April 4th, 2004

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It's Sunday morning and once again, I can't turn on my radio (which is unofficially "stuck" on Atlanta NPR station) because stupid Prarie Home Companion is on. Tell me, am I the only one who finds Garrison Keillor and crew INCREDIBLE F*CKING ANNOYING? I even find his musical acts and guests annoying, which I didn't use to. Actually even he amused me at one time, but now he grates on me so bad, he's like this really annoying uncle who keeps talking and never knows when to SHUT UP!

Ugh, sorry, this just bothers me. I'd much rather they re-broadcast CarTalk or play 2 more hours of Celtic music than air this shit...

Other than that, it's a wonderful pretty Sunday morning :)
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Up down up down up down

Today's been a roller coaster ride.

Started this morning originally planning on making some kind of brunch treat for a 11 a.m. brunch event I was going to, but becuase I decide to buy pastry from the diner instead, I ended up spending an hour researching and compiling a list w/prices of Downtown Atlanta hotels for people coming for Dragon*Con. A worthwhile endeavor, but a little weird to be doing first thing Sunday morning.

Next (after getting six HUGE pieces of baklava) I went over to my neighbor Susan's at 123 Luckie, who was hosting this cool "brunch with a purpose" event at her house. Basically all these women (around 15 of us) came over with heaps of clothes & accessories we didn't want, plus brunch food. We arranged all the clothes downstairs and then had a big brunch (with mimosas, omelettes, bacon, ham, sweets, fruits, etc.) inside as well as spread out on her penthouse patio. After eating we went downstairs and rifled through all the clothes. Everything was $2, with money going into an envelope to be donated to a women's shelter. Except for the clothes sold, all the clothes get donated to a women's employment program and/or shelter. There was a TON of stuff. Because almost nothing fit me, I didn't get much, but I did get a nice b&w polka dot wraparound blouse, a small purse and a pretty necklace that looked like cranberries. Even though the women there were all pretty much older than me and not my type socially, they're very good neighbors and it was a good time. I highly recommend this type of event -- it was a really easy way to get people to massively donate clothes.

After that I was feeling pretty pumped, but at the same time I wanted to relax. I was only home about 20 minutes when Caleb called wanting to go to the Dogwood Festival. I didn't want to go and we did a tug of war for a long time until he hung up on me. I decide to chill out for a while and maybe meet up with him and Daniel later. (Which might've been a good idea, turns out.) Anyway, a while later Caleb IMs me he's coming over and by the time he does and we hang out, I'm feeling ready to go out and we do.

I'm not a big fan of the Dogwood Festival. I just don't really get the point of it I guess. It's this big to-do in Piedmont Park with like a zillion booths selling arts & crafts, plus live music, festival food, tons of people. It's a lot like Pride but what bugs me is that there doesnt seem to be a theme, like "Celebrating Gardening" or "Celebrating the Park" or anything neighborhood oriented. It's just kind of this big sprawling arts & crafts festival. So anyway, that's why I didn't want to go and my feeling was borne out once we got there. I actually think there was a ton of good stuff there but the lack of theme ("Why here? Why now?") kind of made it odd. Also I can't exactly go throwing my money around on stuff at the moment so the fact a lot of it was really expensive bugged me. The one thing I really thought was nice was this black & gray silk chiffon wrap but it was (of course) $180. (Caleb has told me how to make it myself since.)

Anyway, the whole festival thing was made a whole lot worse when I managed to get entangled in "drama" with my companions. I was ready for some blood but the good news is, after 10 minutes I got myself calmed down, we kept on walking. After the festival we all went to Outwrite, where we refreshed before going home. Of course, on the train home we managed to get into a drama situation again and we split up very tensely.

Since getting home I've felt pretty bad. First I was just really pissed, but then I got that depressed feeling like my head's going to explode or I'm going to get an embolism in my brain. (I know I don't really have to worry, but I get this feeling in my head, probably from blood rushing around when I'm so upset.) I feel really sad and anxious and on top of it, now I'm having an allergy attack, apparently from taking Abbie into my office. This is the first time she's ever made me itch. Maybe it's the fact I'm upset that made it have a strong effect. I hope it doesn't happen again. Being itchy and panicky at the same time is taxing.

Just got an IM from Caleb inviting me over for risotto. I say yes to that one. Haven't eaten dinner yet (9 p.m.!) because of time change and being in a mood. Hopefully once I'm back home I'll be buoyed enough to keep on writing my story, which is going REALLY well and makes me terribly happy.
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