March 16th, 2004

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Stinky House

Yesterday my kitchen/dining/living room stank of something. Caleb came over and informed me he thought it was the guest bathroom. I took a peek and yeah... something was going on in the toilet. Ewww. Meanwhile I cooked myself a pot of sauerkraut, potatoes, carrots & hot dogs. It was really good, except for the fact that Caleb thought it smelled "like vomit" (he reallllly likes vinegary food, he he) and now half my house somehow smells like it. I can't escape the smells either since my office smells like the incense I used last night. The bedroom is in between the two smells. And my windows are painted shut. As Charlie Brown says: AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
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Self Indulgence

Well, so far today's been like something out of a women's magazine article -- like "Stress Relief Tip #3: Pamper Yourself."

Got up at 8, early for me, so I could go through my morning routine and make my hair appt. at 10. Rushed about for an hour and a half, then whipped togehter a cute spring outfit of b&w dress, pink tights and black patent leather shoes -- voila, ready to go!

Hair appt. w/Jeremiah was, as ever, a DELIGHT. Love that man -- chatty, amusing AND talented. (Learned today that he has guinea pigs too and we talked about them 1/2 the time!) I was there TWO hours with all he did to me. He basically lightened up my hair a whole lot so it's about three shades of gold, really incredible. Doing that involved foiling my whole head, then painting in a base color in between and in back. Then I had to wait 35 minutes for it to take (during which he gave me a candy bar and Coke) and then it was another half hour doing rinse & conditioning treatments. His styling involves like 3 kinds of products. It looks all wonderfully feathery again, like last time -- it's like I'm a golden ostrich or something. He didn't really style it how I normally do it, which is all up and spikey, but it looked cool and glamorous anyway. The bill for it was high but seeing as I don't spend squat on makeup, nails, hair removal or other beauty treatments, and I'm incredibly obsessed with my hair, it's worth it to me.

After that, walked on through the bright shiney spring day, on to CVS for some this-and-thats, and then up a few blocks to my favorite restaurant, Baraonda. The manager Marsha immediately waved at me from the bar and gave my hair the remote thumbs up :) I got seated outside on the patio and it lovely, cool air but with the sun occasionally warming me up, so I was basking in it. Got my favorite waiter, Claudio, and had the penne checca, one of my favorite dishes, along with a super self-indulgent (probably not a good idea) chocolate/hazelnut-pistacchio gelato. Mmmmmmmm.

Now I'm back home again and I guess will be dedicating myself to WORK, which I feel energized to do since I actually feel GOOD and HAPPY. Man, maybe I should take care of myself more often!
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Happy Ending

I forgot to post about this, but a couple of days ago, my little Chipmunk was adopted from the rescue shelter, along with another little boy guinea pig. The one goofy thing is, the new owners decided to rename the piggies Starsky & Hutch. I really hope Chip is not Hutch, because what the hell kind of name is Hutch?!
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My top pic is still Albany, NY or England but...

The shoe fits!

Well, I talk a lot about eventually leaving Atlanta. Having just let Find Your Spot tell me, based on a long quiz, what city I should live in, I certainly feel boosted in that belief. Atlanta didn't make my list, and only a few from the Southeast, but plenty of Northeastern cities I'm very familiar with DID come up!

Here's my list:

1. Providence, RI
2. New Haven, CT
3. Worcester, MA
4. Hartford, CT
5. Boston, MA (yay, though kind of inevitable)
6. Baltmore, MD
7. Milwaukee, WI
8. Chicago, IL (has been my thought for years)
9. Portland, OR (hmmm)
10. Danbury, CT (er... what's in Danbury?)
11. Baton Rouge, LA
12. New Orleans, LA
13. Washington, DC (yup, have thought about that too)
14. Little Rock, AR (had NOT thought about that)
15. San Francisco, CA
16. San Jose, CA
17. Stamford-Norwalk, CT (I really don't like CT much actually)
18. Cambridge, MA (definitely, I agree)
19. Oakland, CA
20. Sacramento, CA
21. Honolulu, HI
22. Cape Code, MA (errr, why, except it's close to Boston?)
23. Frederick, MA
24. Charleston, WV

There are some things that puzzle me about this quiz, one of which is the whole weather thing. I made it pretty clear I wasn't interested in wishy-washy-good-weather-all-the-time temperate places and had a high tolerance for snow, cold, and rain. I have absolutely no interest in places that are humid, tropical or in the desert. In fact, I really don't like hot places very much. (Shut up, I already said Atlanta is not my place.) But Hawaii is on the list? Huh?! Maybe it's like rock-paper-scissors and rain always wins, which would explain Portland as well.
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