April 10th, 2004

ice cream

So, about last night...

I've used this LJ to post a lot of self-portraits as well as trip & even
pics. Well, today I have something different -- pictures CALEB took of me last
night. I had kind of a "get up" and he said "Get your camera!"
We went all around my building, include out on the outdoor terrace and into
the old child daycare center...</p>

Last night I told Caleb I wouldn't put comments below any of these pics, but
alas, I break my vow because I can't resist.

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Well, it seems to have happened again -- me going from happy-go-lucky to me falling into some kind stinky black hole -- but at least I am managing to collect information and symptoms.

I am trying to keep a mood chart so I can see how often this happens as well as circumstances and how I feel. I figure if I keep it for a couple of months it's something I could show to a professional or whatever, rather that just having it be vague anectdotal evidence. Pattern-wise, it seems that I seem to be OK for a few days, like 5 days, then I get very "peaky," have one night when I feel really good, happy, energetic, hyper maybe even, and then sometime the next day I totally crash out. I get a bad headache, feel like I'm going to cry, get really tired, can't make any decisions, get irritable, and for some reason get all hot. This lasts 1-2 days, then I have a slightly better day, then I'm OK, etc.

Anyway, my solution today is OK, let's not dwell on it, let's keep on going since there's nothing I can do about it that will make it go away sooner than it's destined to. Going to go get some fresh vegies, then later hopefully go to Petsmart with the boys, then maybe get in a tiny bit of Wraeththu chat, and finally I'm going to see The General.
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Running with it

A couple of months ago, I read in the NY Times about how Queens, NY, was lacking for a poet laureate. The post had been emtpy since December but nobody had applied for the position and they were kind of going around yelling "Yo ho, yo ho, poets!"

Anyway, it seems somebody has stepped to the place with a serious application: Joseph Simmons, formerly of Run DMC. He submitted rap lyrics as his poetry. I think that's pretty rad!

(I wonder if LA has a poet laureate. Maybe they could get a rapper too and then it could be East Coat vs. West Coast poet laureates.)
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ice cream


I've figured out a way to do my hair for Dragon*Con that's on par with the LifeSavers idea generated at Lunacon. I'm testing it out tonight and so far, so weird. He he. I have NEVER seen somebody do this with their hair. Not sure why, I just haven't.

Meanwhile, reaction to today's earlier style -- front half in twisted spikes with little plastic barrettes like in those pics I took -- was positive. Interesting, all the comments and reactions I got were from black people. One lady came up to me in Market One just totally agog: "That is SO cool! Wow!" Of course this is rather funnny because it's my guess that any black person who wore their hair remotely like I did would be laughed and pointed at. Which a little girl in Petsmart did: "Mom, look at her HAIR! OMG!"
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