April 15th, 2004

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You know you're into politics too much when you go to log off Trilian and every time you see "Global Disconnect" you think "Bush Administration."
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Compare and Contrast

Today the Atlanta paper ran a few letters responding to Dubya's prime time press conference. I found it amusing how differently two of the writer's saw it:

Clueless leader should get boot

President Bush's news conference was anything but reassuring.

Every time he appears, I think of "The Emperor's New Clothes." Do others not see Bush's naked ineptitude? Has ever a leader revealed such a lack of responsibility or understanding of the world and our nation's place in it? No wonder Bush is afraid to appear before the 9/11 commission without Vice President Dick Cheney there to hold his hand and help him answer.

"We must change the world," Bush said. Let's start with him.


A clear focus with little self-pity

During President Bush's news conference, he made a strong, simple case for the actions in Iraq and amply demonstrated that he understands both the costs and impact on our troops and the potential benefits to the world and to our nation.

Questions aimed at having Bush confess his mistakes seemed to miss the point. He clearly understands that he is not immune from making mistakes, but he is content to let history determine their impact.

He is clearly focused on making the nation safer and the world a better place. He is not prone to self-examination or self-pity; he knows that he must assess the world as it is and deal with it -- with the best information and ideas that he can muster.

Bush welcomes debate and discourse and looks forward to strengthening the foundations of our government for his successor. This attitude stands in marked contrast to his predecessor.



I'm telling you right now, Clinton was good at press conferences. Oh, and he GAVE them too!
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My mom just sent me a link to a CSS reference site. I love having a mom who is also a computer geek. My current job is her "fault."
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I see in the petstores all these wooden guinea pigs houses and huts and stuff you can get. What a waste of money it would be, though.

I swear, my piggies are like little kids -- the cheaper it is, the better. Bought them a fancy water bottle to start with. They couldn't figure out the drink release mechanism, so I found another one that was the cheapest and instantly they used it.

Same with their hidey-holes. I mainly just use old food packaging from supermarket stuff. They've been enjoying this old dried milk box for about three months! They've also used Indian food boxes, oatmeal boxes, cereal boxes... In fact right now they're fighting for control of a large Cheerios boxes. I just take the boxes and open both ends so it's a "tunnel" and they just love it. The only other shelter they've had is out of cardboard boxes. They have a "house" in there now that's some box I got in the mail, turned bottom up with doors carved in three sides and the flaps cut off so the bottom is open. It's a big hit with them.

What do piggies do in their houses? Usually, as far as I can tell, sleep or sometimes munch on big pieces of food they're trying to hide from their rivals.
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Thanks for Caleb

I did my taxes. Well, my 2003 were already done, but I'm sending in a revised 2001 that will give me a refund, and then paying my first quarterly payment for 2004. Poops on the quarterly payment but I guess paying in 4 chunks is a lot better than paying all at once. For sure!
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Outside Perspective

I just found this thingy on the BBC New site.

How the Elections Work

One thing I don't really understand is why they use a baseball diamong as the metaphor. You're already presenting foreign politics, why introduce that foreign sport as well? He he.

Oh, and also cool, for both clarity and bluntness (see Patriot Act):

Glossary: U.S. Elections

I bet somebody could make a good spoof of that glossary...
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Software rescue

OMG, I think I've finally figured out (and fixed) the problem that was causing my McAfee SpamKiller, formerly my favorite killer helper app, to become my Accursed Opponent!

Not only was the program taking like 20 minutes to start up every morning, but it was getting slower and slower and slower about retrieving messages and, well, letting me SEE them. The program was basically in Not Responding mode most of the time. Like I'd go to have it check my mail and it'd free, tell me, then just when I wanted to view those mails, it'd free again for a while, then as soon as I moved the cursor it'd check another mail account or execute some command I'd given it 10 minutes ago, it was THAT slow. For several weeks I've Suspended it while working because it would interfere so much with my work -- and thus I'd download my mail w/o it getting screened. It was just horrible and I was about to contact Tech Support and ask them why this program was acting like a Microsoft product.

Well, today I was in the program and noticed the Killed Mail folder for one of my accounts had 12,000 messages in it. That's a whooooole lot of messages to be storing, huh? My MG killed folder had 16,000. It took some time -- spam doesn't want to die -- but I delete the whole lot and now, guess what, the program is much more responsive! I think the burden of having to make all those killed mails available what killing performance. Phew. I can once again be free of most spam without any hassle.
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Wait, is it 'cause I said I'd write poems about Hell?

William Blake
You are William Blake! Wow. I'm impressed. Not
only are you a self-made artist and poet, but
you've suddenly become a very trendy guy to
like. It's not that we doubt that you have all
your marbles, it's just that we're not quite
sure what you did with them to come up with
those terrifying theological visions. The
people of your time were nowhere near as
forgiving as that, and all your neighbors
thought you were a grade-A nut job. But we
love you, so rest happy.

Which Major Romantic Poet Would You Be (if You Were a Major Romantic Poet)?
brought to you by Quizilla
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What's your earliest memory?

Q: What's your earliest memory?

A: Peeking through the Venetian blinds at my Oma's apartment in the Bronx and looking at the really ugly parking garage.

What do other people remember... way back?
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Style help?

Once again, LJ's "design tools" have befuddled the web designer. How can I make it so the text in my journal under the posts, where it says "link" and "X comments | post" are in a light yellow color, while the links within my post are not yellow, but actually readable? I like my color scheme, but Caleb says he can't see the dark marroon links on dark gray, which seems legit. I have just changed it so links are light yellow but now the links in my posts are hard to see.

Also, any way I can make my links have underline. I realllllly don't like when links aren't underlined but I don't know where to go to fix that.
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As Caleb was just screaming: OH MY GOD

I sent a link to Caleb and he called me up to "discuss" through gales of laughter. I don't think I've heard him laugh and cry so hard for that long since... I don't know when. *I* laughed out loud so hard I think I'll be walked around stooped over tomorrow from busting some muscle. Caleb took one of the pictures and made it his desktop wallpaper and now he's afraid he can't look at it without wearing Depends.

Anyway, the link is this:

Gallery of Regretable Food

Thanks to marchenland for the link and many MANY subsequent laughs. This is JUST my kind of thing... retro + mocking humor. Tee hee!
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