March 15th, 2004

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Longing for things we can't have

I *still* want Alec & Seregil Nightrunner fanfic... Got to SHAKE this! Been skim-rereading Nightrunner for more than a week and it's just such a lovely series, RIPE for exploration. But no, alas, 'tis not only not allowed, there's just nowhere to obtain it and nowhere post it. Arrrgh.

Meanwhile I keep reading the same long, amazing Sime~Gen fanfic story over and over and over. It's so good, better than the books themselves. I just wish it wasn't finished but went on and on. I have a couple of story ideas for Sime~Gen I want to carry out myself but other obligations come first.
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It's a good thing I'm not married because I *suck* as a housewife!

*looks around*

Yeah, I really suck :(

This of course means, if I am ever *not* single, the other person clean.


Jeez, there is some serious mess in this house. Like... How did this happen? And how is it that I can find any piece of clothing, no matter where on the floor it is? How does the piggy hay get all over the place? Where do all the dishes come from?
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Pretty Park Pictures

Was poking around my Flash Card and found these pictures from Saturday :)

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P.S. No Clay Aiken comments about Caleb, please. (I know somebody must have thought it... Everybody says it, to the point he feels he understands how I feel about people asking about my name!)
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Cleaning - Before and After

I'm sure it's because I've been watching so many home improvement / decorating shows, but before tackling my bedroom, I felt compelled to take Before/After pictures. (Maybe also, it just reminded me of a crime scene!)

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Peace, Dude!

So I've taken a buch of the tests and that led me to tests, include the extrended Rorschach test. I was introduced to ink blots when I was around 6 and put through a huge psych test, always thought they were pretty cool, something where you could be pretty creative without even trying.

Anyway, took this extended test and this was the main conclusion:

Wendy, your subconscious mind is driven most by Peace
People who have unconscious minds driven by peace tend to be independent thinkers who often prefer to live by their own high personal standards and moral code.

Ha, guess I can say Amen! to that, although Caleb would question how "high" my standards and codes are.

I think I like this assessment a lot more than the one I got as a kid!
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