April 6th, 2004

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Yeah, and I had dectuplets, lady

I read stories on BirthStories.com regularly. It sort of cracks me up sometimes when I find fake ones -- stories with details so obviously off they are obviously the product of crackpots. Anyway, here's one I just found. This woman claims to have have sextuplets, each weight 3-4 lbs., and she did this in a homebirth with a "one month labor." She conceived through artificial insemination because she was "not big on the sex thing." Tja, right, that is SO likely! I've written a lot of fictional birth stories (with non-humans) but I've never gone and posted them to a legit forum for human moms. Seems pretty delusional to me...
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As Kermit used to say... Hi Ho!

Despite the usual morning grogginess, I seem to have woken up on the right side of bed this morning -- feeling chipper, positive, optimistic, all that good stuff.

I didn't mention it, because I was too busy enjoying it, but I had a slow turnaround in my mood yesterday afternoon. Collapse )

Now today my big happy is that the Turkish guy has continued his flirtation. Not that I have a clue what to do about it (do I encourage him, avoid him, or what?) but it's fun, especially since he does all his flirting in German. Today the conversation started as I was coming back from another bank trip. I had just entered the building, passing the two shops he runs, when I heard, "Hello, you!"

The conversation went something like this (in German):

Turkish guy: Hi, how's it going.
Me: Good, good. And you?
Turkish guy: Good. Whatcha doing today?
Me: Oh, more banking.
Turkish guy: Are you married?
Me: Um, no.
Turkish guy: You have a boyfriend?
Me: No.
Turkish guy: Oh. Why not? You're very pretty*.
Me: Oh, I don't know, it just doesn't work out for me**.
Turkish guy: Aw, that's too bad. So What's your name again?
Me: Wendy
Turkish guy: Wendy. I'm Fevish.
Me: Fevish?
Turkish guy: Yup. Now you come by here later for lunch today.
Me: Well...
Turkish guy: If you have time, that is.
Me: Oh, well, if I have time or hunger.
Turkish guy: Right. OK, 'til later.
Me: Bye!

* Here he used the word "hubsh" which actually I've always thought was a cute sounding word.
** Here I actually said "Leider es geht nicht." I'm not sure that makes any damn sense, but hey, I try to speak German.

So the question is, do I go and get MORE free falafel today? LOL
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It never ends

Jeez, I just spent TWO hours doing Wraeththu related stuff! First I added two more stories to Forever, and announced them on various boards. Next did Dragon*Con work, since Caitlin Kiernan emailed a YES to me and I had to update some stuff. Then I had final edits on Seven Deadly Sins web site... and then I had to post all over about it! And that work isn't even done, since I soon need to link to that from lots of different web sites...

Anyway, I am DONE with that now. Now I only care about industrial matting. Or so I must tell myself.
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Another trip

Saw AirTran wasn't having another special (I love living in the HUB for a discount airline) so I just booked myself tickets to go home to Boston early next month. I figure if I didn't make myself go, I'll probably leave it until next Christmas and my parents would be SO mad. Also, I love it up there, I swear, I am silly to forget that as much as I do. Tickets were around $175 when taxes figured in, but I won't spend much money up there -- almost all free food, free lodging of course. I might spend a little money shopping and a tiny bit of money for trains/bus/subway but that's all. I'm looking forward to it. The weather should be nice by then so hopefully Mom & Dad and I can visit some places, either parks or historic sites. I also want to visit the Museum of Fine Arts. I went there a lot at one point, but haven't been for a visit in 6-7 years maybe. So one day I'll go into Boston and spent the day walking the marble halls :) Yay.

I am STILL chipper today, can you tell?
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My travel prospects

I was just thinking how, once again, I seem to have a pretty good travel schedule going on this year, which is just how I like it :)

Early May - Massachusetts, visit w/parents
Late May - Charleston w/Caleb & Daniel, Spoleto Festival
July - England w/Caleb, visit w/Rob + Storm et al.
Christmas - Massachusetts, visit w/family
Late December / Early Jan - Germany, Seven Sins

May also do a couple of weekend trips, since I have a free cabin stay courtesy one of my clients, while another one just wants to hang out with me, Caleb, Daniel, etc.

Now let me rattle my brain and see where I went LAST year!

May - England, visit w/Storm et al.
July - Massachusetts & Vermont, visit w/family
October - England, visit w/Rob, Grissecon, et al.
December - Germany, visit w/Marja & Elly
Christmas - Massachusetts, visit w/family
March (this year) - New York, Lunacon & visit w/Nancy et al.

Gosh, this makes me happy. I love traveling. Might not be the cheapest hobby, but I think I'm basically trading the cost of driving / owning a car with the travel, so it all works out :)
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If you're an American thinking of leaving the country...

Here's an interesting article (neither pro nor con) on the subject.

Flight Not Fight
By Joy Lanzendorfer, AlterNet
April 2, 2004

But whether a few or a lot of people are leaving the United States for another country, some people are definitely doing it. Take Nancy and Nik Phelps of San Francisco, who are moving to Belgium later this year. Nancy says their reasons for leaving the United States are 80 percent about politics and 20 percent about lifestyle change.

"There was a time I felt that we should stay in the U.S. and fight," she says. "Then again, there was a time to get out of Germany during World War II, too. This is that time here. I think the oppression is just going to get worse here. If Bush stole one election, why wouldn't he steal the next one?"

The article also mentions the phenomenon of Canadians who've moved to the U.S. moving BACK there. I know of at least one LJ friend of mine who fits that category and I know she's happy about it.
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damn, this is appropriate

do you ever get that feeling that something isn't right
seeing your brother's fist clenched ready for the fight?
soon the fighting turns to weapons and the weapons turn to wounds
sothe doctors stitch and stitch and stitch and stitch and stitch and stitch...

improve your pain

it all seems so stupid
makes me want to give up --
but why should i give up
when it all seems so stupid?

listening to construction time again, one of the great early depeche mode albums. and for writing "early days" wraeththu fanfic -- man, it's a brilliant combo! the song "pipeline" on it also really worked.

taking from the greedy
giving to the needy...

i know probably only extreme dm freaks will know what i'm talking about, but i'm drunk and don't care. i could type dm lyrics all night and never catalog all the good lines...
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