March 13th, 2004

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This meme is tough!

Take the first letter of the username of the person who you ganked the meme from, and then list all your interests that start with that letter.

V (mini-series)
vegetarian food
verbal skills
Victorian architecture
Victor / Victoria
visual arts

I took this from versailles_rose.
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sideview, obamame_sideview

Wet Piggies

So Caleb and I just gave my piggies a bath. I think possibly they hate water more than most cats. I had read that although in general piggies weren't too thrilled about baths, some liked it and most tolerated it. Well, not mine!

First, to test their reaction, we put a little (1/2") water in the bathtub and plugged it, keep a little dry patch at the end as a "retreat." We then put them in it and, boy, did they retreat! They were trying to climb up the walls of the tub, pushing each other around over control of the "dry land."

Since their bellies were wet anyway, I decided to give them each a little bath and shampoo in the sink. Abbie was first. She struggled so bad, Caleb and I had to make it a team effort, one person splashing on the water and massaging around the bit of soap, the other just holding her down. She kept trying to climb out and also attempted to bite me a few times. It was pretty funny because we finally could tell her real size, with her poofy fur somewhat flattened out. YinYing had pretty much the same reaction but was even more wiggly! We took both of them and rubbed them down with towels, then put them in a spot of sunlight. They kept shaking the water off like dogs, only since they're so small their whole bodies pop up and they look like they're having fits or maybe trying to breakdance.

I went and cleaned out their cage, put in new litter, and by that time they were dry enough to put back in. I am pretty sure they now have bad associations with the sound of the tap. I won't bathe them again unless they get really dirty with something.
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