March 28th, 2004

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Piggies Al Fresco!

This afternoon Caleb, Daniel and I carried out this plan we've been talking about -- taking Abbie and YinYang out to a park so they could dine and play al fresco. We took the 16 bus out to a part of the PATH trail near the Carter Center and they basically ate clover, grass, alfalfa and dandelions for an hour. I think it was like piggy heaven or something. Near the end we discovered some wheat growing nearby and gave it to them as an extra treat; they really like it! Once we got home again I put them back in their cage and they've been tired out, digesting, ever since :)

Just a teaser of pics under the cut...

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I guess it's a good thing I don't have kids -- I'd post so many pics of them I'd force everybody into puke mode.
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Gettin' the guests

It's a good thing I'm not shy (well, at least via email) because I just had to send a blind email to this author I really love, asking if she'd be at all interested in coming to Dragon*Con to be part of Gothic Journeys. I *so* hope she comes! Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile I still haven't heard back from Kate Bornstein. She does sometimes go out of email range for periods of time, esp. if she's on the road for some performance or presentation, so I guess I shouldn't worry, but I will scream if she says yes. We want to do some panels on adrogynes, gender-neutral pronouns, gender-related stuff, etc., and I think she'd be fab. Also, she has prepared workshops she could carry out right there, a whole bag of tricks.

ADDENDUM: Well, the writer QUICKLY replied to me and said... YES! I am *so* pleased. And to end the suspense, the writer is Lynn Flewelling. We need to work on details (it'd be nice if we could get some budget to help her travel costs) but yay, that is COOL.
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