March 14th, 2004

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Saturday night "fun"

It's 12:47 and I just got back from a dinner party. Dinner party was nice -- convivial company, nice house, food, conversation. Finally around 11 it started to wind down and so at 11:20 Caleb, Enrique and I left. Notice that I didn't get HOME until 12:47? Wonder why? Well, because I think Caleb and Enrique decided that since we didn't end up going to Chattanooga (and having an architecture/zoning/planning talk the whole way) they were going to do it late Saturday night.

At first it was fun, since I got to see some areas that have hugely changed, but after a 1/2 hour and then an hour and then another 1/2 hour of driving, driving, driving around the entire west side of Atlanta, while Caleb and Enrique talk NON-STOP about zoning, buildings, approval processes, planning principles -- and on top of that, Enrique wanted to drive by and check out every development he had reviewed or approved plans for, to make sure things were carried out right.... HOLY SHIT, I was getting nauseous! Plus they had the windows open and I was only wearing a short skirt. There's also the fact that although I can follow their conversation and I even find the projects exciting & interesting, after a certain point, it's all just "Blah blah blah" boring.

I don't know how they keep it up for hours like that. Caleb normally complains when it's past 11 but there it was 12:30 and we're driving around Castleberry and he and Enrique are arguing over whether a new building's use of glass block windows is contextually appropriate. WTF?! I tried not to be a grump about it, but really if they were going to do that, they should have just let me know and dropped me off. And it WAS fun for a while, but so LONG, so LATE?

P.S. Caleb, if you're reading this, sorry, I understand it was fun for you but I was very cranky after being dragged around all that time so late.
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I Vant to Be Alone!

I am grumpy this morning. Yesterday was fun but I was out almost ALL day and as a result, I didn't get any further with my cleaning or with updating the Italian market web site. Except for the main bathroom, which I thoroughly cleaned out on Friday night, my entire place is a hole, most especially the bedroom, where only about a 1/4 of the floor is showing, the rest is covered with both dirty and clean clothes (and only I know which is which). Kitchen is gross, need to vacuum, lots of papers to put away, my CD collection still hasn't been reorganized into the new CD wallets I bought... In short: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaarrrgh! Worst than this, just realize I have my monthly book group meeting at 1, to discuss Kushiel's Dart. I'm going to go, but really all I want to do is stay home all day cleaning and working on that web site. I don't want to see anyone or do anything with anyone because I did that all day yesterday (10-11:30, 1-6, and 7-12:45 with Caleb) and I really get chaffed by such things...
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I'm updating the inventory for the Italian market. Going over the list, I remember how every time I would say a word to Anna to check the spelling, she would say it back to me another way. It was annoying because I know I pronounce all the Italian very consistantly. The problem -- I just remembered -- it that just like when I try to pronounce it, I pronounce it like Latin :) It wouldn't be so pronounced either except in college I had a teacher who made us go to DAILY language lab and spend 1/2 hour recording ourselves doing grammar exercising and story readings out loud. Caleb just cracks up when he hears me try to pronounce Romance languages. (And forget French, the only language I just couldn't pronounce.)

Anyway, right now I'm editing the olive oil page. Hmmm, got two kinds of truffle olive oil and like 5 kinds of extra virgin, including one that comes in a 5 L containers -- that's a lot of oil! Fun words on this page include Gocce di Coros and Puglia. The hard thing is that all the products have either brand name that are family names or geographic locations, and then a lot of the foods have Italian names themselves. So yikes, it's alphabet soup! Highly edible!
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