April 16th, 2004

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OK, I am starting to really wonder why it is that my episodes of depression seem to consistently be accompanied by pain in my nose, ears, and bad headaches. I mean, it's like my head literally goes all wacky or something!

I've been fine since Sunday (when, interesting, I started exercisign) but today I woke up and I knew that was at an end. It's not bad now but there's nothing I can do to stop it getting worse. I guess I will work as long as I can and then maybe go to the park and get some sun or something, that might help.

ADDENDUM, 11:45. It's not getting better, just worse. I sort of feel like somebody hit me in the head with an ax and this dark unhappy stuff is hemorraghing all over the place. And there is no f'in reason for it either. People like Caleb will say "Well, what are you so depressed about?" like there's a reason but there's not. I'm convinced it's all some chemical/physical thing totally outside anything actually happening in my life. I guess the good news is, I've managed to keep on working.
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Still got my imagination

Working for Mat Man, I just finished a product page for an industrial entrance mat called Color Star Crunch. Now I'm not wrong in thinking that sounds like CEREAL more than a MAT, am I? I swear, I think about walking on it and I picture this colorful speckled carpet that goes "Snap, Crackle, Pop" as I go across it.

The Rhino Hide mat also conjurs some strange imagery, but at leats it's closer to the reality!
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Nice interlude

It's Friday so thus Lunch on Broad is happening outside my window just like it will every week through October. It's quite nice actually -- free concerts (jazz, folk, reggae, it varies) with Broad Street closed to traffic and all the (many) restaurants on the street serving up food people can eat outside in the greatly expanded cafe seating area. The area fills up with people and I think for some it becomes a Friday ritual -- coworkers go out every Friday for a long lunch, students do their work outside to live music instead of inside to headphones, and people just chill out for a bit.

Anyway, today I heard what sounded like some pretty dramatic violin music, plus I was hungry, so I went out to investigate. Well, it was an electric violin... yay, boy do I love any music with violins, whether it's rock or goth or classical. Add to this, got a yummy falafel combo at Ali Baba's (not free today, although Fevsy did converse with me in German). And for eating buddies, I found 4 of my Downtown "girlfriends" were right there eating together and there was a free seat. They're all between 10 and 25 years older than I am but really cool ladies. Three of them are running partners and I think were there after running. Another one is a consultant like me. So we all babbled like women do and the most exciting thing was Patti falling over backward in her chair and then laughing heartily to assure everybody she was actually OK :)

My mood seems to have disappated a bit, plus I've had some Diet Coke, so hopefully WORK will result!
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Bike Adventure!

Today I had another Bike Adventure!

When I say Bike Adventure, I mean one of those times when Caleb and I go off biking someplace, supposedly to do one thing (i.e. buy a gift, drop something off, go take pictures of some development) and wind up haring off for 4-5 hours, crossing half the city and having a ball.

Today's adventure started around 2, when Caleb called and asked if I'd go out to Avondale with him so he could do some reporting for work. I say NO because I was working on Mat Man stuff and didn't think I should just go running off when I wasn't finished yet. Caleb was ticked off, but nevertheless, called me back at 4:45 to see if I could do then -- and I said yes. We met up downstairs at 5... and didn't get back until 9:45!

Here's a little chronology of just where our adventure took us.

  1. 5 p.m., went to Five Points and took our bikes on the Eastbound train out to Avondale.
  2. From Avondale station, biked down the new PATH off-road trail for maybe a 1/2 mile, until we were in the light industrial area near Downtown Avondale.
  3. Spent probably 1/2 hour going up and down all these crappy industrial area streets while Caleb made notations on which buildings were "dilapidated" and could probably be torn down by eminent domain to build townhouses.
  4. Spent probably another 1/2 hour going through the beautiful residential part of Avondale, which is a 1920s planned community all done in English themes, esp. Tudor and cottage. Went over to the Avondale "Lake," a pond which Caleb told me was originally created to (somehow) combat malaria. One thing I noticed is that the whole community there is VERY stuck in the 1920s or something. All the kids were out playing unsupervised, there were Boy Scouts out having a picnic, all the yards were perfectly trimmed. It wasn't creepy though, kind of neat!
  5. Biked back around into Downtown, which looks (intentionally) a lot like Stafford, then on the way down this strip I noticed this little lesbian coffeehouse/cafe, where we had yummy sandwiches and and smoothies -- and I found this new (very tiny) lesbian newspaper which I think would be good to advertise in.
  6. Biked back to Avondale station but rather than going on the train, biked down Ponce into Decatur, which is almost right there.
  7. Spend 1/2 hour in Decatur, first at this new (and amazing) Indian and Far East import place that had some very high quality and beautiful items that were reasonably priced but not so cheap that it's exploitation... then over at Domestic Instincts, where I got some beautiful dangling (fake) ruby earrings in that 20s style always wear.
  8. Got on the train again at Decatur and rode a couple of stops over to Inman Park, where our friend/client Eleanor lives in her gorgeous historic home and B&B. Eleanor served us wonderful Ceylon tea and these yummy little mini "pecan pie bites." Mmmmm. She and Caleb talked about work (her company does work for his) and also about Dubya being a moron.
  9. Finally around 8:30 it was dark and we turned on our bike lights and headed back towards Downtown on Edgewood. Caleb decided he needed a new battery for his headlight, so we stopped at the 24-hour CVS on Boulevard, then looped around and biked home on Auburn Avenue, which seemed more full of pimps, prostitutes and winos than usual.
  10. Parted ways at my street, right about 9:40.

And people think I don't GO anywhere b/c I don't have a car. LOL.
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