April 13th, 2004

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Word Counts

So I'm STILL trying to get to the end of this amazing Storm-like gothic epic I'm reading. Not like I haven't been busting at it on and off for a couple of days. It's just really long. How long? Well, just now I decided to do a word count on all six parts and it's 281,000 words. Um, YEAH, that would explain why it's taking so long to read. And whoah, it's going to take long to edit too, I guess, assuming (still haven't heard) that the author goes with IP's offer. Anyway, that word count surprised me. None of Storm's books were more than 200,000 I think, and they were plenty darn long. The plot threads I have waded through are tangled as 500-year-old ivy! But at least I'm almost done now.

Meanwhile my Wraeththu story, which got worked on again tonight, is nearly up to a whole 10,000 words and I think there is only one (possibly two) more parts left and I'll be done the draft. That'll be a good burden to get off of me. As for what I write next, I think I just might some totally unrelated short story about... well, don't know yet, but I'll think of something. I want to get back into my novel again, and I think I will soon, but not quite yet. Maybe I'm waiting for a sign....
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At the End

Finally finished the book. Quite suprisingly it did not have an unhappy ending. Well, unhappy things happened but there was just the right amount of upness to make it happy and hopeful. The last line is absolutely perfect and I swear, what I'd been hoping for all along.

I must say, now that I've read the whole thing, I certainly feel like the feelings I had about it right at the beginning were right, and it's a very well done book. The fact that the author, who I think is a first-time novelist, pulled off the ending, tying together like 10 plots threads and making it all seem "right," is very impressive.

About the biggest thing that needs fixing is this one long section where the characters seem to do nothing but talk for like, I don't know, 100 pages. There was that "intrigue" stuff I find totally boring. I don't think it should be cut because some people are really into that stuff, but I do think there has to be more stuff added to connect to the first-person protagonist, instead of just him listening to everything.
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Run, run, pant, pant

Today's been rough. Keep working and working but I feel like I'm running through a rainstorm with an umbrella that's half-collapsed. Just can't keep dry, you know!

Good news for today is the Storm got in touch with the author of that book, after not being able to reach her by email, and then I actually called England and talked with her myself. We start work on the next steps soon. I really like book work.
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Ladies & Gentlemen...

I hereby nominate Caleb Racicot for sainthood.

This man, who had worked all day long, including traveling to Valdosta and Waycross, and didn't even get home until after 8, gave in to my begging for help on my (first ever) quarterly estimated tax return.

I originally was going to go to my CPA, then I thought about how Caleb doing it instead (he did my previous 3 years), but I didn't get around to any of those and today I was looking at the prospect of spending all day and probably Thursday figuring out how to do it, probably crying a lot because I HATE tax stuff. Caleb is working 7 to 9 tomorrow so I thought there wasn't any way he could help me but he DID. He did the whole thing in under an hour.

In return, I ironed a few of his dress shirts. Also in return, Caleb learned he's made the mistake of not deducating his state income tax, so he now is going to do revised returns for as many previous years as he can, thereby getting himself of refund of several thousand dollars. Meanwhile my form is all figured out and I don't owe too much. Plus I can tell I've been setting aside too much money for taxes every month, which means from now on I'll pay myself 10% more, which would be a useful thing, yes indeed.

Anyway, I may bitch and complain about Caleb later but today, he is a saint. One who actually LIKES doing taxes!
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I should do this more often?

So tonight as the neighborhood meeting was coming to a close, I had this sponatenous thought: "Hmmm, how about I stop by Sidebar and get a Midori Sour?"

Sidebar is a bar on little bittle Poplar Street, basically right across the street from me. It opened a few months ago but I hadn't been there in a while until last Friday, when our neighborhood had it's bi-weekly happy hour there.

Anyway, I sidled into the bar all by myself, a most atypical move for me. I actually looked really good, lipstick, London raincoat, low-cut blouse, etc. I ordered my candy-flavored drink and began to leaf through the handouts from the meeting.

This is when I hear this voice saying "What's this?" pointing to a flyer for a movie series at the library. I tell him in a rush about how cool it is they're doing all these 1940s movies and how it's free and how he can have the flyers since I can get them somewhere else. So he asks me if I'm a film student and I say no, I just got them at the neighborhood meeting.

Then I go back to my drink and think, "Damn, I should have said something to keep that conversation going, he is REALLLLLY cute!" Yup, indeed, this guy looked like he was probably a GSU student, tall and pale with dark hair and very intelligent eyes and, well, UNUSUALLY attractive.

I enjoyed my drink and then when I was done, I picked up my stuff. The guy was very obviously quite aware of me (er, *cough*) and instantly noticed me get up and said thanks for the flyers. I told him no problem, he should go, and said I was so excited to see the two Katharine Hepburn movies they're playing. And then I waltzed out.

So maybe I should go back to Sidebar once a week to practice bar flirting? I obviously am not to professional about it. LOL. I should have NABBED that guy.

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