April 5th, 2004

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Rudeness! Gah! Grrrr!

Ugh! Over the weekend I wrote in to this German web site for the group doing the Seven Sins LARP. Since the entire site was in German, I wrote my note in German. And what does this guy write back except "Maybe you should just write in English, I have no idea what you want from me." WTF? I didn't write anything complicated, all I asked was for the file of the event flyer, if they had one, since the link on the site seemed to be broken. I used the same word for that as they did on their site. God, Germans and their stupid hangup where they refuse to USE GERMAN! WTF! I get SO pissed sometimes! I'm not even writing back, screw them and let Marja deal.
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Icky allergies

So my trip to the park yesterday had another effect besides making me grumpy: ALLERGIES! I've been OK so far this year but being out among all those flowers dogwoods and pollen and grass really must've jarred my system, because since the time I got home I've been itching with my lungs bugging me for the first time in months. I woke up around 3 a.m. last night with a throat full of slime and my lung itchy and on fire. I took my Singulair right then. Not feeling much better now; feel kind of like somebody has taken a hot towel soaked in some acid and thrown it over my face and is choking me around the neck.
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I feel vindicated

Well, gotta love this article on discount airlines having better customer service. I've been flying AirTran (formerly ValuJet) for 6-7 years and any time I fly any so-called "regular" airline like Delta, US Air, or Continental, I think "God, this sucks." The main vibe I get from Delta is "We don't give a crap about you and we're not sorry you're late." Continental didn't even provide good trans-continental service, even though you'd think being nice to people with expensive tickets for a long flight would be a good thing. Ugh. Anyway, viva AirTran!
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One of those days when through no fault of my own, I am friggin' depressed and can't seem to DO anything. Tears keep forming in my eyes for no reason, and they aren't from allergies. My head hurts. I just want to lie in bed. I bet if I did that, I'd get just as much accomlished. God, I have this huge list of stuff needs doing but the only thing going to make it happen is sheer will not to get back in bed. Slap me slap me slap me!
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As I slog through paperwork, it occurs to me...

I know I must be lacking in passion -- and I guess lazy to boot -- when for two nights in a row, I haven't finished off the drinks I've made for myself while I write. Even worse, the glasses are still on my desk. The writing has actually being going REALLY well, but I just forget the drinks are even there. Hmmm. But now I'm thristy... would drinking 2 day old Liebfraumilch be bad? LOL.

Incidentally, that reminds me, I actually write best when I'm upset, so why the hell am I suprised. Couldn't write a blessed thing except maybe PR if I were actually happy and satisfied.