April 1st, 2004

ice cream

Weird dreamage...

I meant to say, this morning during my brief "sun's woken me up" period, I noticed I'd been having a freaky dream involving guinea pigs, giant spinach, dyed rabbits and this woman Eleanor who's a client of mine. Basically, there was one part where Eleanor and I were in this forrest of giant spinach. It was freakin' SCARY, I think possibly because the spinach was all moving around because it was being eaten by dinosaur-sized guinea pigs! Meanwhile, sometime later in the dream, I found this bunch of white rabbits, only somebody had dyed them using KoolAid so they were like green and purple and stuff.

And again I say, who NEEDS drugs?!
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Hear Jess ROAR!

My friend Jess was at the Georgia Legislature again for the whole anti-gay-marriage ammendament debate and he came out of it pissed as all get out. He's just posted a Letter to Georgia I think is worth sharing because a) Jess knows how to do a really cool rant (with swear words) and b) it's pretty much all true.

Sample quote:
Even the pro-war activists weren't as bad as these wrteched individuals. Shit, I could just puke all over the state legislature. There were moments that I started questioning whether I was in the audience wing of the legislature or if I had suddenly plopped myself into a church pew! The state of Georgia is MARINATED in religion and it has got to STOP!

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Doctor visit, busy day

Had my annual OB/GYN appt. today. It's funny, I probably would have put off scheduling it except last time I phoned in to have them renew my pill prescription, they caught me on it. I guess kudos to them for being on top of things!

Some interesting developments came out of it. For one thing, I had a new doctor who I really, really liked. Not that I disliked the other two doctors, but this new one Dr. Martin was much more attentive and thorough -- plus she had such good bedside manner I swear she talked me into giving her my biz card while I was wearing that paper towel outfit they make you wear ;)

The other thing that happened is that the docotr felt a lumpy type thing in my left boob and scheduled me for an ultrasound. She said it's probably either nothing or a cyst. My boobs are pretty lumpy so it's hard to tell what's a "problem" but she said since it was only on one side it's worth checking out. I have to go in next week to get scanned.

So far my day's been busy, busy! On the way to the appt., which was at 9:15, I got my MARTA pass. Then after the appt., I came back and got a bagel, picked up my drycleaning, got the newspaper, and now I'm doing filing and invoices for the month. I've got a ton of work piled up for the afternoon and the Save MARTA thing tonight at 6. Where the hell the caffeinne I need?
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No foolin'

I was searching for some information on depression and this came up as a promotional link:

Depression on eBay | www.ebay.com
Find it now, and related items Shop on eBay!

Gee, I didn't know I could buy depression! Hey, if eBay will take mine, maybe somebody would buy it off me!

At least I have my sense of humor. It's SO weird to me how I can joke and smile and be nice to people and feel like I've been crying for 2 hours and my head's going to explode.
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i am totally not feeling better. the past few months have sucked with depresion. i have better days, even days when i'm hyped up and confident and happy. but as soon as i have those good days i crash big time. through sheer determination i can get through the day and do stuff but in essence, i find that although part of my head knows what i have to do and what i should be happy or excited about (and this part is the one that makes me keep on), often i just don't care at all, i don't feel what i should feel. i just feel sad and apathetic about everything. and my head is killing me and i want to cry because i think whatever chemicals make you cry are turned on just for no particular reason.

Ow ow ow ow

Well, I had to go over to CAP offices again to work on WebTrends. That actually worked out -- *finally* got the report numbers they needed, after 3 months of trying.

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Well, my nose dive of a mood swing seems to have swung around a bit. By the time I had to go to that meeting, I'd had some dinner and chilled out watching TV, plus taken some aspirin that made my headache slowwwwwly ease off. The meeting went well, probably around 60 people to talk about MARTA, why it's in so much trouble and what we can do to help save it. Went grocery shopping afterward, just a few things. At home I managed to get in a nice chat with madame_mercredi about various things. At this point my head feels a lot better, more just an "echo" of pain left and my mood is better -- that "crying" feeling is gone. Guess the big huge black demon has got off my back and gone to bed for the night or something...
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OK, I'm successfully writing a story now, having a nice alcoholic beverage, and laughing my ass off at

The Brief Safe

God, the scary thing is, I've SEEN undies like that for real and I think the ad is right, no burgler would TOUCH them!
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