April 12th, 2004

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The guy who lives in the unit immediately above me recently went to Tibet. I must say, his travel pics are INCREDIBLE -- like National Geographic quality!

If you want to see Tibet, click this link, then "Tibet."

(Incidentally, Rhett is the guy who keeps coming up on top when I do searches on Match.com. Which makes sense since he lives right above me and the search is based on geography! LOL. Despite his fabulous photo skills and the fact he's travelled all around the world, I'm not interested in him, but every time I see him, it cracks me up. I wonder if I come up in HIS searches.)
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Costs of Driving

AAA is hardly known as an advocate for alternate transit but I must say, the annual report they do on the annual cost of driving seems like a good argument for getting rid of cars.

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(And mind you, I'm mainly talking about in places where alt transit would actually work. I don't think people in way out sprawling suburbs or the country can avoid cars. But other places, yes, they can, or they should be able to, if more options were put in place. Sigh. At times I think I really should find the appropriate communities on LJ to post this stuff, since to most people I sound like a nut.)
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Hooked on a Book

For the past few days I've been hungrily reading an MS submitted to IP that hopefully the author will let us have now that we've made an offer. I'm really enjoying it and today, got involved enough I was actually crying over a couple of different scenes and getting quite emotionally upset. What really scares me is that although I'm about 80% through the book and plenty of seriously heavy stuff have happened already, I think the most wrenching bits are yet to come. And since the beginning is kind of downbeat and the story is kind of flashback, I'm really scared that the book is going to have a major, major uphappy ending. Not that it has to have a happy one but OUCH is this going to be a bad one. I'm guessing. Maybe I'm wrong but...

This book is one, BTW, that I think will STRONGLY appeal to fans of Storm Constantine. I wouldn't say necessarily all her Wraeththu fans, since quite a few people who love Wraeththu really aren't interested in her more darker works, but wow, if you enjoyed Burying the Shadow, Grigori, Magravandias, Thorn Boy, then you will love this. Also if you enjoyed The Chosen because like that book, this one has some bits that are relentlessly downbeat with some pretty graphic violence and torture. There are bits of calm, love, sex, but also quite a bit of flinch-worthy carnage.

I have to say, though, there are tons and tons of parallels within the story to Wraeththu/Grigori/Burying the Shadow, almost making me think it's another "Watchers" based story. I mean, when one of the main groups in the story is this bunch of beautiful, immortal magic-endowed Gothic androgyne vampires, you just CAN'T ignore the connection, you know!

Meanwhile the narrator, main character Alix, reminds me of the Cal we see in Fulfilments so much at times it's uncanny. The boy is just SO guilty and convinced he's no good, even though (I think) it turns out it's his destiny to save the world. Oh, and I totally love him ;)

I REALLY hope the author accepts the offer and I get to edit this book. Really! In the meantime, I need to finish reading it the first time through :)
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Ganked from versailles_rose

Which 1990's Subculture Do You Belong To?

[Another Quiz by Kris
@ couplandesque.net]

Of ALL the options that would be on a mainstream, I guess this might be closest. Though really I tend to think I mainly belonged to a particular subculture that's more into retro/punk/hardcore, so far as how I dress and stuff. I went for several years with a chain on my wallet and even now my purse is an old Polaroid camera case. I do feel I'm very goth but I wouldn't say I look like it too much (e.g. I despise wearing mascara and eyeliner, lol.)

Oh, well, back to this INSANE goth drama I'm reading...
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