March 23rd, 2004

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This might not be that long a post since I'm at my sister Nancy's and supposedly she'll be coming home soon from a morning meeting, but since I have the opportunity, I thought I'd send a shout out to everybody. *SHOUT!*

My trip up to NYC has been great -- Lunacon was really, really fun and a big success for Storm, Immanion Press and the whole ball of wax, plus a whole crew of us had some absolutely fantastic, fun, late-late-night gab & drinking fests. So enjoyed catching up with Storm, Jim, Lydia & Gabby, plus Bruce (or "BRUCE" as I call him) and Kevin and Phil from Laughing Pan. The con people were very cool too and con chair Peter Cassidy especially! The hotel was a little weird (it has a "transdimensional corridor," for one thing!) but the breakfast buffet was decent and Sunday night the IP/Storm crew went out with the con staff to this INSANE diner in Port Chester where we probably could have split each person's order among 4-5 people, it was just SO much!

Then yesterday Storm et al. wanted to get to the Virgin Megastore in Times Square so I guided them down via train and we walked over. Once they'd done their shopping they headed back up to Rye and were then going to be on their way to the airport, back to Birmingham. Bruce and I walked down to Herald Square and I did some shopping before saying goodbye and taking a train from Penn Station up the Hudson to visit my sister in Rhinebeck, where I am now. I've never been to her house before and haven't visited her family for probably 8 years. Her sons are angels and so far it's been a nice visit. This afternoon Nanc and I are going up to Hyde Park to visit the Roosevelt homes and that'll be nice, I think, although it's pretty cold.

I've just caught up with all my email and friends' LJs, so I guess I may get back to reading Bone Doll's Twin now or playing with the various pets. I'll be back in Atlanta by tomorrow PM!
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Update from the Hudson Valley

I'm still at my sister's. It's been a nice day.

Spent the morning here, while Andy went for his half-day at the lab, Nancy went over for a meeting for her work at Bard, and the boys were off to school. I worked on Bone Doll's Twin and went through all my email and LJ stuff.

Nancy got back just at noon and took me into town or lunch at a nice bakery. Rhinebeck is SUCH a typical New York State small town. After that we had a wonderful drive over to Hyde Park. The Hudson River Valley seems so familiar and welcoming. I think it has to do with a general overexposure to Hudson River school paintings ;) The blue hills and golden fields and sparkling wide river...

In Hyde Park we went over to the Roosevelt House and it was GREAT. Their gift shop was very nice (all related to FDR, WWII, Depression and Hudson Valley) and the National Park Service guide we got for the nearly hour-long tour was typically well-informed. I really enjoyed the house and all the history, for two reasons, one being that I've actually done a tone of FDR-related reading and the second being that the house was really nice and actually *comfortable*, which is noteworthy if you've ever been to houses of the rich, a.k.a. the Vanderbilts, Newport mansions, etc. We walked around the grounds a bit too and the view of the Hudson was spendid. Back at the New Deal Shop (what a good name!) Nancy and I bought "I Want Roosevelt Again" pins, which I'm going to happily wear as long as Dubya is president... :)

After that Nancy treated me to a ride out to Bard College, where she parked out by this big mansion on the river and took me onto this spit of land poking out into the river. It was SO windy and freezing but I loved it. That river is SPECTACULAR! Nancy also drove me by the new Frank Gehry-designed performing arts center, which was sooooooooo cool looking! The ride back to Rhinebeck was again nice, as the area is just very pleasing to me, even in winter.

Back here again, we had a couple hours of family stuff like crying young child, parental discussions, dinner, etc., and then Nancy and Ian took me over to Woodstock (yes, THE Woodstock) to their weekly fencing practice. There were little bitty kids fencing, beginners, intermediate, people (Ian included) doing electric fencing... It was fun to watch. I wouldn't be any good at it whatsoever myself (too much like dancing to steps) but since I was finishing off Bone Doll's Twin (with all that swordfighting in it!) it was kinda cool.

Now I'm home again, going to go to bed in a while I guess. I have FINISHED the book finally. I must say, I can definitely say it's a good one, but I certainly prefer the Nightrunner to this -- simply because I preferred the characters and tone of that. This isn't anything against the book but Alec and Seregil... they can't be topped, even by the author who created them!

I'm leaving for Penn Station on the 8:41 train and plan on spending a couple hours shopping before heading up to LaGuardian. I'll be home in Atlanta by 6.
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