April 11th, 2004

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Scary Guinea Pig Horror Movie Dream

It's Easter and what do I do but have horror-movie-quality dreams about guinea pigs, SF conventions stalked by demons, and bad travel connections!

In the dreams (there were several, tied together) Storm & crew had been planning some con up in NY. It wasn't Dragon*Con or Lunacon but something else. Anyway, it con went really well, only problem being, it was only 25 people, so more like a church retreat than a convention. All kinds of weird and scary things happened in this setting, including in the final part, some invisible body changing demon or something stalking us -- in my old church in Massachusetts!

The most horrible part, among this whole series of dreams, was one involving my guinea pigs. Apparently I'd brought them along with me on the trip and was keeping them in my hotel room. At one point I ran into my room late at night to feed them or something, and I took them out and put them on my bed. Just then somebody called me or something and I had to step out for a sec. As I was leaving, I thought about whether I should put the pigs back in their cage, but decided they'd be safe in room.

Well, I was sooooo wrong! Once I was done my thing, I came back into the room. The night were kind of low but I could see right away that the pigs were still on the bed. Just below the bed is the cage, with the top almost level with the bed, and once I was over there, before I can pick them up, the guinea pigs jump into the cage. I'm really shocked since pigs don't really jump... and because these don't look like my pigs, now that I'm up close. They definitely aren't Abyssinian guinea pigs. They're more like rats and--

I turn on the lights. The pig I somehow mistook for Abbie is acctually this teeny, tiny miniature WOLF! Even though it's only like 10 inches long, it looks plenty vicious and there's blood on it. Immediatley I scream, "Noooooooooo!" But sure enough, when I go look down under the bed, I see my piggies there dead. Abbie is lying on her back with her whole stomach torn out. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I woke up right out of the dream, it was so upsetting. Later on, in another dream, I told Caleb about it and he was upset by the idea of Abbie getting hurt but glad it was only a dream.
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College memories

CNN.com has been doing a series of profiles, visiting colleges and universities around the country and the mood re the war in Iraq, the presidential election, and politics in general. I've read a few of the profiles simply because I like to see news organizations actually covering the opinions of young people -- plus I learn things about the schools that I might not have exactly known.

For example, today I read an article on Amherst College, which is a 10 minutes walk up the road from my alma mater UMass. I learned today that it's a bastion of liberalism! I got rather a kick out of reading that since while I was at UMass I considered Amherst to be the most conservative of any of the schools in the area. There were way, way too many priviled elite kids going there for the student body to have any real interest in changing the status quo of anything. I took a couple of classes at the school, as part of the Five Colleges exchange program, and I was pretty disgusted with the students I met. A few were friendly and sharp, but the fact they'd sit and whine about how daddy wouldn't get the Mercedes fixed fast enough and why couldn't they have a new BMW instead... Bah. Anyway, while I suppose the school is much more liberal than other schools, in the overall scheme of things, it cracked me up to see it profiled. I wonder, were they scared to go to Hampshire College? LOL

This all reminds me... I really need to plan some kind of 10 Year Pilgrimage with Caleb, to go up to Amherst and visit a couple of days. We could be all hoity toity and stay in the Jeffry Amherst Inn on the square. Or we could (and probably will) be goofy and stay at the Campus Center Hotel. We can walk around the Pond, taunt the swan, go to the top of the Giant Dildo Crushing the Sun (the 26-story library), get pizza at Antonio's, ride PVTA, hang out in Northampton... I know we'd probably get depressed and feel old and dorky but I still want to do it.
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Isn't Easter about happy bunnies & pastel colors?

Even though today has had some nice things in it -- a German-style breakfast/lunch with Caleb and Daniel, and a trip up the the nice international farmer's market -- my mood today has been crappy. I hate to dwell on it or use it as an excuse, but I swear, it's like a curse drops on me that makes me feel totally miserable, lethargic, angry, sad, indecisive plus on top of that get really irritable and negative for no reason. This morning at our meal I should have been cheerful and laughing and having fun, but I felt upset, empty, picked up, and kept complaining about everything. It bothers me because I'm not like that, only when I'm like this, I guess I am like this.

Right now I feel particular shitty because I just woke up from a nap. I don't like naps, never have. It disorients me to wake up and have it be the same day. Odd, but true. I wish I hadn't fallen asleep but I got suddenly reallllly tired and it was lay down or fall out of my chair.

I also just realized that even though I'm on the last couple of bc pills in my pack, I still haven't had my period. I barely had it last month either. I certainly shouldn't complain about that, since I'm taking the pills because it used to be my period never stopped, but I wonder if my hormones are affecting my moods, or maybe vice versa. My whole body could be depressed.

All the same, I somehow have let Caleb talk me into going downstairs to exercise in the gym. I'll probably keel over on my machine, but he can't say I didn't try.
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GIP + Color Change

Couldn't resist using some of my latest pics to make a couple news icons. This is that one Caleb took of me the other night while we were running around on the terrace.

While I was busy adding those, decided to change the colorscheme on my LJ, if not the style. I have my style totally as simple as can be because ironically, I can't be bothered with the design or coding. Some people like murnkay have really wondrous, cool customized LJ pages with links on the side and all kinds of marvelous handy tools but I just get too annoyed with LJ's tools to bother figuring all that out. But the grayscale color scheme I have now suits me well.
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I concocted a cocktail

Tonight I made up my own cocktail. It turned out rather well, so here's the recipe.

cold coffee (1/3 cup)
Frangelico (1/3 cup)
milk* (1/4 cup)
chocolate syrup+
marachino cherry juice (1 tsp., optional)
some ice cubes

Directions: mix, stir to get chocolate syrup.

Note: Cappuchino or coffee flavored liqeurs would work in place of coffee of course but naturally coffee is way cheaper. Also, Godiva chocolate liqeuer subs for the syrup, but DUH, supermarket brand choc. syrup is cheaper by far. (Yeah, I'm trashy like that at times, though not always.)

I'm thinking of calling this drink The Sybarite.

* I used Silk soy milk, it was fine
+ I used no fat choclate-flavored syrup, tastes just the same.

P.S. Yes, this single drink made me drunk. What a shocker. On a related note, Friday night at Sidebar I discovered thanks to my friend James that Midori Sours are very yummy and cheap.
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It's aliiiiiive!

My latest Wraeththu story is this close to being 10,000 words and there are probably about 2,000 words to go. Yikes! What kind of monster have I created? I guess I may need to edit this sucker down, since the word limit I was working with was supposedly 10K, but we'll see. At least I know I have good editors! So far I am absolutely loving how it's turning out. The whole trauma of starting the story over from scratch with new POVs and plot development was worth it. This is one mighty long and detailed inception tale, that's for sure!
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