April 9th, 2004


The story groweth

Worked on the story again tonight. I think I've gone like six nights in a row on it and it's really coming along. 7500 words! It'll be 10K when I'm done, which is just about the limit for the requirement of the pub it's for. I am really enjoying putting this together, especially since a lot of things have happened I didn't plan on, but in that GOOD way that tells you the story was a good idea to start with. I wonder what'll happen tomorrow night!
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Highrise wakeup call

This morning I got woken up by workmen scraping paint and then using power tools like 5 feet from my head! LOL. Not that I'm complaining, I'm really happy we got the developers to pay for these needed repairs on our windowsills. And the fact that the work crew is so prompt about thing is good, even it means I have to hide in my office for a while until they go away. (The blinds are up in the main room and I feel weird walking around, even covered in a bathrobe, with 3 guys *right* outside my window on their hanging scaffold.)
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(no subject)

I just deleted that entry I made about Bush on 9/11. I find the whole thing fascinating, as a look at how things work (or don't) at the top level of government and security, but I have this nagging feeling I was making myself look like a conspiracy freak and/or Bush-bashing (which I'm happy to do, but not quite in this case).

Meanwhile Caleb just called me and tells me he had a dream Condoleezza Rice came over his house and was a jerk.
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The wacky world of Georgia politics

Sen. Zell Miller of Georgia is leading up Democrats for Bush. (Read this news article from GWB web site if you don't believe me.)

I just don't understand. I doubt the people of Georgia will either. For all I say I'm for bipartisanship, I swear to crap I wish he'd just SAY he's a Republican now (hey, Ronald Reagon switched, didn't he?) and get it over with! What is this, "I was born a Democrat and I expect I’ll be a Democrat until the day I leave this earth" stuff?

Meanwhile BOB BARR is busy attacking the Administration's widespread attacks on constitutional rights.

About the only thing that's making sense to me Georgia-wise right now is Rep. John Lewis speaking out against a federal gay marriage ammendment. At least he's consistent!
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Look, yakalskovich, look!

Today's The Friday Five

1. What do you do for a living?
Self-employed web site designer & consultant, as well as editor.

2. What do you like most about your job?
There's nobody to f'up my project but ME.

3. What do you like least about your job?
1) It's lonely. 2) I hate managing my financial & tax stuff.

4. When you have a bad day at work it's usually because _____...
I'm depressed and can't work.

5. What other career(s) are you interested in?
I would say writer except I can do that now while I do what I do now. Sometimes I think I could or should work for a city planning type place like Caleb, since I know enough about it, but overall I'd say I like my work now.
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Old Friends

So today Caleb and I are at Baraonda enjoying lunch when we got into the old argument of me being too fat and how I shouldn't get any desert. I was forbidden and after arguing a bit I agreed to forgo the delectable gelato. Trying to be good, I even stopped eating my pasta when I was full, to take the rest home to eat later.

Just as we had received our leftover boxes, what should arrive on our table but a big platter with a huge dish of pistachio gelato and a big slice of tiramisu? HA HA HA HA! Marsha, the manager, has a great fondless for us and back when I used to go 2-3 a week she got to the habit of throwing free desert at me every few times, and boy, did she come through for me today!

I know it was bad, but it was good :)
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'nother web site done

Well, the cabin web site seems to be complete! I'll put it on real hosting next week but for now it's happily online at:


I like how it turned out -- simple and green. I can do complicated designs but I much prefer them clean and uncluttered.

BTW, that animated dragonfly thing wasn't my idea, it was the client's, and it only runs 3-4 times before it stops. Eventually the client wants me to add the option of listening to the sound of the creek, but I'm hoping maybe she'll forget...
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It's Good Friday and I'm about to go across the street to a bar that's having one of our special neighborhood happy hours. I'm hoping it will be less crowded than usual. Today at lunch the place was 3/4 empty because of the date.

I remember one time back in middle school when I was in the town's girls basketball all-star team and our coach was this girl Amy Cassidy's father. Well, we came to practice one Wednesday night and there was Mr. Cassidy with this big glob of something on his forehead. I was about to tell him to wipe it off when I must have said something to some other girl first, because she told me, "No, that's from church, it's Ash Wednesday!" Took a while for that to make sense to me since Methodists don't do that. (Or at least they don't usually; I had one minister who kept bringing in these various Catholic practices to church, including that.) I was really glad I hadn't confronted the coach on his spot!
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(no subject)

I'm up to my neck, like Toulouse-Lautrec.

- Beastie Boys

It's not any group of rappers who would try for THAT rhyme!


Oh, dear, got it stuck in my head, oh, oh, no oh.......
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