drinking glasses. For me it was a couple nice pairs of Strumpfhosen (tights) and a huge bag of Saltize Herringe (salted licorice candy shaped like fish). For us both, there were big bars of Milka chocolate, little bars of Kinder chocolate, and a whole bunch of Oetker creme/pudding mixes. Yay!

Now today Marja writes me about the Wraeththu LARP web site and mentions at the big department store near her, there's a huge Strumpfhosen close-out sale, all pairs are like 2.50 Euro and a lot of them are in my size (um, 44... or just biggest). Would I like some, she asks? Of course I said yes. I told her I'd get her something in return or I guess maybe my payment is doing the web site.

And in other friend-exchange news, my client with the bed & breakfast called this morning and was saying how maybe Caleb, Daniel and I could go up with her and couple of friends to her cabin this June. This woman is also talking about hooking us up with a chance to visit Ireland this July, in conjunction with our trip to England. Either we'll go and visit her place in Kerry (I think it was) or we'll visit a friend (who Caleb knows) who'll be in alone in Dublin.

We need to help one another out, people! It's what makes the world go 'round. (I'm doing my bit this September when all the folks come to Dragon*Con and I serve as Atlanta's Downtown Hostess!)
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Google Name Meme

Oh, now THIS one works out!

1. Enter your first name only into Google
2. Then click the "Image" tab
3. Pick your favorite and post it in your journal

This looks like it came straight out of my (non-food) cheesecake book! Excellent! It's from a site called Petti Pictures.

Another top picture from this search

I also found out...

..there's a Gameboy game called Wendy...

...and a ROBOT (a PINK one!) called WENDY...

...and the Miss Universe 1988 was named Wendy...

...and that a lot of Wendys are actually really cute. There seem to be quite a few lesbian looking ones too, why is that? LOL...

Of course I also learned that apparently I'm not much interested in WORKING today or else I wouldn't be doing these inane searches... :)
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I have a very, very nice electronic piano here at home. Lately, a lot more conscious of money than I was at the time I bought it, I've been feeling like for all that money, and the fact that it IS so nice (sounds and plays just like real one), I should USE it.

So I've been playing a little each day. Yesterday and today I am going through some Bach minuets. Even though I sometimes sound just as horrible as Franz Joseph II playing for Mozart in Amadeus, I'm enjoying myself. And speaking of Mozart, yesterday I surprised myself by remembering how to playing this beautiful phrase from (I think) Sonata C, which I always loved. It's one of those phrases where you have to stretched your hand over a large area and do a lot of notes (Mozart, after all) and I am good at it because I have big hands. Now if I only had the music for that sonata!

I really, really need to sign up for piano lessons at Georgia State. The School of Music is right across the street from me and they have all kinds of individual instruction available, very reasonable. I'm just not sure if I'm really ready to put that in my personal budget, as I'm being quite cheap lately, still trying to figure out what my income is.
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From the Surprising Events Department
1) Just went into CVS to renew a couple of prescriptions. For the first time in six months, they actualy had Singulair IN STOCK, which is fab since I had completely run out. Normally I place my renewal order 3-4 days before it's going to run out, since they always have to order it.
2) The insurance company was NOT lying to me -- my Singulair was only $25 this time (as opposed to $80+ last time) and the Nasacort is somehow cheaper than it was on my old corporate insurance. I had expected a total of $150 or something ridiculous, but it was only $60. Phew!

From from Metro Girl New Desk
I did a lot of screwing around today, both on behalf of clients and myself. Then at the end of it all, I realized I had forgotten to take of one major thing I promised somebody. Although it really doesn't matter if I do it today, it bugs me that I forgot. GOOD NEWS for today is that I deposted the overdue check from Caleb's work.

From the Sigmund Freud Dept. of Dreams
Last night I had another one of my infamous "car nightmares." Once again I was in a car going fast, having to shoot and weave through traffic, but I couldn't remember how to do it and was basically trying to use my mind to control it. madame_mercredi would say this is symbolic, and maybe it is, but I think it really has to do more with how much I hate driving / being in cars.

From the Caleb and Daniel Dept.
1) Daniel is about to take Greyhound to NY.
2) Caleb and I had a nice lunch today
3) Caleb just called me, and I have to go.
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BD and other books

From Breeding Discontent's listing on Amazon UK:

Customers who bought books by Wendy Darling also bought books by these authors:

- Poppy Z. Brite
- J.K. Rowling
- Ellen Kushner
- Jacqueline Carey
- Lynn Flewelling

Hey, I've read three of those authors myself! I'm sure a lot of people who read BD have real ALL of those authors.

The Kushner book I read was Swordspoint. I lot of people had recommended it to me for being sort of similar to Flewelling's Nightrunner series, having the gay leads, but I was pretty disappointed in it. The writing is truly fantastic, having a 19th century type of feel that few authors can muster, but the high class intrigue really irritated me. The same can be said of Carey's Kushiel's Dart, which was great, but to me really wasn't at its best until after they left the city and were away from all those nobles and their intrigue.

As for Flewelling, I adore her Nightrunner series. In fact, I've been skim-rereading all three books this week... because I am avoiding reading Bone Doll's Twin, the first book in the Tamir series. I've got through about 100 pages so far and so far my premonition that I would not like it seems to be correct. For one thing, the book seems very claustrophobic, with almost all the action taking place in one place. For another thing, I find the way she writes from the child's POV to be irritating after a while, with that "simple" viewpoint. (I know BD did this too, but that was a diary.) I was much more into the adventure (mixed with dark and emotional moments) in the Nightrunner series. This one really doesn't seem to be hooking me. One final thing about it is that even more than in Nightrunner, Flewelling's writing method is a little too obvious. The way she sets things up and descrbies things, you can tell exactly what she's up to -- it's not as naturalistic and flowing, but instead more "telegraphed" so you can't possibly miss the cues the first time. I'm sure I'll finished the book, just this week I found it more fun to read about Alec and Seregil -- my heroes! I would SO love a Nightrunner movie series (though they'd probably be forced to boost Alec's age a bit, ha ha).
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Safety Tip

Word to the wise:

If you're heating soup in a microwave and have it covered with a towel or napkin, be very careful when you're taking the thing off the top afterward -- do it slowly, don't just whip it off. Last night I yanked off a napkin that had hot tomato soup on it and the soup splattered into my eye. I don't think there's any damage but it really really HURT and my eye has felt sore all day. Boiled eyeball I guess. Going to go hunt down some Visine...
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